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5 Helpful Apps for Students to Save Money in College

In college you get to know the first and foremost secret of successful budgeting. It’s actually having a budget. The following apps will help you make it easier to save money in college:

The Meaning of 40 Acronyms You Always Wanted to Know

Sometimes when doing homework, you can come across some surprising combinations of letters. Some of them are acronyms, while others are abbreviations or Latin words. Don’t waste time browsing dictionaries every time you see them in the text. Here’s a list of top 40 meanings of acronyms and abbreviations every student should know:

10 Right and Wrong Reasons for Choosing College Classes

Let’s face it: choosing college classes can cause trouble. Picking a course, you’re choosing your destiny for the next semester. Check yourself: do you usually have the right reasons for your decisions?

5 Obvious but Often Overlooked Ways of Paying for College

Unless you’re a Rockefeller’s kid, paying for college night be not easy to you. Actually, it’s a problem to 90% of Americans. That’s why the following often overlooked ways to reduce your debt for college might be of much interest to you:

How to Cheat on a Test: 10 Awesome Ideas for You

Crib notes are as old as students are. The first cheat sheets were made of papyrus and used in caves. Since then things changed and improved. But it doesn’t make cheating any easier. Don’t forget teachers learn to detect cheating better at the same time. Do you want to know how to cheat on a test like a boss? The following tricks shared by cheating experts, who never got caught, will give you a clue.

Break Free from the Freshman 15 Club: Fight Threatening Obesity!

Just look at this hamburger – it seems so amazingly delicious! But just come to think what junk you’ve been eating since you became a college freshman. And, by the way, if you’re not going to do anything about this, it can soon transform into a problem commonly known as Freshman 15.

How to Ask for Paper Extension: Procrastinators Anonymous

Sometimes you simply can’t complete your paper before the deadline. Maybe, you have a broken heart. Or, there is a party you can’t miss because your crush is there. Or, your goldfish is ill… There are many situations when you may need to ask for paper extension. Yet, there is only one way to convince your professor that you deserve a second chance. And here we show you how to do it.