Business Case Studies

Ford Pinto Case Study & Other Analysis Ideas

At the beginning of the 20th century, the Ford Motor Company changed the way our world functions. Ford made automobiles an essential part of people’s everyday life and left its mark on the auto industry. Business students can learn a lot from doing Ford case studies and diving into the...

McDonald’s Supply Chain Issues – a Case Study on Supply and Demand Analysis

Is there a more iconic symbol of American culture than McDonald’s? The fast-food industry has shaped the modern lifestyle, not only in the USA. McDonald’s Corporation is present in over 100 countries and has more than 1.7 million employees. There are a lot of helpful business lessons a student can...

Walmart Case Study | Best Case Study Topics

Did you know that Walmart is the world’s largest company by revenue? Walmart Inc. makes nearly a trillion dollars annually and has 2.3 million employees. And what makes Walmart even more remarkable is that it is the world’s biggest family-owned business! Below are a lot of helpful business lessons a...

AstraZeneca Analysis – Competitors, Management, Sustainability & More

Health is the most valuable resource people have. That is why the pharmaceutical industry is such a lucrative billion-dollar sphere. Ever heard of AstraZeneca? This company was one of the pioneers in COVID-19 vaccine development while fighting the global pandemic. They were also the first to make a cheap vaccine...

Adidas Case Study – Best Ideas for the Real Fans

In 2023, the German sportswear maker Adidas AG celebrates its 74rd anniversary. After all these years into the game, the brand is as popular as ever. Adidas constantly improves its designs, collaborating with celebrities like Beyonce, Kylie Jenner, and Pharrell Williams. A student can learn many helpful business lessons from...

McDonald’s Case Study Freshest Ideas – Strategic Management, Global Marketing, etc.

Have you ever wondered how McDonald’s became world-famous for selling sandwiches and potatoes? McDonald’s Corporation is a leader in the fast-food industry, an extremely competitive market. This article will discuss various factors that brought the restaurant chain to success. We will answer all your questions for the McDonald’s case study:...

Coca-Cola Case Study: Internal Communication, Diversity, Marketing Strategy, & More

Is there any company associated with the American lifestyle more than Coca-Cola? Created in 1886, the Coca-Cola Company has endured numerous ups and downs but remains a legendary brand. To learn many valuable business lessons, consider doing a Coca-Cola case study with the help of our top questions and answers....

Netflix Case Study: Strategic Management, Organizational Change, & More

What is your favorite Netflix show?Netflix, Inc. is the most popular streaming service in the world. Even if you are not a huge fan, you have definitely seen at least one movie or series made by Netflix.Read this article to find a perfect topic for your Netflix case study and...

Dyson Marketing Strategy, Advertising, & Crisis Management Case Study

Have you noticed how popular Dyson Airwrap is on TikTok? The hair dryer was out of stock in less than two weeks during the Christmas season in 2021. If you search #dysonhairwrap on social media, you’ll find numerous users interested in the tool, its attachments, and low-heat technology. At the...

Etihad Airways Marketing Strategy – Awesome Case Study Ideas

What marketing strategy can sell a $38,000 plane ticket?Etihad Airlines knows how to deal with luxury services. 😎Read this article to prepare a case study on Etihad Airways’ marketing strategy, supply chain management, or sustainability. We have plenty of ideas and samples here; fasten your seatbelts! 🖼️ Etihad Airways Company...

Disney Organizational Structure | Best Disney Case Study Ideas

Did you know that Disney was the first to produce a feature-length animated film? In 1937, The Walt Disney World Company released Snow White and became one of the largest media and entertainment companies. The company took a twisted road to success, and there’s a lot a student can learn...

Harley Davidson Marketing & Strategic Management Case Study

Did you know that in less than 20 years, Harley-Davidson became the world’s biggest motorcycle maker? The company faced numerous challenges on its way to success, including the Great Depression. A student can take many business lessons from doing the Harley-Davidson case study. Get ready to learn more about this...

Apple Case Study: Supply Chain, Design Thinking, & More

Do you know that Apple earns nearly one hundred thousand dollars per minute? This information may not be surprising because Apple is the world’s most valuable company. However, there are numerous challenges the corporation has faced on its way to success. You can learn many business lessons by doing the...

Amazon Case Study: Supply Chain, Fire Phone Failure, and More

In 1994 Jeff Bezos quit his job and launched a new company in his garage. Nowadays, we know this company as Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer. Meanwhile, Jeff Bezos is the second-wealthiest person alive. There is a lot a student can learn from the Amazon case study, and we...

Sony Case Study: Marketing Strategy, Organization Structure, & More

Did you know that in 2021 Sony made 1.42 billion U.S. dollars from its music publishing segment? This unbelievable success made Sony one of the “Big Three” record companies, along with Universal Music Group, followed by Warner Music Group. There are numerous lessons a student can take from doing a...

Unilever Sustainability & Other Case Study Ideas

Recently multinational companies have become more prevalent in international trade. Unilever is an excellent example of one of the fastest-growing global businesses. Its history goes back to 1929, and the company is often described as one of the most transnational. To write a good Unilever case study analysis, we first...

Home Depot Management | Case Study Analysis Ideas

Home Depot is the world’s largest home improvement store chain, with over 2,200 shops worldwide. It is a leading company that helps customers build and improve their homes. This article will help you learn more about the company, give tips on writing a fantastic Home Depot case study, and share...