6 Awful Mistakes You Should Avoid in Sociology Research Essays

When you are in college, writing is one of your most frequent pastimes. Sociology research essays, for example, can take you a whole evening or even more. However, success is not guaranteed all the same. A single silly mistake can ruin your paper, and your effort will go in vain.

Here are top 6 common pitfalls you should stay away from.

6 Things Which Can Ruin Sociology Research Essays

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All of us are unique personalities with original perspectives and life views. And it’s unclear how we keep making the same silly mistakes in our sociology research essays, driving our teachers mad.

So, the top 6 most common mistakes are:

  1. Weak question. The worst pitfall is at the very beginning – the choice of your topic. Fail it and you will doom your entire project. Do yourself a favor – choose an interesting question to sink your teeth into it.
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  2. Useless review of literature. Another unpleasant pitfall is conducting a literature review for the sake of literature review only. Be sure to include only what is truly relevant and valuable for your research. Divide all sources into groups according to the authors’ positions and view the problem from different perspectives.
  3. Unclear hypothesis. The central part of any sociology research essay is a working hypothesis. It’s important to formulate something you will be able to investigate and prove successfully.
  4. Inadequate methods. Be sure to discuss how you are going to investigate and prove your position. Shed light on sampling (people who participated in your experiment) and variables (dependent and independent ones).
  5. Too general findings and discussion. Be sure to include only what deals with the subject matter into this part. Lyrical digression can be great. But that’s not what you should include in this type of academic paper.
  6. Shocking conclusion. This one is like a red rag to your teachers. After reading the rest of your paper, they are relaxed. Avoid surprising teachers with any unexpected statements out of the blue at the end of your sociology research essay. Make conclusions as logical and predictable as possible.

What can make your Sociology tutor go mad? Have you ever tried something like that in your projects?

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