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If you need the best paraphrasing tool, you have found it. Essay Changer has all the features you may require to rewrite any text. Furthermore, it is free of charge!

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Here is how you can use the essay changer:

  1. Copy the source text into the empty bar, where it is written: “Paste your text.”
  2. Check if the original meets the length limit: not more than 6,000 characters. It is enough for a several-page article or essay.
  3. If your text is longer, divide it into parts and copy them into the tool independently.
  4. Choose the quantity of words that will be replaced. The higher rate you choose, the more authentic the result will look.
  5. Check or uncheck analyzing words with capital letters. It will slightly modify their meaning. Try both variants to see which meets your needs the best.
  6. Press the “Paraphrase Online” button.
  7. Rate us.

🙌 Essay Changer: 4 Benefits

This text changer features some unquestionable benefits.

  1. It was created to help students. Why should you care who is supposed to use the tool? In fact, Essay Changer can equally work well for journalists or researchers. Still, its paraphrasing style is adjusted to the requirements of the majority of educational institutions.
  2. It rewrites up to 6,000 characters. This amount equals approximately 1500 words. Besides, most scientific articles and essays have less. In most cases, you will not reach the limit.
  3. It is intuitively clear to use. The rewriter gives out the result in several seconds. You need to insert the text and press the respective button, and that’s it!
  4. It is operatable on computers and mobile devices. It is probably the most significant benefit since most people today work and study using portable devices. You only require internet access and an installed browser.

🤓 Who Can Use the Essay Changer?

Students Students are the primary audience for this paraphrase generator. They can use it to prepare essays, presentations, or general writing tasks. Colleges give their students lots of homework assignments. The lack of time to complete all of them decreases the quality of studies. Text changers allow them to handle more tasks in less time.
Writers Writers can find multiple applications to this tool. First, they can paraphrase their previous work to brainstorm new ideas. Essay Changer is a professional rewriting tool with an extensive vocabulary. This tool substitutes words with synonyms to transform the text into unique writing. Evidently, if writers reworded their work by themselves, they would waste a lot of time.
Bloggers Bloggers are supposed to produce lots of original content on a daily basis. They struggle with writer’s block and lack fresh ideas more than anyone else. When they write on threadbare topics, they reword the same text again and again. In a word, writing brand-new publications every day while sticking to the original idea is a severe challenge for anyone. This text changer can be a great help for them.
Researchers Research students (Ph.D. or Masters) can resort to this tool to avoid plagiarism. Term papers presuppose a lot of literature revision. A considerable part of their work is dedicated to paraphrasing, synthesis analysis of previous research. In terms of time-saving, research students benefit from Essay Changer the most. Secondly, text changers can boost the level of creativity. You do not disperse on technical issues and can fully dedicate yourself to brainstorming. Thirdly, this tool can help those people whose vocabulary is not too broad.
Freelancers Freelancers use a rephraser to modify their own texts. Freelancers often have to write something that has already been available on the web. In this case, they can use a text-changing tool to make the content unique. Some do it by hand, replacing words and using plagiarism checkers. But paraphrase generators accelerate the process immensely.

🔠 How to Rephrase a Paragraph? Best Tips

  • Start your paraphrase from another place. If the original paragraph starts describing a situation, you should open the line by defining the case and then mention the timing. Mind that you can fling around different pieces of information without losing the general message.
  • Synonyms are never too many. It refers not just to single words but also meaningful parts of a sentence. For example, you could replace “by the end of the 19th century” with “in the late 1800s.” Still, it is often helpful to keep some share of the original words to preserve the overall atmosphere. You can recognize the words that lack synonyms in this category. “Digitalization” is a good example.
  • Modify the word order. The English language does not leave much space for creativity in word order. Still, you can almost always change the grammatical structure. For instance, changing passive voice into active could make an entire sentence unrecognizable.
  • Break long sentences into shorter ones. First, this strategy will make your text more reader-friendly. Most researchers strangely prefer writing wordy and tedious sentences. That’s why it will be easy to split a complex phrase in two. Second, it is another way to modify the word order and the sequence of facts. But if you would like to shorten the original text, you can generalize and combine several sentences in one.

Here is an example of paraphrasing with the use of the above recommendations. For your convenience, we have selected one of the most quoted speeches by Martin Luther King Jr., I Have a Dream. He delivered it in 1963, on the steps of Lincoln Memorial, in front of 250 thousand people. The speech lasted for 17 minutes and expressed King’s vision of the African Americans’ struggle for equal civil rights


“We must forever conduct our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline. We must not allow our creative protest to degenerate into physical violence. Again and again, we must rise to the majestic heights of meeting physical force with soul force. The marvelous new militancy which has engulfed the Negro community must not lead us to a distrust of all white people, for many of our white brothers, as evidenced by their presence here today, have come to realize that their destiny is tied up with our destiny.”


In the most iconic speech in US history, Martin Luther King Jr. remarked on the ties between the destinies of black and white people. Their brotherhood is evidenced by the presence of white people at the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom. Therefore, their new struggle for dignity and discipline should not entail distrust for all white people. Their combat should always preserve dignity and never devolve into violence. The speaker urges to combine physical power with the power of the soul to be guided by.

We hope that the tips above were useful. Note that if you haven't chosen a title for your paper yet, you can use our research title generator.


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