Topic Ideas

Persuasive Essay Topics for 6th Graders: Best Ideas for 2023

It can be said with certainty that we live in constant information overload. You can express yourself on any topic. But how to be persuasive in what you’re saying and not produce another infotrash? Well, start with practicing persuasive writing at school. The first step in a successful persuasive essay...

275 Definition Essay Topics & Samples on Freedom, Racism, Heroism, Success, Etc.

What is an “educated” person? Is it the same as “intelligent”? Or should we call “educated” only those with a college degree? A definition essay allows you to explore these questions and develop your own understanding of the word. A definition essay is one of the easiest student assignments. Perhaps,...
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193 Striking Ecology Topics in 2023

Ecology is an excellent topic for a heated dispute today. Giving rise to numerous discussions, the environment is of great interest to everyone living on this planet. It means you won’t have any difficulties choosing a topic for an ecology essay. Check out topics in different subfields of ecology below....

414 Fun & Interesting Topics to Research

Sometimes, the process of choosing a research topic can take longer than writing a paper itself. So, once you find your perfect theme, consider that you are halfway there. Here are some excellent ideas that might help you kick-start your projects. 🌳 How to Choose Fun Research Topics? A choice...

361 Nutrition Essay Topics: Nutrition Science, Clinical Nutrition, & More

🌶️ TOP 15 Latest Research Topics in Nutrition The problem of stress eating among college students. How do eating habits influence people’s mental health? The issue of food safety in modern agriculture. Why is breakfast the most important meal of the day? The phenomenon of superfoods and their benefits. Food...
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222 Gun Control Topics for Persuasive & Argumentative Essays

Do you think the accessibility of firearms is in direct ratio to the number of mass shootings? It’s not that easy, though. Gun control is a very delicate but important topic. Let’s sort it out together. Do we need harsher anti-gun policies? Do guns kill, or is it people? We...

253 Easy Problem Solution Speech Topics for 2023

Well, here’s the good news: those pesky problem and solution essays can be way better. All you need is an easy topic. OK. Here’s even better news: we’ve already compiled a list of 253 simple problem solution speech and essay topics for you. 📍 Problem-Solution Speech Topics 2023 How to...

Cause and Effect Essay Topics: 270+ Ideas for 2023 & Writing Tips

A cause-and-effect essay analyzes how one issue leads to another one. There are endless opportunities to formulate cause and effect topics. However, it is not that easy when it comes to good cause and effect topics. Luckily, in this article, you will find 180+ cause and effect essay topics for...

Literary Analysis: Essay Prompts, Outline, & American Literature Topics

It’s high time to discuss everything about literary analysis in detail! 📚 What Is Literary Analysis? Literary analysis (literary criticism) is the process of interpreting a piece of literature. It implies a critical look at a text to understand the author’s message. In this assignment, you trace tiny symbols and...

314 Fun Argumentative Essay Topics for 2023

Writing an argumentative essay is not the funniest thing to do. Even so, there are ways to ease this process and make it less strained – choose a catchy topic! Dive into the article and find some funny argumentative essay topics for your assignment. Our team worked very hard to...
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358 Hot Psychology Essay Topics for 2023 & Writing Tips

Make yourself comfortable. We are now entering a free unique ideas zone. Jokes aside, in 2023, nearly every other person took a psychology course. Today, in the New Ethics era, it is necessary to know the fundamentals of psychology, right?

453 Business Research Topics for College Students

With all the financial instability and technological advancements, there is more and more work to do. So there are lots of gaps in business research topics for college students. You might write about finances, economics, or accounting. The agriculture business is also an important issue, just like marketing. Another sphere...