Write an Autobiography: Discover 10 Effective Tricks

Do you want to know the top secrets of effortless memoir writing? Spend only a few minutes on learning these no-magic solutions on how to write an autobiography of high quality.

How to Write an Autobiography and Where to Start?

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What is an autobiography? An autobiography is your personal account of your life story or particular episodes from it. These are the most important recommendations you should consider when attempting to write a memoir:

  1. An autobiography used 1st person narration. Do not hesitate to use I, me, my in it.
  2. An autobiography does not need to be your full life story. Discuss only the most significant experiences which influenced who you are now as a person. Note that, in some cases, a talk in front of the fireplace can prove to be more important than the actual choice of major in college.
  3. Choose a topic for your autobiography. Make sure that the glimpses you give on your life are united by a single, brilliant idea. For instance, you can choose experiences which support the claim that you have learnt the best life lessons from your friends.
  4. You may choose a title that clearly reflects your topic – or you may make a different choice. Your title should be short and intriguing. The most common strategies for choosing a title are to mention a period of time when the depicted events took place (e.g., On a starry night, Ten minutes before happiness), the result or process of searches for self-identity or happiness (Past imperfect, My reality or Mirroring the future.)
  5. Try to be as objective as possible. Sure, your personal life is one of the trickiest topics ever. You may accidentally fall into the extremes of using too much self-criticism or too much self-promotion. Beware of both pitfalls!

Write an Autobiography and Make It Shine

So, you already know how to start writing. The following tips will help you write a life story of exceptional quality:

  1. Do not be too shy to be the doer of all action. Avoid overusing the passive voice.
  2. Add a touch of self-irony. Include a few gentle ironical remarks. Make sure your readers can understand what you mean. For instance, when discussing your weaknesses, you can write that the mess in your room is the reverse side of your creative thinking.
  3. Be creative. Choose an unusual perspective or format for your memoir. For instance, you can use the reverse chronological order – start from your adulthood and proceed to adolescence and childhood. Alternatively, you can use the format of a fairy tale for your memoir.
  4. Dig out truly interesting experiences. You can be certain that every life has something interesting. Yes, 99.9% of ordinary people lead boring lives, but your task is to find something interesting in your monotonous daily routine. You can discuss an unbelievable set of events, success in a hopeless situation, your extraordinary perception or anything else you want to share with your readers.
  5. End on a positive note. Forget about yourself when working on the concluding part of your memoir. Focus on your readers and their feelings. Try to give them hope for the best and encourage them to make some effort to achieve success.

Feel free to use these 10 effective tricks when writing a memoir and you will definitely write autobiographies that your teachers will appreciate.

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