Argumentative Bioethics Essays

Bioethics covers different issues connected with medical ethics. Since almost all modern medical issues are controversial, your bioethics essay will be most probably argumentative. So, in this article we will remind you some of these issues to be covered in bioethics papers and several rules of writing argumentative essays.

So, let us start with specifying some topics for your bioethics essay. In fact, we will not tell you something completely new. I am sure you are aware of the current burning issues in medicine. They are:

  • Cloning;
  • Stem cells;
  • Euthanasia;
  • Abortions.

Probably, you have experience of writing your college term paper on abortions or cloning. Thus, you have an idea of covering such a topic. However, your bioethics paper will be slightly different. In the bioethics essay on any of the abovementioned topics you will have to think about the ethical aspect rather than physical. You will have to discuss something like Is it really ethical to clone people or kill unborn kids.

Now, let us pass to some rules of writing argumentative papers.

  1. The most significant thing in your bioethics essay is your point of view. Yet, it is not enough just to say โ€œI think this or thatโ€. Every statement in your bioethics essay should have a supportive argument.
  2. In its turn, every argument should have supportive evidences, otherwise it is not an argument. You will be able to find evidences for your bioethics essays if you study enough materials. So, actually writing bioethics papers boils down to a profound research.
  3. Finally, to succeed in writing your bioethics essay, you should be definitely aware of the opposing opinions and arguments.

So, you see that in bioethics papers you will not cover an absolutely new topic. Still, if you work hard, you can make it interesting.

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