HelpfulPapers—Is It Legit?

When it comes to writing services, there’s a great number of companies to choose from, all of which offer pretty much the same thing. Unfortunately, some of those services are known to scam their clients and participate in other illegal actions.
Reliable and safe services make every effort to distance themselves from such competitors. Here at HelpfulPapers, we want to prove that you can trust us.

Why HelpfulPapers is a Legitimate Service

  • Years of experience and thousands of happy customers. Active since 2013, HelpfulPapers has been able to assist more than 35,000 clients from around the world.
  • A strong stand against plagiarism and cheating. All of our works are completely original, and we actively condemn cheating and other forms of academic dishonesty. Clients are forbidden to submit papers as their own and should only use them for research purposes.
  • Free, useful study tools for students. These tools include a Text Summarizer and Thesis Statement Generator, both of which are designed to boost performance and help generate new ideas for future papers.
  • A clear, straightforward pricing model. The price of your order depends on the assignment type, study level, deadline, and number of pages.
  • Qualified experts. Our writing team consists of only the most experienced professionals with Master’s or Ph.D. degrees. They possess extensive knowledge in multiple study fields, enabling our service to tackle any assignment.
  • Genuine client reviews. We collect all feedback from our customers, regardless of whether it’s positive or negative. Although the vast majority of reviews are good, we don’t ignore the bad ones because they help us identify our weak points and improve them.

Debunking Myths About Custom Writing Services

There are numerous misconceptions and myths about writing services that are circulating on the web. Some of them have caused people to question whether these services are legitimate, reliable, or safe to use.

We want to take a moment to debunk some of these myths.

They either deliver low quality works or charge too much.

Both of these actions are signs of unreliable services. Legit writing services employ academic experts with fluent written English, who are able to deliver papers of outstanding quality. If the rates of one company are much higher than the competition, that company is most likely trying to appear better than it really is.

Their papers aren’t original, or they resell their works.

A reliable writing service is always ready to provide an official plagiarism report (like we do) to prove their texts are genuine. None of our works are recycled. We’ve created a special section on our website with samples of our experts’ works, and even those samples were written specifically to be posted into that section.

Using writing services is cheating.

As we’ve explained before, we are strongly against anyone submitting our texts as their own. However, using our papers for research purposes is not cheating.

Using a writing service is unethical.

If you’re dealing with a legitimate service, there’s nothing unethical about ordering a paper. Think of it like asking your friends or classmates for help when you’re having trouble with a difficult assignment.

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