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👣 How to Write a Conclusion Effectively

  1. Remind the readers of your topic.

    Start your conclusion with a topic sentence that would restate the central theme of your essay. Do it briefly. Just in a few words, remind the readers of the significance of your topic to keep them focused and interested.

  2. Restate your thesis.

    This is a very important step since your thesis statement reflects your vision of the problem. So, go back to your introduction and reword your thesis statement in a way that complements your conclusion and gives a narrower view on your topic.

    Questioning your rewording abilities? Don’t worry! Our conclusion writer will do everything for you!

  3. Make a brief summary of your key points.

    Yes, your readers might get lost in your ideas while reading your essay. So, in your conclusion, summarize your arguments. This strategy will help you to keep your readers focused. Keep in mind that you don’t need to provide any supportive details or new information in the closing paragraph – just a summary of your main point.

  4. Add the points up, if necessary.

    It is always better to develop your arguments in the body of your paper. However, in some argumentative essays, it is impossible to do so. In this case, provide an accurate explanation of your key ideas in conclusion. Try to make it as concise as possible.

  5. Make your readers act!

    Adding a call to action might be an appropriate strategy for some kinds of papers, for example, for a persuasive essay. Compose a dynamic phrase that would motivate your audience to take action. If at least one reader acts after reading your paper, you can already consider your piece of writing successful!

  6. So what?

    After writing a conclusion, ask yourself a “so what?” question. Did your essay help you to investigate your topic? Can you imply your finding on the broader context of the issue you have been exploring? Your conclusion has to provide room for further discussion and analysis of an issue for you and your readers.

👀 How to Make a Conclusion: Bad & Better Examples

Your conclusion is the closing part of your paper. Therefore, it should be strong and dynamic in order to leave a positive impression on your work.

Wondering how not to spoil your paper with a weak conclusion?

Just avoid the following strategies:

Don’t start your last paragraph with the words “to conclude,” “in summary,” “to make the long story short,” etc. These phrases are too overused and boring.
Don’t introduce totally new ideas in conclusion.
Don’t state your thesis statement for the very first time in the conclusion. Your thesis should appear in your introduction.
Don’t copy and paste your thesis from the introduction – rephrase it properly!
Don’t make any emotional appeals in analytical papers or essays that are based on science.
Don’t include any supportive details in your conclusion. All the evidence should be presented in the body of your paper.

For a better understanding, we prepared two conclusion samples. Compare them and avoid common mistakes in your papers.

👎 Weak Conclusion Example

To conclude, advertising in the USA is an important part of peoples’ lives because it influences individuals’ minds differently. The influence of advertising on a person depends on several factors. Firstly, each type of advertising has its own pros and cons, so it is necessary to take into consideration all these aspects while choosing the way of promotion. Secondly, the age of a customer being exposed to an advertisement also plays a significant role since each age group perceives each type of advertising in an individual way. By the way, the paper did not explore the strategy of celebrity endorsement in promotional campaigns. However, it is worth mentioning that it is the most effective for adults. So, stop being influenced by tricky advertisers! Think rationally! Choose wisely!

👍 Strong Conclusion Example

Advertising has a significant influence on people in the USA. The effect of advertising on a person depends on two factors: a type of advertising being used to promote a product or service and the age of a potential consumer. Firstly, each type targets a specific audience and intends to bring a specific value. Secondly, various age groups perceive each type of advertising in an individual way. Therefore, the choice of an advertising strategy always relies on the background of the potential target customers for a product or a service.

✅ Conclusion Writing Checklist

Have you finished writing your conclusion? Now, it’s time to make sure that your closing paragraph is flawless!

Our team created a conclusion writing checklist for you. Answer these questions and make adjustments to your essay, if needed.

  • Is your thesis statement restated properly?

  • Did you highlight the significance of the explored topic?

  • Did you avoid presenting new facts, evidence, details in your conclusion?

  • Are your key points summarized in a logical manner?

  • Does your conclusion provide a sense of closure?

Or simply use our conclusion generator and be sure that your closing paragraph is strong enough! The writing process will become more pleasurable with our conclusion maker!

❓ Conclusion Writer: FAQ

What is the purpose of a conclusion paragraph?
A conclusion aims to summarize the main arguments and reminds the readers of the significance of the discovered topic. Since the conclusion is the last paragraph of the essay, it should provide the audience with a sense of closure. In certain cases, a conclusion might include a call to action or motivate the readers to explore the topic further.
How long should a conclusion be?
There are no specific requirements on how long a conclusion should be. However, the most appropriate decision is to make your conclusion take up 10% of the total word count. Thus, if the entire paper contains 3000 words, the conclusion should be approximately 300 words.
How to start a conclusion?
The first sentence of your closing paragraph should reflect the general topic of your paper. It should be concise and catchy, so the readers remain interested till the very end of your essay. Try not to include any introductory phrases, such as “in conclusion,” “to sum up,” etc. They are too overused.
How to write a conclusion for a speech?
Presenting a project orally and writing an essay are two different things. Therefore, a conclusion for a speech differs a bit from a conclusion for an essay. The basic points, like thesis restatement and the summary of key ideas, remain. However, in the speech, there should be more connection with the audience. So, it would be appropriate to add a joke or a question to increase the audience's involvement and make your performance memorable.


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