Academic Paper Would you like to know one secret to bring all of your academic papers to the next level? Understand the intricacies of academic writing and you will easily handle academic tasks of any complexity level. Here’s what your tutors want to see in your papers. The following top 8 criteria make academic writing different from all other writing styles:

  1. Mystery.
    If you’re surprised with this first aspect, let’s agree to properly define this term in the context of academic writing. The mystery ingredient of academic papers implies that the doer of the action in the most cases is hidden and unknown. Despite all the demands for accuracy and formality, it’s better to avoid too categorical statements. Whenever it is possible, try to use modal verbs may, might, can and could to soften your claims. It will show that you understand that the world is more complex than it might seem at the first glance and you are not a black and white thinker. Instead of the habitual subject-verb agreement, give preference to the passive voice. Avoid the first person pronouns, unless your tutor recommends you doing so.
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Philosophy Term Paper When you’re assigned with a Philosophy term paper, it can be a perfect moment to obtain a philosophical attitude: “This too shall pass.” However, while working on it, it’s better to concentrate and make maximum effort to do it right. Here are 17 quick tips that can help you a lot.

1) Do an online research. Before you pack your things and go to the library, do an online research from the comfort of your laptop. Here are a couple of academic search engines that will offer you a safe and student friendly environment:

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APA Term Paper Sample Evaluation may be defined as the process of assessing the weaknesses and strengths of policies, organizations, products, staff members, or programs in order to improve their efficiency (Mckenzie, Neiger & Thackeray, 2004). The process of evaluation involves the systematic gathering and analysis of information that will govern the decision-making process. During evaluation process, one may determine the gaps in a certain entity that prevent it from successful operation. Sometimes, these may include certain missing services, abilities, or actions. However, before those inconsistencies can be identified, one needs to know the goals that an organization is working towards and, thereafter, thoroughly track their achievement. After obtaining the results, one must communicate the received information to the entities involved. The participants should then modify the process, policy, or program under analysis.
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Cultural Diversity essay sample The US society has experienced ethnic and cultural shifts in demographics, which have resulted in the current existence of different ethno-cultural groups that preserve their separate identities within the larger society. Therefore, major similarities and differences exist between different ethno-cultural groups living in the United States. This paper considers such similar and distinctive characteristics between the African-American and the non-Hispanic white groups. Accordingly, these comparisons will form the basis upon which the need for food service providers to initiate culturally competent accommodations in the workplace will be assessed.
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When you’re assigned a paper based on “An essay on Man” by Alexander Pope, you may need some help with the choice of a topic. That’s why the following thought provoking questions for your Essay on Man paper can save you plenty of time and nerves.

Essay on Man Study Questions

  1. How does the structure of the poem help the author develop the main ideas?
  2. What is the meaning and role of the epigraph?
  3. How perfect is a man, according to the poem? What are the main imperfections?
  4. What is Pope’s answer on why a man was formed so weak and limited?
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Couple filling forms for bank

The main goal of informative essays is to give comprehensive information on a certain question. This type of essay represents objects as they are, without judging, evaluating, or giving any subjective opinions. An informative essay example will show what this essay should look like.

core principles of informative writing

Core principles of informative writing

The following principles will help you write a good essay:

  • Try to be objective.
  • Show the object from different perspectives.
  • Cite trusted resources.
  • Give examples.

sample of informative essay

Sample of an informative essay

Most topics for informative essays focus on certain events or personalities, explain concepts, or give instructions on how to do something. The following informative essay sample is no exception.

“Benefits of Electric Cars”

An electric car is a vehicle that uses electrical energy stored in rechargeable batteries or other storage devices. Currently, electric cars are not as widely used as their alternatives with internal combustion engines. Electric cars can help reduce air pollution and greenhouse gas production.

The history of the first electric cars goes back to the 1800s. This type of motor was popular in the late 1800s and early 1900s before a cheaper internal combustion engine was improved and popularized. The following periods of popularity included the energy crises of the 1970s and 1980s. However, the interest in electric cars was rather short. The mass production and marketing of electric cars is still to come.

essay can be a great source

The sales of electric cars have grown recently. However, this type of automobile still represents only a small fraction of all new car sales. Automakers are not enthusiastic about the production of electric cars because of low demand. Some studies claim that sales of electric cars can be increased by means of more effective advertising. Further research of the potential benefits of electric cars can contribute to the following popularization of this healthier type of automobile.

The mass production and improved sales of electric cars can reduce air pollution and the amount of greenhouse gas. Further research of the potential advantages and more aggressive advertising of electric cars can increase their sales which are currently at a rather low level.

Interesting, informative essay samples can help you in the process of writing perfect informative papers. Essay samples can be a great source of inspiration and useful information.

Use this informative essay example when writing your own informative essay.

Before you can write your informative essay, you need a really great topic, right? If you are looking for an interesting topic for your impressive informative essay, you are in the right place.

informative essay topics

Informative essay topics

The purpose of an informative essay is to educate readers by giving straightforward information and facts on a certain topic. You should provide interesting, useful, and unique information to your readers. Keep in mind that you should not give your opinion on the topic of your informative essay.

Informative writing explains something or answers questions like the following:

  • What does it mean?
  • How does it work?
  • Why does it happen?
  • Why is it important?

The best examples of informative writing are essays, academic course descriptions, or how-to articles. They usually explain how something works—for example, how to write a resume, the health benefits of yoga, or the most popular study abroad destinations.

Important note!

When you write an informative essay, you’re sharing your knowledge about the subject of your essay with your audience. That’s why you should choose an informative essay topic that is interesting to you and new and unknown to your reader. You should be able to support the topic of your informative essay with credible evidence.

list of great informative essay

Here is a list of great informative essay topics.


  1. Global trends in education
  2. Positive and negative effects of globalization
  3. Benefits of healthy eating
  4. Benefits of mobile payments
  5. Benefits of green tea
  6. Exotic pets
  7. Large Hadron Collider
  8. How evolution works
  9. History of writing
  10. Manned mission to Mars
  11. Health risks of being overweight or obese
  12. Advantages of being bilingual
  13. Near-death experiences
  14. Seven wonders of the world
  15. How to keep fit
  16. How to make a cartoon
  17. How the internet changes the way you think
  18. The ugliest animals in the world
  19. The strangest places on Earth
  20. Medical myths

structure of an informative essay

Structure of an informative essay

Once you’ve picked an interesting topic, you can start to write your informative essay. Follow this general structure to make sure you’ve covered everything.


  • Opening sentence
    Start your informative essay with something that grabs the reader’s attention: a general statement about the essay’s topic, a quotation, a question, a joke, a definition, a fascinating fact, or an analogy.
  • Context
    Provide background information to give your audience an understanding of your topic.
  • Thesis statement
    Clearly explain your position on the essay’s topic, which you will support with relevant evidence in your body paragraphs.

Body paragraphs

  • Topic sentence
    In a single sentence, give the paragraph’s main point or idea.
  • Supporting evidence
    Provide appropriate evidence from reputable sources—such as quotes, summaries, paraphrases, or interviews—to support your thesis statement.
  • Analysis
    Explain the importance of the given evidence to your reader. How does the evidence support your thesis?
  • Transition
    Connect each paragraph of your essay with a sentence or two that shows how each idea in your paper leads to the next and how they together support your position.


Give your readers an overview of the main ideas of your informative paper, highlight the development of your thought process, and offer solutions. Don’t just restate the thesis statement—instead, explain the importance of your synthesis of the information.

essay writing tips

Essay writing tips

Here are some simple tips to help you write a polished, high-quality informative essay:

  1. Clearly understand your written assignment. Analyze your essay topic word by word to understand the requirements for your informative essay.
  2. Learn by example. If your essay writing skills are far from perfect and you don’t know how to approach the subject matter of your essay, look for informative essay examples online. Read informative essay samples to learn how to organize and present information in an essay, paper, or article. When reading these examples, take notes on how the author introduces the topic of the essay, develops the ideas, and formulates a strong conclusion.
  3. Don’t plagiarize. If you use someone else’s words or ideas, always cite them as a source.
  4. Write a quick draft of your informative essay all the way through. During this stage, just focus on getting your ideas down on paper. Write in your own words, as if you were talking to a friend about the topic of your paper.
  5. Work through several drafts. Consider whether you need to rearrange your essay’s structure for a stronger organization or flow of ideas. Rewrite and refine your words as many times as needed to make your end result flawless.
  6. Write clearly and concisely. Focus on using active sentences with active words in your essay to make every word count. Print your essay or paper and cross out any redundant words. This approach will increase the clarity of your writing, but it may reduce the word count in your essay—so be sure to leave enough time to add content to your essay if necessary.
  7. Edit and proofread your essay. Make sure there are no spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistakes. You can also ask a friend to edit your essay. You might not agree with your friend’s critique, but you will get a better understanding of your reader’s point of view.

Did you like our informative essay example? What informative essay topic have you chosen for your next essay? If you do not feel confident about your academic writing skills and need professional writing help, buy a custom written paper from our custom writing company.

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