50 Words - Each of Them Can Ruin Your Academic Essay

50 Words – Each of Them Can Ruin Your Academic Essay

Word choice is extremely important for your academic essays. It can be your chance to demonstrate the level of your language skills. But even one wrong word can ruin the impression about the entire project.

Choose the first option. Avoid the following words whenever possible.

📝 Empty Fillers

Sometimes reaching the word count can cause you some trouble. You might feel that you already said everything you could in your academic essay. However, it doesn’t mean it’s time for cheating and using any of the following fillers:

  1. kind of;
  2. sort of;
  3. really;
  4. basically;
  5. actually;
  6. generally
  7. specific;
  8. particular;
  9. certain;
  10. somewhat.

*We hope the section above won’t become an inspiration for those of you who are just trying to make their essays longer. C’mon, it will do nothing but annoy your teachers.

😠 Most Annoying Words Ever

You may believe it or not but some of the words you use in your academic essays can make your teachers go mad. You’d better avoid experiments with the following words:

  1. past memories = memories;
  2. various differences = differences;
  3. important essentials = essentials;
  4. terrible tragedy = tragedy;
  5. future plans = plans;
  6. big in size = big;
  7. brief in duration = brief;
  8. green in color = green;
  9. completely destroyed = destroyed;
  10. contributing factor = factor.

Only imagine – teachers read the same meaningless words in students’ projects day after day, year after year. Stand out of the crowd – don’t annoy them.

📑 Overused Clichés

Never feel sorry to delete the following expressions from your essays. And it will change nothing. Or no, the only difference is that it will make your academic essays sound much better:

  1. As a matter of fact;
  2. for all intents and purposes;
  3. all things considered;
  4. because of the fact that;
  5. due to the fact that;
  6. in the final analysis;
  7. for the most part;
  8. it seems that;
  9. what I mean to say is;
  10. notwithstanding the fact that.

💬 Mere Redundancies

  1. End result = result;
  2. each and every = each;
  3. exactly the same = the same;
  4. one and the same = the same;
  5. final completion = completion;
  6. period of four days = four days;
  7. personal opinion = opinion;
  8. repeat again = repeat;
  9. there is no doubt that = no doubt;
  10. under circumstances in which = if.

❌ These Are Not Even Words

What is good for a txt message or a friendly chat, can be inappropriate for academic essays. On the other hand, overcomplicating it is a bad idea, too. Whenever there is a simpler form, just go for it.

  1. Utilize (replace it with ‘use’);
  2. necessitate (try ‘require’ instead);
  3. plus (and);
  4. thru (through);
  5. irregardless (some scholars say this one is not even a word);
  6. literally (in most cases, this one is confused with ‘figuratively’, but you’d better remove both of them from your academic essays);
  7. a Xerox (it’s a trademark, use a ‘photocopy machine’ whenever you need a noun);
  8. practicable;
  9. in terms of (a meaningless phrase);
  10. the reason is because (simply because).

Now I have a confession to make: I was previously addicted to ‘actually’ and ‘due to the fact that’. Now I am learning to survive without them (this list of must-use words helps a lot.)

What about you – which of the words from the list above were your favorite ones?

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