Are You Making These 8 Mistakes in Your Thesis Statements?

A thesis statement is the central element in any paper. Fail it and your essay will have no chances for a good grade.

A good thesis statement is a sentence or two at the end of the introduction paragraph which briefly summarizes the main idea of the paper. It should clearly state your position

You will know that you’re doing it wrong if you catch yourself on anything of the following:

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A reader should get it from the first attempt. Even if you decide to intrigue your readers, it’s too late to do it in your thesis statement. Use complete sentences and briefly state how you are going to defend your claim.

Mistake #2: Puzzle

Every word counts. That’s why there’s no place for vague formulations or misleading constructions. Simple grammar and clear wording is all you need.

By the way, if any of the following constructions sneak into your thesis statements, delete them:

  • There is/ there are…
  • It is…
  • Taking into account the fact that…
  • It goes without saying that…

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The worst nightmare is to hear someone say ‘so what’ after reading your thesis statement. Avoid this situation. The 3 easiest ways to break the wall of indifference are:

  • scare everyone – briefly mention the possible ‘awful consequences’ of not considering your topic;
  • give value – point out at the potential benefits of using your findings.

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Another extreme is to make too much of a big deal of your question. Know when to stop. The problem with bubbles is that they usually burst after growing too big.

Mistake #5: Lol Imho

Using contractions or slang in your thesis statements is out of the question. Appropriate college level language only.

Mistake #6: Isolation

One of the most important aspects is the connection between the major elements of your reasoning. Always connect every sentence of your paper with what you say in a thesis statement. A good idea is to write thesis sentence on a sticker to have it before your eyes and include only what’s related to it in your essay.

Mistake #7: Size Matters

Making it too long or too short is a big no-no. Your task is to squeeze your entire paper into only one sentence. Delete all the unnecessary words and sentiments.


Too long:

Taking into account the fact that recycling is important for economizing natural resources, conserving energy and reducing the pollution, everyone should contribute to this important initiative to save the planet for future generations, making it greener and safer.


Everyone can make a personal contribution to a greener planet through recycling, which is an effective way to economize natural resources, conserve energy and reduce the pollution.

Mistake #8: Vows

“This paper will discuss…” or “I am going to write about…” are good enough only for beginners. Use them only when you absolutely can’t come up with better ways to express your position.

So, avoid these common mistakes and make your thesis statements shine and your essays rock!

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