Write My Essay, Anyone: A Story of One A+ Paper

It is 1 a.m. John still can’t write the first sentence of his essay.

He already changed his Facebook status: “Anybody, plz, write an essay for me.”

When it didn’t work, John wrote a tweet: “Free beer to anyone who will write my essay for me for free.”

No response.

Write My Essay for Me: Students’ Dreams Do Come True

Suddenly, John notices a ray of light on the wall. It gets bigger and bigger. There’s no doubt. It’s UFO.

Weird but friendly creatures with 4 eyes but no mouths surround John. They are scientists from the future. They can’ speak, but John somehow can read their thoughts. He is granted 1 wish.

“Write my essay for me, please,” he says without a minute’s hesitation. “Hm, you probably need a good paper. Let us see… Ah, sure, it’s a job for HelpfulPapers.com – a top quality writing service. We’ll transfer you to them right now.”

HelpfulPapers.com: First Visit

Sure, before you buy a paper online, you may want to weigh up all pros and cons. And here are some advantages of this innovative academic solution:

‘Excuse me, could anyone here write my essay?’ After the girl recovers from her initial shock, she answers in a quick whisper:

“Sure, we offer a full range of quality writing services:

  • Term papers, research papers, reports, reviews;
  • Case studies, proposals and even dissertations;
  • Editing, proofreading services”

Write My Essay: The Best Deal of the Year

John: But is it risky to ask you write essay for me? What if my teacher gets to know about it?

Support rep: Absolutely no. With HelpfulPapers.com, you will enjoy 100% confidentiality. We never disclose your personal information to anyone and never ask you where you study. We will send you a free plagiarism report, so that you can be sure that your paper has been written from scratch especially for you.

John: Ok, but if I ask you to write my essay, how will you know my specific requirements?

Support rep: We will give you a detailed order form and you always can send a message to your writer.

John: Wait, but it’s late at night now. Are you still working?

Support rep: We’re open 24/7. We want to help students from all over the world. You can choose any deadline, starting from 12 hrs...

John opened his eyes – his face was on the keyboard. It was just a dream. However, he decides to visit HelpfulPapers.com. The girl he saw is smiling from the main page. He goes to the LIVE CHAT: “Can you write my essay for me?” – “Sure, we’d be happy to...”

Btw, John got an ‘A’ for that paper. That’s how the best solutions sometimes come to us in a dream.

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