Informative Essay Outline, 200+ Killer Topics, & Examples

An informative essay is a type of writing that educates readers about an object, person, or abstract phenomenon. This assignment requires a student to process a large amount of information and then narrow it into an essay. There is no need to share your opinion on the subject or persuade the audience. Students in high school and college often write this type of essay. Our expert team developed a step-by-step guide to help you write an excellent informative essay. You can also find some of the most up-to-date topic ideas. Don’t forget to check out our informative essay examples in the end! Contents
  1. 💥 Best Informative Topics
  2. ✍ How to Write an Informative Essay
  3. 📑️ Informative Essay Outline
  4. 📔 Informative Essay Topics
  5. ⚙️Essay Template
  6. 📝 Informative Essay Examples

💥 Informative Essay Topics – TOP 15

  1. Emotional burnout in college.
  2. Procrastination.
  3. Bullying at school.
  4. Effects of social media.
  5. Cybersecurity.
  6. Side hustle.
  7. Online learning.
  8. Fast fashion.
  9. Gender pay gap.
  10. Long-distance relationships.
  11. Body positivity.
  12. A gap year.
  13. Effects of Covid-19.
  14. Racism.
  15. School leadership.

✍️ How to Write an Informative Essay

The first step is to understand an informative essay’s purpose and structure. Below you will get all the necessary information and some valuable tips.

1. What is the Purpose of an Informative Essay?

An informative essay aims to share information about a particular topic. You can investigate an object, a historical event, a famous person, or something abstract. In an informative essay, you can explain complex issues or bring attention to details. It is crucial to do profound research before writing this kind of essay.

All the information used for this type of writing should be accurate and carefully checked. We advise using only trustworthy and credible resources, such as scientific articles. Note that an informative essay should be objective and can’t contain personal opinions or bias.

2. Parts of an Informative Essay

An informative essay consists of an introduction, body, and conclusion. The clear structure guides the readers through your writing and helps them comprehend the information.

The introductory part can fit in one paragraph. It should include background information on the topic and a hook. We recommend starting with a vivid comparison or a surprising fact. Be creative – you should get the reader’s attention here.

Then comes the body section, which is longer and can contain numerous paragraphs. Each paragraph starts with a topic sentence supported by arguments and examples.

Finally, there is the conclusion, which paraphrases the introduction and summarizes the initial information.

📑️ Informative Essay Outline

Creating an outline for an informative essay is a crucial step to take before writing. It will help you to structure your paper and keep it organized. We will discuss what each part of the informative essay should include.

Informative Essay Introduction

An informative essay introduction shares the background information on a chosen topic. Share highlights on the issue to ensure that you and the readers are on the same page. Besides the general information, a good introduction contains a hook. A hook is a sentence used to grab the audience’s attention. It can be a surprising fact, a quote, or a question, related to the topic. Finally, the first paragraph of your essay needs a decent thesis statement. A thesis statement is a sentence that expresses your main idea and acts as a focal point of the informative essay.

Informative Essay Body

Body paragraphs contain the majority of the information you want to share. They should start with a topic sentence that will support your thesis. In other words, the topic sentence reflects the main idea of each paragraph.

Another critical feature of an informative essay is building solid arguments. For this purpose, you can use previous research made on the topic, numerical data, or citations. When applying for scientific articles or other literary works, remember to make references. Following, provide your explanations on the topic to demonstrate your knowledge.

Informative Essay Conclusion

An informative essay conclusion summarizes the information and highlights key points. Start your conclusion by paraphrasing the thesis sentence. Make sure that you only change the wording but not the focus of your writing. Then sum up the arguments you used for the body sentence. Again, they should be paraphrased and shortened to lead to a clean closure. Remember that you should not include any new information in your conclusion, only the facts you’ve covered in your body paragraphs.

Use your final sentences to bring attention to the importance of your topic. Make the readers interested in further exploration!

✅ Informative Essay Checklist

  • If the topic is not stated, choose the one that will motivate you.
  • Conduct profound research and use only credible resources.
  • When brainstorming, make notes.
  • Build each paragraph around a thesis sentence.
  • Think of a hook for your introduction to make it engaging.
  • Look for specific examples or data to support your arguments.
  • When writing a conclusion, do not add any new information.
  • Remember to take regular breaks to stay productive.
  • Use academic language for your paper.
  • Proofread the final version or ask someone to do it.

📔 Easy & Fun Informative Essay Topics

  1. The perks of being bilingual.
  2. The phenomenon of horror movies.
  3. The fear of failure.
  4. Advertising and brand image.
  5. The benefits of art therapy.
  6. The phenomenon of lucky charm.
  7. True happiness.
  8. Reality shows and their impact.
  9. Types of Facebook users.
  10. Living away from your family.
  11. Protection of endangered animals.
  12. Benefits of studying abroad.
  13. The importance of fashion.
  14. The popularity of TikTok.
  15. Self-driving cars and their future.
  16. Tattoos and body piercing.
  17. Fake news and fact-checking.
  18. Junk food addiction.
  19. The impact of social media on teenagers.
  20. Effects of video games.
  21. Why do we need taxes?
  22. Thrifting = saving the environment?
  23. The popularity of rap artists.
  24. Time management skills.
  25. The advantages of online shopping.

🏫 Informative Essay Topics for Middle School

  1. The history of school uniforms.
  2. The theory of generations.
  3. How do vitamins benefit a teen’s life?
  4. Evolution of Marvel comics.
  5. How to develop literacy?
  6. Popular vacation choices for teenagers.
  7. How to take care of the environment?
  8. American traditional cuisine.
  9. Martin Luther King’s famous speech.
  10. How does hiking benefit health?
  11. How art therapy influences mood?
  12. Role of a teacher in class’s academic performance.
  13. How does music increase productivity?
  14. Causes of depression among teens.
  15. Benefits of learning a foreign language.
  16. Ways to manage stress at school.
  17. The origin of hip-hop music.
  18. How to control bullying at school?
  19. Pros and cons of artificial intelligence.
  20. The origin of Voodoo magic.
  21. What are the best methods to overcome anxiety?
  22. Effectiveness of distance learning.
  23. The phenomenon of “fake news.”
  24. Innovations in the educational model.
  25. The phenomenon of cultural appropriation.
  26. Protection of forests and jungles.
  27. Strategies to promote healthy eating.
  28. Education and social equality.
  29. How to keep a city clean?
  30. The consequences of workaholism.
  31. Implanting chips in animals.
  32. Memes as discursive forms.
  33. Reading for fun.
  34. Competition in the classroom.
  35. Objective journalism.
  36. The problem of overpopulation.
  37. Road safety in big cities.
  38. The best diet for an athlete.
  39. How does the Internet affect our intelligence?
  40. The use of 3D printing.
  41. Is technology shortening our attention span?
  42. What are the careers of the future?
  43. Texting as a primary form of communication.
  44. Are social media influencers good role models?
  45. The tax system in the USA and how it works.
  46. The nature of fears and how to overcome them.
  47. The history of feminism.
  48. The efficiency of homeschooling.
  49. Graffiti as a form of art.
  50. The benefits of traveling with friends.

📚 Informative Essay Topics for High School

  1. Corruption in public and private institutions.
  2. Censorship of art.
  3. Canonization of musical works.
  4. Cell phone calls and memory loss.
  5. Art as the representation of reality.
  6. The principles of political propaganda.
  7. The effects of energy drinks consumption.
  8. Does marketing form superficial paradigms in teens?
  9. The debate around euthanasia.
  10. The invention of electric cars.
  11. Challenges children with autism face.
  12. Installation of solar panels in buildings.
  13. Types of brain damage caused by drugs.
  14. Existing limits for genetic engineering.
  15. Do romantic movies harm genuine relationships?
  16. The role of newspapers in the digital era.
  17. US immigration policy and how it can be improved.
  18. The invention of facial detection software.
  19. Leading causes of anxiety among teenagers.
  20. Gun control policy and its possible changes.
  21. The effects of digital censorship.
  22. The appropriate age to start dating.
  23. Pros and cons of alternative medicine.
  24. History of tattoos and piercings.
  25. Ways immigrants can get citizens’ rights.
  26. The possible risks of using public Wi-Fi.
  27. The importance of learning world religions at school.
  28. The matter of age in a relationship.
  29. Technology is making people more dependent.
  30. Pros and cons of using emojis.
  31. Things that can replace single-use plastic.
  32. The history of best Hollywood movies.
  33. How has Coronavirus influenced developing countries?
  34. The problem of homelessness in the US.
  35. How to deal with procrastination?
  36. The effects of caffeine addiction.
  37. The importance of emotional intelligence.
  38. Reasons why teenagers suffer from eating disorders.
  39. Best ways to save money.
  40. American healthcare system.
  41. History of the Harry Potter saga.
  42. ADHD treatment.
  43. Cancel culture and its origins.
  44. The therapeutic effects of keeping a diary.
  45. Medical experiments conducted on animals.
  46. The chemistry behind the feeling of love.
  47. Panic attacks among students.
  48. How to preserve friendship?
  49. The impact social media has on modern life.
  50. How do presidential elections work?

🎓 Informative Essay Topics: for College

  1. How to juggle college and work successfully?
  2. How has COVID-19 affected college education?
  3. The importance of sex education for young people.
  4. The historical consequences of World War II.
  5. The effectiveness of online college education.
  6. The highlights of Trump’s presidency.
  7. How can sleeping benefit mental health?
  8. Is vegetarianism really healthy?
  9. The effects of music on concentration.
  10. Modern racial issues in the US.
  11. Sexist trends in advertising campaigns.
  12. Eco-habits to start at college.
  13. How has Covid-19 affected the global economy?
  14. The efficiency of team-building activities.
  15. Black Lives Matter movement.
  16. The benefits and drawbacks of plastic surgery.
  17. How to stop domestic violence?
  18. The harmful effects of alcohol abuse.
  19. The consequences of gambling.
  20. The significance of work-life balance.
  21. The origin of the Big Bang theory.
  22. How to preserve dying languages?
  23. Leading causes for drug addiction.
  24. The three branches of the US government.
  25. The importance of campus activities.
  26. How to overcome a mid-life crisis?
  27. The conspiracy theories around the personality of Shakespeare.
  28. The phenomenon of materialism in today’s society.
  29. Great Depression and its role in history.
  30. How does religion influence mental well-being?
  31. How to lose weight healthily?
  32. The history of Seven Wonders of the ancient world.
  33. Tips to overcome insomnia.
  34. Things to consider when choosing a college.
  35. How to start a new hobby?
  36. The phenomenon of the gig economy.
  37. Tips on living with a roommate.
  38. The origin of Darwin’s theory of evolution.
  39. The importance of DNA studies.
  40. How to cure post-traumatic stress disorder?
  41. The best vitamins for young people to take.
  42. Types of computer viruses.
  43. Steps to take to decrease the rates of poverty in the USA.
  44. How does long-term memory work?
  45. Ways to use mobiles for education purposes.
  46. The role of the nervous system in the human body.
  47. The impact of fashion on the lifestyle of a person.
  48. The origin and history of the Olympics.
  49. The role of women in early civilization.
  50. Various types of cancers.

🐾 More Exciting Informative Essay Topics

  1. What should everyone know before adopting a pet?
  2. Is it better to be a night owl or an early bird?
  3. Best-known detective movies.
  4. Adjusting to life in a new city.
  5. The techniques of lucid dreaming.
  6. How to stay productive while working from home?
  7. How do technologies improve the work of police departments?
  8. Online stalking and how to stop it.
  9. The accomplishments of women in modern politics.
  10. Why do teenagers drop out of school nowadays?
  11. The evolution of wedding traditions.
  12. Why is it essential to support local businesses?
  13. The history of colonization.
  14. Handwriting as a reflection of personal traits.
  15. Does gardening prevent stress?
  16. The process of creating mobile games.
  17. A success story of a famous sportsperson.
  18. How do brand image influence customers’ choices?
  19. Tips to increase the performance of employees.
  20. How to plan a surprise birthday party?
  21. The importance of religion in the 21st century.
  22. The effects of global warming on the environment.
  23. The scale of unemployment in third-world countries.
  24. Breathing techniques to overcome anxiety.
  25. What is the proper way of counting calories?
  26. Factors that contribute to teenage pregnancy.
  27. Most common gender stereotypes.
  28. The history of pop music.
  29. The role of human resources in business.

⚙️ Informative Essay Outline Template

Informative essay introduction.There are three main aspects of the introductory paragraph. Firstly, there is a hook to catch the reader’s attention. The second part is a piece of background information on the topic. Finally, there should be the thesis statement, the focus of your writing.
Informative essay body paragraphs.Each body paragraph should open with a topic sentence and present a particular idea. Use profound evidence to support your topic sentences (e.g., numerical data from previous research). Only refer to trustworthy recourses when looking for evidence for your essay.
Informative essay conclusion.The final part of your informative essay should draw a clear conclusion. It involves a paraphrased thesis statement and summarized arguments. Do not add any new information to this part. In your final words, inspire readers to continue the investigation of the topic.

📝 Informative Essay Examples

#1 The Importance of Time Management Skills

Have you ever felt that 24 hours a day is not enough for you? All people have the same amount of time, but some use it more efficiently with the help of time management techniques. Time management is a process of planning time so a person can keep a work-life balance and stay productive. This essay aims at proving that acquiring time management skills can change people’s lives for the better.

For students, time management skills are essential to meet deadlines. A great tool to boost their academic performance is the Pomodoro technique. This method consists of several steps: choose the task, work for 25minutes, and then have a break. Interestingly, the Pomodoro technique was developed in the late 1980s by a university student who struggled with his assignments. Several reasons explain the success of this time-management method. Firstly, The Pomodoro technique helps fight procrastination and start the task. It also reduces stress and anxiety with the help of regular breaks. And finally, this method is helpful to avoid distractions, such as emails and text messages.

Time-managements skills are also essential to achieving work-life balance. This means feeling fulfilled and content in all the areas of your life, such as studying, working, or relationships. Time-management experts suggest the following tips for people to build their work-life balance. The first one is to create a daily plan by writing down the tasks in a diary or an app. Another piece of advice is to pay attention to where your time is going. Keep track of when you browse the Internet or have a coffee break to understand where your precious moments are going.

To sum up, time management skills can benefit a person’s life and bring more positive moments. Two main areas that time management covers are meeting deadlines with the help of productivity techniques and maintaining a work-life balance. Learning more time management techniques can turn people into better versions of themselves.

#2 The appropriate age to start dating

An old Latin phrase says: “Oh the times! Oh the customs!”. Young people have always had conflicts with their parents, especially on the sensitive topic of dating. Parents believe they are responsible for their kids' lives, while teenagers feel mature enough to start dating. This essay explores the advantages and disadvantages of age limits in dating and how to reach common ground on this issue.

From parents' perspective, existing age limits in dating allow them to save their children from any form of traumatic experience. The dating problem is severe for parents with daughters because they become victims of physical harassment or suffer heartbreaks emotionally. At the same time, according to statistics, girls are getting interested in romantic relationships earlier than boys. While trying to protect their kids, parents often can restrict their freedom of socializing. Indeed, 13-years old girls should not be allowed to stay overnight somewhere, but their dating life can exist in the same form as friendship. The possible solutions are going to a concert, cinema, or school trips.

From the perspective of teenagers, first love is a life-changing experience that helps them grow as a person. Teenagers start acting radically and dramatically only when their feelings are underestimated. Allowing early dating demonstrates that parents have faith in their child, and consequently, a teenager demonstrates the same level of trust. Furthermore, the teenage years are a unique period when boys and girls have time to discover themselves and their desires before college or work. Open communication is key to a healthy child-parent relationship.

In conclusion, dating has always been a topic of debate between parents and their children, while dating age limits have their pros and cons. On the one hand, parents need to have control to protect their children from the harsh reality. On the other, dating is an essential step in a teenager’s socializing process. The right solution to this problem depends on the level of trust between the parents and children.

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