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Writing essays and other assignments with the use of chat GPT is becoming increasingly popular among students. However, there are certain risks for those relying on AI instead of their writing skills.

The possibility of plagiarism is one of the main concerns of using Chat GPT. This chatbot generates text based on training data, so its responses can resemble existing sources. Also, if students become too reliant on Chat GPT for generating content, it will hinder the development of their critical thinking and writing skills.

Because of these concerns, we discourage you from violating Chat GPT use. Apply our Chat GPT essay detector to help you identify AI-written texts and modify them using synonym suggestions. You can check essays for ChatGPT content in a few clicks.

🤔 What Is GPT and Why Worry About It?

Chat GPT is one of the most popular AI tools. It is a chatbot that replies to your requests and can produce tons of content within minutes. Below, we will discuss its main features and explain the ethics of using AI for studies.

Сhat GPT — What Is It?

Chat GPT is an AI language model based on the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) architecture developed by OpenAI. It generates human-like responses to text prompts.

Chat GPT is trained on a massive dataset of different texts, which allows it to mimic human writing and generate texts on almost any topic. Simply put, the instrument answers your questions using human-like language based on online data.

Although many educators are concerned that Chat GPT will undermine the education system, in fact, it can enhance students’ learning experience. For example, students can ask the chatbot to explain complex concepts they did not understand in class. Or they can get suggestions for improving their papers by requesting the chatbot’s feedback.

This chatbot can help students with writing assignments and essays. For instance, it can provide prompts and suggestions for structuring and developing arguments. With Chat GPT, you can also prepare for exams by asking it to develop practice questions or summarize your assigned readings.

Why Check Essay for ChatGPT?

College essays aim to demonstrate a student’s understanding of the course content and ability to communicate complex ideas. However, educators cannot accurately test students’ competencies and learning outcomes if their essays are AI-generated. That is why teachers should use AI detection tools whenever they suspect that a written assignment has been produced by AI.

Students can also benefit from the Chat GPT essay detector. Here’s what you can use it for:

  • To ensure that your essay does not look AI-generated and you won’t be wrongly accused of cheating.
  • To check how creative your writing is and make the necessary adjustments.

🔎 ChatGPT Essay Detector — What Exactly Does It Show?

Our Chat GPT paper checker can detect AI-generated text percentage. Read the explanation below and practice using our tool to learn how it works.

AI Text Probability

In the results section, you’ll see a histogram with colored columns. The Y axis (vertical) shows the rounded number of words in your text, and the X axis (horizontal) shows columns categorized into four groups. The groups represent the words that are most and least likely to be used by AI. Each color has its meaning:

🟩 Green The green color marks the top 10 words commonly used by AI.
🟨 Yellow Yellow words are highly likely to be generated by AI.
🟥 Red Red words are less typical for AI-produced texts.
🟪 Violet Words highlighted in violet are the least likely to be used by AI.

Text Analysis

Below the histogram you see a detailed analysis of the text you scanned. Each word is colored in one of the four colors (according to how likely it is to be used by GPT) and when you press on any of them you see additional information:

  • Synonyms to substitute the words with a high probability of AI origin;
  • A shortened rating of the words where the higher position indicates a higher probability of the term being used by an AI text generator.

Fraction of Probability

The histogram displays the likelihood ratio between the most probable word for AI to use and the subsequent one. A higher value on the right column of the histogram indicates a greater likelihood that the essay was generated by AI.

🦸 How to Use ChatGPT Responsibly

Chat GPT is a breakthrough in the field of AI and the technology industry. However, to get the most benefits from it, people should use it ethically.

Below, we will explain how to use Chat GPT responsibly in your studies:

  • Ask Chat GPT to create captivating hooks for your papers. A hook is a statement at the beginning of an essay that captures the reader’s attention and keeps them interested. Chat GPT can provide several attention grabbers for you to choose the best one. Don’t forget to double-check the sources and information provided by the chatbot for accuracy.
  • Utilize Chat GPT to generate original ideas for your paper. Be precise in your prompts and include keywords. This way, you will get relevant answers. But don’t rely solely on Chat GPT, especially if you have to generate ideas based on recent events. Chat GPT’s database incorporates information up until 2021.
  • Summarize articles and paraphrase texts. The AI tool can process texts much faster than humans, so delegating this task to technology seems reasonable. You can even choose the length of the summary and the ratio of paraphrased words.
  • Use Chat GPT to generate text outlines. Create a prompt and describe the result you want to achieve. You can ask Chat GPT to create an outline for an article, essay, presentation, brochure, or any other assignment. However, it is better to double-check the generated plan for alignment with the initial task, word limit, etc.
  • Prepare for tests and exams using Chat GPT. The chatbot can explain complex topics and generate revision questions. It can also highlight your mistakes and identify the areas which require more practice.
  • Learn a new language with Chat GPT. The AI model can explain grammar, correct mistakes, and show context for new vocabulary. It is a cost-effective and unconventional way of studying a foreign language.

⭐ Chat GPT Paper Checker Perks

Based on the ethical code of ChatGPT use, here are the main benefits of the Chat GPT essay detector tool.

🏆 100% Authenticity With the increasing use of AI for writing, it has become challenging to distinguish between human and AI-generated content. Our tool can detect AI-written texts and has a convenient color-highlighting feature.
⏳ Time Saving Our tool highlights the text that looks AI-generated, thus giving you a chance to revise your writing before submitting it. This way, you won’t waste your time proving that your essay is actually written by you.
✅ Quality Improvement AI can produce content that is grammatically correct but may lack the nuances of human language. To make your writing sound more human-like, identify areas where you can improve the content with the use of Chat GPT paper checker.
⚠️ Plagiarism Check AI-written texts can sometimes be too close to the original sources and not include citations. You can rewrite the parts that seem AI-written to ensure you don’t copy someone else’s thoughts.
🔄 Synonyms Suggestion Along with detecting AI-written texts, our tools can suggest synonyms for words and phrases used in the text. It can help you diversify your vocabulary and make the content more engaging.


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