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Argumentative - should be used in argumentative essays
Compare and Contrast - should be used in compare and contrast essays
Informative - should be used in definition, description (narrative), explanation, expository, and persuasive essays
Analytical - should be used in analysis, research, and response/reflection papers
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Your thesis statements:
Even though individuals can respond differently to the same piece of music, listening to favorite music is good for health because music reduces stress and trials revealed that it relieves pain.
Even though individuals can respond differently to the same piece of music, listening to favorite music is good for health because music reduces stress and trials revealed that it relieves pain.

Creating a worthy thesis statement might take longer than expected.

Our thesis statement generator for compare & contrast essays will make your writing routine much more effortless! You only need to provide some details about your research findings and receive a thesis in one second.

Learn how to write perfect compare-and-contrast thesis statements and use our tool's benefits.

☝️ Why Is a Thesis Important?

A thesis statement is the final sentence of your introductory paragraph. It is essential to your paper as it recaps all your main points and findings. Think of your thesis as a book cover as it gives the first impression to your audience. Depending on the quality of your thesis, readers decide whether your essay is worth attention. Even the strongest arguments can't save a paper with a bad thesis.

🔦 Reasons to Use Thesis Statement Generator for a Compare-and-Contrast Essay

Our thesis statement maker has multiple benefits you should know about:

  1. It is free. This tool has no limits or extra features you need to pay for.
  2. It focuses specifically on comparing and contrasting. It is not just a general thesis generator. You can see that the questions are designed specifically for compare & contrast papers.
  3. It saves you time and effort. You can receive the desired result in a couple of minutes.
  4. It is always available. Using this tool doesn't demand applications, subscriptions, or other manipulations. An Internet connection is all you need.
  5. It values your privacy. Our website does not request any personal information from you.

🧮 Compare-and-Contrast Essay Guide

In this part, we will explain the main features of a compare-and-contrast essay. Follow us!

What Is a Compare & Contrast Essay?

A compare-and-contrast essay researches the similarities and differences between two or several subjects. A compare & contrast paper in academic writing encourages students to study the characteristics of certain concepts, objects, or phenomena.

Usually, the two compared subjects are confused or placed in one category by mistake. The author aims to explain why they are different or how to distinguish between them. As an author, you must show your knowledge of the subjects and your ability to create logical connections.

Unlike most essays, comparing and contrasting pieces focus on two or more topics. Each of the examined subjects becomes a central theme. That is why compare-and-contrast essays might not describe a subject as deeply as a descriptive or analytical paper, for example.

How to Write a Compare-and-Contrast Essay?

The distinctive feature of a compare/contrast essay is two or more body parts. You will likely have to follow a 6-paragraph structure and use a block or point-by-point arrangement. Because of the two body parts, compare-and-contrast papers are longer than other essays. That is why you will need more time for writing and research.

If your instructions don't mention a particular arrangement type, you can use the one you like more. Here are the differences between these two structures:

Block arrangement Point-by-point arrangement
The organization of paragraphs is based on objects you compare. In a 6-paragraph essay, you devote the first two body paragraphs to one thing and then discuss another separately. Such an organization of paragraphs relies on the features you compare. Each body of the essay focuses on one quality the objects share or do not share. In every section, you should describe the relation of an object to a particular feature.


Define your topic and provide some background details. In the thesis statement, state the subjects and characteristics you will compare.

Body 1

Discuss the first object. Each paragraph should describe one feature of the first item.

Body 1

Discuss the first feature. Each paragraph should describe one feature and how both objects relate to it.

Body 2

Discuss the second object. Each paragraph should discuss the same features but about the second object.

Body 2

Discuss the second feature. Use the same items that you described in the first body.


Restate your thesis and summarize the main points of both body parts of the essay. In the end, add a final word on your key findings.


Let's say you need to compare tax systems in the US and Australia. Use the template below to organize your paper. And start with a thesis statement.

Thesis statement: Although American and Australian taxing systems share multiple similarities, they differ in ease of calculation and responsibilities of tax authorities.

Block arrangement

Body 1: USA tax system (item 1)

  1. Ease of calculation (feature 1)
  2. Tax authority (feature 2)

Body 2: Australian tax system (item 2)

  1. Ease of calculation (feature 1)
  2. Tax authority (feature 2)

Point-by-point arrangement:

Body 1: Ease of calculation (feature 1)

  1. USA tax system (item 1)
  2. Australian tax system (item 2)

Body 2: Tax authority (feature 2)

  1. USA tax system (item 1)
  2. Australian tax system (item 2)

✍️ What Is a Good Compare-and-Contrast Essay Thesis?

The same rules apply to a good thesis, regardless of your essay organization. Take a look at this list:

  • A thesis statement indicates the content of the essay. Choose between an explanatory and evaluative thesis. An explanatory thesis implies descriptive writing without bias or a preference for one subject over another. Using an evaluative thesis means that you will need to explain why one object is better or worse than another one.
  • It is coherent with your writing prompt. Be attentive when choosing and researching your topics. If your writing prompt has any historical, geographic, or any other frames, don't break them.
  • It is precise. Don't use general statements. State precisely what you compare and contrast and what features the paper discusses. Include categories, terms, and specifications in your thesis.
  • It is academically written. Academic and professional vocabulary indicates that you researched the topic well and can operate the terms.

🎊 Tips for a Compare & Contrast Essay Thesis

These tips will help you write better thesis statements:

  1. Pick a good topic. Before you start writing, make sure your topic is relevant and researchable.
  2. Use your outline. It will be easier to focus on the key elements of your paper.
  3. Pay attention to your word choice. Avoid slang, words with double meanings, and general terms.
  4. Introduce your opinion or hypothesis. Unless your writing prompt provides other instructions, state your opinion on the topic.
  5. Use compare/contrast words and transitions. This is especially useful when your thesis consists of two sentences. Use such words and phrases as "on the contrary, conversely, nevertheless, etc."
  6. Rewrite your thesis if necessary. Your thesis statement can be flexible and should change if you alter important details in your paper.

📝 Compare-and-Contrast Essay Thesis Generator Examples

Now you should know how to spot good and bad thesis statements. Take a look at these examples to polish your thesis-making skills:

A bad thesis A better thesis
Football and basketball are different kinds of sports with many similarities. Despite being team sports, football and basketball have several differences, including contact type and sports venues.
Dogs and cats are domestic animals, have four paws and a tail, and can be trained. Dogs and cats are both primarily domestic animals. However, cats were domesticated earlier than dogs and had different adaptation mechanisms.
Private schools are more efficient than public schools because children receive more attention and have better chances of getting into good colleges. Public schools are superior to private schools because children receive more attention from teachers in smaller classes and have higher graduation rates, GPAs, and college enrollment.
Driving electric cars is more eco-friendly than driving gas cars. While electric and natural gas vehicles are not entirely ecologically safe, electric cars have a significantly smaller carbon footprint in production and maintenance.

❓ Compare & Contrast Thesis Generator: FAQ

✏️ How to write a compare/contrast essay thesis statement?
Decide on the arrangement type (block or point-by-point) and thesis type (explanatory or evaluative) you will use. Mention the points you will discuss in the same order they appear in the paper. Use precise terms and borders in your comparison.
✏️ What is a good compare-and-contrast essay thesis?
A good compare & contrast thesis statement indicates the content of a paper. It uses academic terminology, mentions all the main points, and features a hypothesis or author's opinion.
✏️ What makes up a compare & contrast essay thesis?
The main components of a compare-and-contrast thesis are the topic subjects, the characteristics they feature, and the research frames. For example, you state that you will compare certain religions within a specific historical period. Then introduce what they had in common or what was different.


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