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30 Fun Things to Do When Bored in Class for Students

Let’s be honest: your classes not always fire you with enthusiasm. Sometimes you let your thoughts wander. Sometimes you have to fight sleepiness. Here are some working tricks to help you stay awake during the most boring lectures. Check out the following 30 fun and useful things to do when bored in class:

Top 5 Exchange Student Programs that Are Worth Your Effort

Student exchange programs can be your chance to travel the world and broaden your horizons. Living abroad and experiencing a foreign culture can be a turning point in your life. By the way, many potential employers would appreciate this experience. So, here are some easy ways to invest in your future:

50 Places to Find Academic Sources for Your Essay

You probably would love your essays better if you could find academic sources for them faster. Today there’s nothing easier than finding the info you need on the web. At the same time, there’s nothing harder than finding credible sources. That’s why I’ve compiled this list of trusted sources where you can not only find what you need, but also use the info in your papers not fearing your teachers’ reaction.

5 Foods to Avoid at All Costs When Studying for Tests

Did you know that those who eat stupid can become stupid? In reality, there are certain foods that kill your intelligence. And you should avoid these 5 worst foods killing your brain cells and/or slowing your reaction when you’re studying for tests.

Writing Assignments: Fun Facts and Useless Observations

If you think that writing assignments are boring and just perfect as an all natural sleeping aid, this post is for you. Here’s a collection of interesting and quite surprising facts about writing and reading.

How to Do a Literature Review in 30 Minutes or Less

When you need to do a literature review, it can mean only two things. The first case is that you have to do a literature review for the sake of a literature review. The second is that literature review is just a beginning of a bigger project. Here’s how to do a literature review for both of these cases without spending too much time on it.

Lab Report Format & Business Report [how-to-guide, examples, types]

All students go through this, sooner or later. Report writing is like an initiation into college. You are not a real student until you squeeze out at least one report. That’s why we recommend you to learn the main report building rules to save time in the future.