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  • Reference page is provided for free if you need the sources used in your paper.
  • Title page is designed as a template according to your style requirements.

Important Notices

  • Please note that 1 page equals 275 words so, basically, you’ll pay for the specific word count, not the actual number of pages.
  • Provide us any instructions needed to work on your order by filling out the Writing Instructions field or uploading files. If you need certain sources or a specific citation style to be used, let us know in detail.
  • Upload up to 3 files on the order form. If you need to send more, finish placing your order and go to your order profile to message us the rest.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it safe?

    Your privacy is our top priority. We do not share or disclose your details to any third party. We use the latest encryption technologies and trusted security vendors such as Amazon and Cisco to protect all transmitted data. Our website is scanned by TrustedSite® on a daily basis.

  • How can I pay? Should I pay in advance?

    You can pay for your order using VISA, Mastercard, all major credit/debit cards, AliPay, and Wire or Local Bank Transfer.

    We only work on a prepaid basis as we need to secure payment for your writer. You can place an Inquiry Order to make sure we have a writer available to work on your task.

  • What should I tell you to get my paper done?

    The more details you provide, the more precise your writer will be in following your instructions. Up to 70% of any order’s success depends on how clear and accurate your instructions are.

  • How can I send you all my instructions?

    Choose any convenient way. You can send instructions directly via messages, email, or chat or by calling us.

Say “Hi!” to Your Expert

Smart-assign process

Smart-assign process

When choosing your expert, we consider:

  • Whether you’ve named a preferred expert
  • Whether you’ve chosen a top 5 or 10 expert
  • Your subject, level, and assignment type
  • Your deadline and the number of pages
Communication with the Expert

Communication with the Expert

Your expert may ask you questions or merely confirm that they understand the instructions.
Communicate with your expert by:

  • chatting through the order dashboard
  • exchanging files

Important Notices

  • Ensure that we have all the details required to complete your order and that there are no discrepancies in what you need and what you have paid for. If we find any, we’ll message you on the order dashboard or even call you.
  • If your order cannot be completed without clarification from you, it may be put on hold until you send all necessary files or pay the difference in cost required to get what you need.
  • The deadline on your order may be extended according to the time form which it was on hold, so it is better to provide us with clear and concise instructions as soon as possible.
  • All our writers can write on several subjects, and we closely monitor their KPIs (key performance indicators) and maintain up-to-date statistics on their strengths and weaknesses.
  • In 90% of all cases, our smart-assign technology is accurate, and the writer accepts the order. However, if the writer declines the offer, we initiate the same smart-assign process again to select another writer.

Frequently asked questions

  • Who is my writer?

    Your writer is an academic expert who holds a master's or PhD degree in your area of study with 5+ years of experience in writing. We hire only 2 out of every 100 candidates who meet our high quality standards.

  • How can I be sure that my writer is qualified in my area of study and understands my instructions?

    We always select the most skilled and qualified writer to work on your order. However, you’re welcome to message your writer directly to confirm that they understand your assignment requirements as well as your order instructions. Moreover, you can choose to receive a draft before completion to be 100% sure you get what you want.

  • How can I speak to my writer?

    You can message your writer directly from your order profile. However, keep in mind that it may take them some time to answer. If you need an urgent reply or want to know an approximate time estimate for their reply, contact our support team via order messages, email, chat, or phone.

  • Can I choose a writer to work on my order?

    Absolutely! You can request an expert you’ve worked with before or one of our top writers to write your order. To do that, choose the option you need at checkout: Preferred Writer, Superior, or 1st Class.

Track Order Progress

Be on track

Stay on Track

  • You can control the whole writing process by ordering a work-in-progress draft.
  • Review the draft carefully and get back to us ASAP with any notes you have.
Rely on our editors

Rely on Our Editors

Our experienced editors meticulously check every paper for:

  • Plagiarism
  • Correspondence to your instructions and chosen citation style
  • Adherence to the norms of academic writing
  • Grammar, punctuation, and use of stylistic devices
  • Our experienced editors meticulously check every paper for:
    • Plagiarism
    • AI-generated content

Important Notices

  • The writer will send you a 1-page draft.
  • We use the advanced plagiarism checker software from a reliable vendor. Your paper will not be posted in any database.
  • We carefully check your orders for traces of AI-written content. Each paper is assessed by top-notch software based on ChatGPT and similar NLP algorithms to detect artificially generated text.
  • Each paper goes through a verification process. You get a polished piece of writing that follows your instructions to the dot.
  • If you order 1st Class or Superior service, we will design a detailed quality report proving that your paper was checked and coincides with your instructions

Frequent questions

  • Can I change details after order placement?

    We ask you to send us all instructions right after the order placement or notify us if you are going to send us any details at a later time. However, if you change the instructions after the writer has already started to work on the order, it may result in extra payment. In any case, keep us updated, and we will surely find a solution.

  • What should I do if I don’t like the draft?

    The draft is intended to keep you updated. If you find something wrong, contact us in any convenient way regarding what should be changed. We will review your request and the draft to ensure you receive a quality paper that meets all your instructions.

Get the Completed Paper

Grab your final file

Once your order is complete:

  • download the finished paper from your order dashboard
  • check your email and click the link to get your paper

Review your paper

Request any changes within:

  • 14-90 days (depending on your Service Plan)

Leave Feedback

If the expert has made an error, your paper will be revised in:

  • 24 hours (depending on your Service Plan)

Important Notices

  • If you have ordered digital copies of the sources used, your writer will send them by message on the order dashboard.
  • Official AI, plagiarism, and quality reports will be available along with the final file.
  • Write clear revision instructions on what needs to be changed or added; this will allow you to get your improved paper ASAP.

Frequently asked questions

  • How will I get my final paper?

    We will notify you once your order is complete so that you can download your paper, either by following the email link or directly from your order profile. If you have any difficulties or need to change file formats, contact our support team.

  • When will I receive my paper?

    You set your own deadline when placing an order. More than 97% of our orders are completed by the deadline.

  • My order is due! What should I do?

    Contact us by chat, phone, or email, or send us a message through the order profile. Sometimes your writer needs to add some final touches to polish the paper; if you can allow them to finish, we will try to compensate for any delay after the order has been completed. However, if the deadline has passed and you no longer need the paper, you will receive a 100% refund.

  • How can I request changes to my paper?

    If you’re not satisfied with the final paper or there is something that should be improved, send us detailed feedback so that we can resolve the issue. You may request an unlimited number of revisions within 14 days of order completion. Superior and 1st Class Service Plans have a prolonged revision deadline: 45 and 90 days respectively. During this time, your writer will correct any mistakes that fall within the initial instructions. In case additional work is needed, we may ask you to pay extra to get your revisions done.

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