2 Sample College Admission Essays: Use the Formula of Success

You can spend hours and even days on writing a college essay. You can even shed a couple of tears on it. But your suffering doesn’t guarantee the success of your application. What can really boost your chances is the proven formula of a college essay.

We used one of such formulas to write 2 sample college admission essays below, as if they were written by famous people – Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe. Enjoy!

Super Formula for an Example of College Application Essay

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One of the best ideas for a college entrance essay is creating a profession-related timeline – your past, present and future in the context of your chosen field of study:

Past, present, and future tense.

Tell about your life as if it were nothing more than the perfect foreword for the college degree you’ve chosen. Sort out your best childhood memories and high school achievements to make it obvious to the admission officers that you are the perfect candidate for this specific degree.

Sample College Admission Essay: Einstein

So, here’s how some famous people could use this formula in their college admission essay samples:

Applying for a degree in Mathematics and Physics


From early childhood, I’ve been interested in how things work. What would be taken for granted by adults and most of my peers was a pool of riddles and opportunities to me. For example, when I was 5, my father gave me a compass. I was curious how it worked and assumed that there must be an invisible force making the needle always point in the same direction.


Throughout my whole life so far, I never lost my interest in finding out how things work and what forces influence them. I’ve never been tired of asking why and how: Why is the sky blue? How does the universe work? But some of my questions are still without answers. I feel that I need a deeper knowledge of Physics and Mathematics to satisfy my curiosity.


When I get the necessary additional knowledge, I will use my expertise to look deeper at how things work and probably even shed light on some areas, which were previously unexplored.

* Einstein did study Mathematics and Physics at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, where he was accepted from his second attempt.

Sample College Admission Essay: Marilyn Monroe

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Applying for a degree in Psychology


I have never met my father. Moreover, I was not even sure who my father was. In our house, there was a photo of an attractive man with mustache, hanging on the wall. The man was very much like Clark Gable. Mum told me it was Dad, and I often fantasized that my father was the famous actor Clark Gable. Classmates only laughed at me, but the very idea that my Dad exists somewhere and will come to me one day was comforting.


While my childhood came to an end, my insecurity remains. Trying to better understand my own unpredictable self, I often look back at my childhood, with its fears and pains. Much to my surprise, much of my adult trouble can be tracked back to my early years.


Better knowledge of psychology could help me not only heal my own wounds, but also help others do the same. My innate ability to connect with people and my personal experience of struggle with fears and insecurity would allow me to help somebody out of psychological trouble.

* Marilyn never applied for a degree in Psychology, this sample college application essay simply outlines what this legendary model could say in a Psychology college entrance essay sample if she wanted to.

It doesn’t take any supernatural powers to write a paper like the sample college admission essays above. These samples are simple, but sincere and enthusiastic at the same time. Include your dream profession into your personal life timeline and roll up your sleeves to sort out all those college acceptance letters in your inbox!

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