College Application Essay: Get into Your Dream College

College Application Essay: Get into Your Dream College

College Application Essay: Get into Your Dream College

Only imagine having tons of college acceptance letters in your inbox: Yale, Harvard, Duke (add the college of your dreams here). Sweet dreams, yeah… There’s, however, one underused loophole that can get you into your dream college – making the most of your college application essay.

👂 3 Worst Tips You Hear Everywhere

The college application essay is your big chance to breathe life into your application package. Grab it with both hands to show the admission officers who you really are.
The 3 worst mistakes that can ruin your chances to get into your dream college:

  • Be Yourself. Although all colleges tell this as a way to reduce candidates’ stress, it’s NOT what they really want to see in your admission papers. As Suzy Lee Weiss wrote in her letter to all the colleges that rejected her: just being yourself is a good idea only if you can boast of 9 extracurriculars and 6 leadership positions.
  • Keep It Simple. Aha, sure, as if it were possible to reveal the true depths of your character and at the same time sparkle with wit, while using 3rd grade sentences only.
  • Use a Touch of Humor. Sorry for this spoiler, but something that makes you laugh to tears sometimes hardly makes admission officers smile. Generation gap, you know.

👍 3 Best Strategies

Be sure to show your best side and ‘sell’ all your talents and accomplishments in your college admission essay. The proven strategies are:

  1. Show how mature you are – you see challenges as new opportunities and learn lessons from the worst hardships.
  2. Reveal your most enthusiastic self – if needed, just invent a couple of great reasons why you want to become a lawyer/nurse/teacher/astronaut.
  3. Imitate sincere dedication – you’ve been dreaming of this college since earliest childhood (be careful when copying and pasting different college names in your numerous college application essays).

💡 4 College Application Essay Prompts that Work Best

If you are lost in thought about what topic to choose for your college essay, first check that you aren’t assigned a specific topic. If there is no specific topic assigned and you are certain of that, you may use any of the following proven prompts:

  • events – a problem or an ethical dilemma that changed you;
  • problems – issues of local or global importance that resonate with you;
  • encounters – interaction with someone who influenced you;
  • artworks – fictional characters or masterpieces that affected you as a person.

📝 A College Application Essay Example

Here’s an example of how you can show your best side in a college app essay and sound sincere at the same time:

If somebody told me that a chicken was capable of true devotion, I would never believe it. I would never think that domestic birds could be that intelligent, until I met Tommy, who has become my true friend. He often sat next to me while I was reading in the yard. He would run after me every time I was going somewhere and waited for me to come back. Nobody could explain that unusual friendship. Granny said that something was wrong with me when, tears in my eyes, I asked her not to kill Tommy. That small bird changed my attitude towards animals and meat dishes. It was then that I decided to become a vegetarian…
Sure, adding non-existent drama to your life is out of the question, but everything else is fair when your admission is at stake. Good luck with your college application essay!