A Personal Statement for Graduate School. Creativity Rules!

Life is full of questions with no answers:

  • “To be or not to be?”
  • “What is my purpose in life?”
  • “How to write an essay for graduate school?”

Well, at least the last question can be answered quite clearly right now, so let’s answer it. Check these tips on how to write a perfect essay!

First of all, let’s answer the question that troubles all students – “What is a personal statement?”

A personal statement is an essay which combines a short autobiography and a description of your goals and the supposed future career.

When writing a personal statement for graduate school, you’ll have to keep in mind several important details:

A how-to personal statement guide

  1. Introduce yourself (your name, age, etc.);
  2. explain why you are interested in this particular establishment;
  3. offer an extensive description of your relevant experience.

However, be careful – don’t confuse personal statement writing with another popular task, the purpose statement. To avoid this confusion, let’s answer also the question “What is a statement of purpose?”:

A statement of purpose is a short essay focused on providing concrete reasons for your decision to do something (such as following the courses of one particular graduate school).

E.g., this is a piece of a personal statement:

Personal statement example

My name is John and I believe that management is the key issue which helps to succeed in one’s career. I have observed a number of successful companies, taking notes on the methods they use for their business experiments – this helped enlarging my experience. However, I believe that studying at your university will allow me to learn even more in this area and reach higher objectives.

And this is a statement of purpose:

My name is Sandy and I was born in 1993. However, this is not the point. What I would like to share with readers is the reason why I think your university is the best choice for my future career.

I have always been fascinated with the origin of people, their culture and development. Feeling like time travel, this sort of experience -getting to explore other people’s backgrounds and development- has always excited me. I believe that, by studying at your university, I will be able to explore even more – as a matter of fact, I am currently on the brim of making my first small discovery […]

Congratulations – now you don’t have to Google yet another time for an answer to the question “What is personal statement?” And now prepare for a detailed guide to writing a fantastic graduate school personal statement!

Graduate School Writing. Remember These Tips and Examples!

Personal statement: graduate school sample

I, Amanda Johnson, am a student at the New York College. Born in 1991, I have some like experience that helps me to understand quite a lot, and yet to still have a lot of enthusiasm for the future. I am full of ideas and ready to achieve something grand.

Jokes aside, I cannot imagine my life without programming, seeing that I even often find myself spelling my age in the binary-number system. I have developed many software programs on my own, the latest of which will soon be released on the Internet for users from around the world.

Aside from practical experience, I have also read a lot about programming – and I believe I have thus learned quite a lot about the art of programming – because programming is, in fact, pure art. With the help of the flow theory, I am going to develop a series of other minor theories concerning the way programming works.

I believe that my creation will sooner or later revolutionize society. However, I am not going to stop there – I have a lot of other projects that I plan to work on.

Graduate School. Enter a Brand New World!

Whenever you write a personal statement, remember to focus it on what you’re truly interested in. Remember to include the following elements:

  • Introduction (name, age, area of interest);
  • Experience + accomplishments (achievements);
  • Conclusion (plans for the future).

To see how this works in practice, have a look at this sample personal statement for graduate school!

Personal statement sample

My name is Paul, and I am 18 years old, 15 of which I spent learning the ways in which people’s behavioral features can change under the impact of certain factors. Being at present highly interested in social cognitive theory, I am exploring the way people adapt to a new environment and the way they accept new social norms and standards.

However, I am not going to stop at this point. There is still a lot to explore in this domain, and I hope that, someday, I will be able to offer my own theory concerning people’s behavioral patterns under the influence of various factors.

That’s a sample of gradual school personal statement that shows you precisely what you need to include in your own statement! Follow the pattern, and you’ll create the most fantastic papers ever!

Graduate School Students Need This Sample!

It’s time to check another personal statement sample for graduate school. Pay attention to the highlighted details!

Sample personal statement: graduate school writing

Since the times of the notorious Babel tower, people have always been experiencing problems with translation. However, even being only 19 years old and studying the issue for 6 years so far (experience+age), I, Raymond Jones (name), believe that I can offer certain ways to address some of these problems.

Learning the basic structure of such artificial languages as the Talossan and Novial (studies), I realized the way in which languages work, namely, their morphology, phonetics and syntax (accomplishments).

With the help of the above-mentioned knowledge, I managed to develop a grammatical core of my own constructed language. Once completing its vocabulary and phonetics, I will be able to create one of the languages which are the easiest in operation and communication (future expectations).

With this sample of personal statement for graduate school, you’ll surely make it to the top!

Graduate School Demands. Check an Example

O.K., you’ve got the basic idea about a personal statement. However, there are plenty of additional college demands you have to comply with. So check this example of a personal statement for graduate school and pay attention to the highlighted elements!

Graduate school personal statement: example

Sinсe the day I was born, everything indicated that I was going to be a biologist – starting from the fact that I was named Camellia and up to the point when I had to work in a florist shop for about two months. However, it was only when I took a special course in botany that I realized how fascinating the research of flora is.

I have already learned a lot about biological processes which occur in the vegetation system, as well as the structure of plant cells. Despite major laws of plants’ biological development being already discovered, I believe that there are a lot of issues which need to be researched. So far, I have conducted an efficient study concerning growing plants in zero gravity and the mutations which occur under such conditions.

At present, I am still excited about the wonders of botany, yet I believe that my interest became more focused on the area of selection and genetically mutated plants, as well as the possibilities of using and improving the latter. Moreover, I am persistent enough to break new grounds in the given sphere.

That’s the right example of graduate school personal statement!

Graduate School Standards

When writing a personal statement, remember that there are several three things that you simply have to achieve through your writing:

  • Introduce yourself and your goals;
  • Explain what you are going to achieve;
  • Explain how you are going to achieve it.

With the help of these tips and statement samples, you’ll be able to come up with the personal statement of your dreams!

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