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Argumentative - should be used in argumentative essays
Compare and Contrast - should be used in compare and contrast essays
Informative - should be used in definition, description (narrative), explanation, expository, and persuasive essays
Analytical - should be used in analysis, research, and response/reflection papers
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Your thesis statements:
Even though individuals can respond differently to the same piece of music, listening to favorite music is good for health because music reduces stress and trials revealed that it relieves pain.
Even though individuals can respond differently to the same piece of music, listening to favorite music is good for health because music reduces stress and trials revealed that it relieves pain.

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❗ Why Is Thesis Important?

A thesis statement is the core sentence of your paper. It gives your readers an overview of your essay's purpose, direction, and content. You need to place your thesis at the end of the introduction and make it as short as possible. The average length of a thesis statement is 1-2 sentences.

A strong and relevant thesis statement will create the right impression and guide your readers through your paper. A weak thesis statement might mislead your audience and decrease their motivation to read the text.

We will explain how to write a good thesis statement for an informative essay in this article. Learn how to get the best results using this tool using.

⏩ Reasons to Use Thesis Generator for an Informative Essay

Considering numerous rules of thesis statement writing, we want to draw your attention to our tool. When using it, you won’t need to think about all the details – the generator will do it all for you!

  1. It is only for informative essays. The information you provide in the beginning is required for informative papers only. We polished the algorithm to make a perfect informative essay statement. To generate a thesis for other styles, check our free toolbox.
  2. It’s high-speed. If you already have a draft of your paper, it’ll be easy for you to fill in the required fields. Provide the main conclusion and one or more arguments supporting it.
  3. It provides options. For every thesis statement, our tool offers one more version for you to choose from.
  4. It lets focuses on the main findings. The fields you fill in at the start are aimed at the critical thoughts of your paper.
  5. It’s safe. Our tool doesn't use your data. It also doesn’t ask you to sign up or subscribe.

🧭 Informative Essay Guide

First, you need to understand the concept and peculiarities of an informative essay. In the paragraphs below, you will get a detailed description.

What Is an Informative Essay?

  • An informative essay is a type of writing that describes a particular matter without bias. This is a typical academic assignment you might receive in high school or college. Its main goal is to educate readers about a process, event, person, product, etc.

Such a paper might also discuss a controversial issue but should not contain an author's opinion. In this case, the writer needs to present information from both sides.

As informative writing is unbiased, it does not incorporate analysis or evaluation of the topic. Instead, it should provide enough information for readers to form their own opinion. Evidence and data in informative essays are usually solid facts, statistics, and other reliable information.

Structure of an Informative Essay

The structure of an informative essay contains an introduction, three or more body paragraphs, and a conclusion. Let's have a closer look at them:

Introduction It is the first paragraph, several paragraphs, or even a page of your paper, depending on the requirements. Your introduction should contain a hook, background information, and a thesis statement. Usually, a thesis is the last sentence of the opening, but you can also end it with a transitional sentence.
Body It is the most significant part of your essay that supports your thesis statement. In body paragraphs, use facts, statistics, and various supporting details to cover the topic thoroughly. Each section should describe one matter and begin with a topic sentence. Then you need to include your descriptions and explanations of the phenomena and end it with a mini-conclusion.
Conclusion In the final paragraph, restate your thesis and summarize the main findings presented in the paper. It is better not to include your thoughts about the topic to avoid influencing the readers. You can add some final words to inspire your audience to investigate the phenomena further.

👍 What Is a Good Thesis for an Informative Essay?

Most thesis statements present the author's position and argue it. You probably have seen such examples in argumentative and persuasive essays. It is entirely the opposite when you need to write an informative essay. Your thesis statement shouldn't make a stand or present claims that need proof.

Here are the main qualities of a good thesis statement:

  • It is narrow and broad enough. Your thesis should describe the specific topic and points that you will discuss. Don't use general or vague explanations.
  • It covers all the main points of a text. First, introduce what you are going to explain. Then mention the details of your explanation.
  • It is 1-2 sentences long. It should be enough to express the paper's main aspects and not disclose too much information.

Example of a good thesis:

The actions implemented to ensure blue whales' conservations are satellite tracking tags, laws that ban commercial whaling, and ship speed and route regulations.

🎁 Tips for an Informative Essay Thesis

Here, we will explain how to make a good thesis statement for your informative essay.

Follow these tips:

  1. Start working on your thesis when you have completed your body paragraphs. It will be easier to identify the critical thoughts and findings. You should have at least a draft of your paper before creating your thesis.
  2. Avoid using cliché phrases at the beginning of your thesis. Don't use such "In this essay, I will discuss," "Since the beginning of time...", "In modern society," or "Merriam Webster defines [your topic] as...".
  3. You can adjust your thesis if you modify your paper. A thesis statement is the basis of your article, but it doesn't mean you can't change it. It is as flexible as the rest of your essay. Don't be surprised if your final thesis differs from the first draft.

📝 Informative Essay Thesis Generator Examples

In this part, we will provide more examples for your better understanding. We have gathered the most common mistakes made by students to create this selection:

A bad thesis What’s wrong with it A better thesis
Climate change is basically global warming that is a consequence of human activity. The thesis is too narrow. It discusses only one thought and definition of a phenomenon. Climate change refers to climate variability that persists for decades or more. It includes the Paleo-Eocene Thermal maximum, the Cenozoic, modern climate change, and global warming.
In this essay, I will describe the early history of telecommunication devices such as the telegraph, telephone, and radio. The thesis starts with a cliché phrase. The telegraph, telephone, and radio devices are the basics of early electrical telecommunication history.
Taxes are necessary for every country as they are a source of services and benefits provided to citizens. The thesis is arguable and implies persuasive content. Taxation in the United States includes federal, state, and local government taxes.
Sport is beneficial for human health. The thesis is too broad and presents a well-known thought. It doesn't describe the paper's content and main points. Regular sports exercise lowers the risk of cardiovascular diseases, reduces blood pressure, and improves joint flexibility.

❓ Informative Essay Thesis Generator: FAQ

✏️ How to write an informative essay thesis?
Specify the topic of your paper, then note down the main points of your body paragraphs. Introduce the topic and key points in 1-2 sentences. Make sure the thesis statement provides enough information about your essay. Avoid using persuasive language or emotional wording in your thesis.
✏️ Is an informative essay thesis different?
An informative essay thesis statement differs from argumentative, persuasive, and compare-contrast essays. It doesn't aim to influence readers' opinions or motivate them to do something. Instead, its primary goal is to describe the contents of a paper in an unbiased way.
✏️ What makes up a good informative essay thesis statement?
A good informative essay statement provides a clear overview of the key points of a paper. Its size is not bigger than two sentences. It does not include vague or persuasive words, emotional language, or unnecessary details.


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