Study Hacks

Free Book Report Cheats for You

Is cheating good or bad? This is a very interesting question that does not have one right answer to it. It depends on the things you mean by cheating: whether this is plagiarizing someone’s work or simply paraphrasing someone’s ideas. What about cheating on a book report? Let us try...

What to Do When Bored in Class – 135 Ways to Stay Awake

Let’s be honest: your classes not always fire you with enthusiasm. Sometimes you let your thoughts wander. Sometimes you have to fight sleepiness. Here are some working tricks to help you stay awake during the most boring lectures. Check out the following 30 fun and useful things to do when...
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How to Ask a Professor for an Extension + Email Sample

Sometimes you simply can’t complete your paper before the deadline. Maybe, you have a broken heart. Or, there is a party you can’t miss because your crush is there. Or, your goldfish is ill… There are many situations when you may need to ask for paper extension. Yet, there is...