Academic Writing: Top 50 Must-Use Words for College Students

Academic Writing: Top 50 Must-Use Words for College Students

Academic Writing: Top 50 Must-Use Words for College Students

Did you know that writing essays all teachers love can be easy? All you need to do is to choose the right words. Here’s a list of top 50 must-use words which can make your academic writing surprisingly easy, stress-free and successful.

Academic Writing: Thinking Attempts

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It’s possible that you don’t really care. However, even if acid rains (or any other topic) are not the last thing you think of before you fall asleep, never confess.

The trick is to make your teachers believe that you have spent hours of your life on research and brainstorming before you even took a pen. And the following ‘thinking’ words will help you.

The following list (only nouns this time) is the surefire way to produce a positive impression and turn your writing in the right direction:

  1. (Dis)advantage;
  2. analysis;
  3. bias;
  4. consideration;
  5. contrast;
  6. controversy;
  7. development;
  8. difference;
  9. emphasis;
  10. inconsistency;
  11. interpretation.
  12. phenomenon;
  13. priority;
  14. relativity;
  15. significance;
  16. stereotype;

Academic Writing: Investigation Matters

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When you’re in college, teachers want to see profound analytical skills in your papers. If you’re not really good in it, there’s no need to get disappointed. The following words will inspire you in no time:

  1. ability;
  2. consequence;
  3. degree;
  4. dependency;
  5. effect;
  6. estimate;
  7. evidence;
  8. example;
  9. expectation;
  10. fact.
  11. idea;
  12. implication;
  13. influence;
  14. precondition.
  15. prediction;
  16. relationship;
  17. result;

Critique It: Academic Writing Style

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Another important skill is to see problems in their complexity. For this purpose, you will need to use the following words:

  1. argument;
  2. assistance;
  3. benefit;
  4. hypothesis;
  5. importance;
  6. limitation;
  7. opinion;
  8. paradigm;
  9. perspective;
  10. possibility;
  11. probability.
  12. recommendation;
  13. suggestion;
  14. superiority;
  15. support;
  16. system;
  17. weakness;

So, the top 50 must use words for college students will make your academic writing much more enjoyable.

What is your personal recipe for making your essays more like college level?