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Few things can damage a student’s reputation more than academic dishonesty. It can cause a failed grade or even expulsion from the university. Of course, sometimes plagiarism can be unintentional. Yet, it can still make your grades suffer.

To avoid such issues, students should always use plagiarism scanners to make sure their content is original. Try ours! It is absolutely free and online, thus available 24/7.

🔮 Benefits of Using a Plagiarism Scanner

You might think you don’t need a plagiarism scanner. Why would you? You wrote all the content yourself and included citations for all the quotes and secondary sources. Even so, we recommend you try our software.

Here are a few reasons why you should try our similarity checker:

  1. Speed. Plagiarism scanners work fast. After you upload your essay or research paper to the tool, it takes just seconds to get the results back. Speed is one of the most significant benefits of using plagiarism scanner reports online.
  2. Peace of mind. To avoid being accused of lacking originality, scan your texts for plagiarism. Not only will it give you peace of mind, but it will help you produce high-quality material. That will protect your academic and professional reputation.
  3. Better results. Running your text through a paper similarity checker can get you excellent outcomes. Even for the most seasoned writers, plagiarism scanners can be helpful tools. After all, why would anyone refuse a second pair of eyes?
  4. References. A paper similarity checker scans your assignment and gives you links to the plagiarized text. You get a chance to rearrange your thoughts and phrases to ensure complete originality. Or, you can reference these sources.
  5. Similarity percentage. After finishing your paper or article, do a similarity check. Then you’ll find out how authentic your content is. It will determine if your work has a reasonable plagiarism percentage or it needs additional edits.

🛎️ Who Needs a Similarity Checker?

The truth is everyone who wants to create authentic content needs a plagiarizing scanner. This is especially true if you plan to publish your text somewhere. If you are working on the following types of papers, you should consider using our tool:

  • A research paper for a conference or publication in an academic journal.
  • A thesis or dissertation.
  • A high-quality article.
  • A book, a blog post, or a website if you strive for unique content.

Further in the article, you will learn in greater detail who needs a similarity checker and why.

🏫 Colleges & Universities

Educational institutions have very high standards of academic integrity. Plagiarism is taken very seriously and institutions and faculty member follow strict rules. A plagiarism scanner is vital for these individuals:

  1. Students. It is an absolute must-have for every student. Not only will it help them protect their academic reputation, but it will also teach them how to write better. Plus, our plagiarism scanner is free, so it will not hurt their wallet.
  2. Tutors and professors. Software has simplified the life of any teacher. It does not even take a minute to scan a text for plagiarism. It saves valuable time for other things that truly benefit students.
  3. Academic examiners. Checking for plagiarized text is easy, reliable, and fast with tools. Academic examiners can benefit from software that is able to scan large quantities of text in record time.

✒️ Content Creators

As you can imagine, everyone who wants to produce high-quality material should be mindful of plagiarism. Even if you aren’t a student, you need to make sure the borrowed material is not higher than 5 percent. In this part of the article, you will learn why content creators need plagiarism scanners.

These people should use plagiarism checking tools:

  1. Freelancers. If you work as a freelancer, you most probably produce a lot of content for clients. Plagiarism software is a must for you because it offers a safe and fast way to check how original your content is.
  2. Writers. Plagiarism scanners can help you see if anyone used your content without proper referencing. It also can help you become a better writer.
  3. Bloggers. For bloggers, the originality of content should be a top priority. As bloggers create daily, it is essential to have software to track the authenticity of their work.
  4. Journalists. Journalists want to create strikingly different content. There are also a lot of reporters who duplicate content. For those, who want to track which websites copied their content, these checker tools can help.

🖥️ Website Owners

Anyone who has a website can benefit significantly from using plagiarism scanners as well. Unique and high-quality content is essential for your site’s readability. Before uploading any new text, you can run it through a plagiarizing scanner. Thus, you’ll make sure the copy is unique.

There are a few reasons why a plagiarism scanner is crucial for you:

  • Low web traffic:

    If you don’t give your website visitors new information, they will stop scrolling through your pages. This can lower your web traffic, conversions, and sales.

  • Bad SEO:

    Original content impacts the SEO of a website which leads to high ranking in SERP. If you duplicated the text from somewhere, it would negatively impact your SEO score. Not only will the webpage fall in its rating, but the entire website will get a penalty from Google.

  • Damaged reputation:

    Plagiarism can hurt both professional and academic reputations. It can even lead to permanently ruining your credibility. No one wants to be involved in a plagiarism scandal, so it is better to be safe than sorry.

We hope you have found this article helpful. Use our plagiarism scanner. Share it with your peers and colleagues.

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