How to Write a Response Paper: Examples & Tips for Students

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Fasten your seat belts, you’re entering the online writing lab! Today, you’ll learn how to write a response paper – one of the hardest assignments ever. However, with the tips below, you’ll be able to create the most impressive papers in a blink of an eye.

How to Write a Response Paper: Learn the Structure Peculiarities

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To understand how to write a good response paper, you’ll need to learn the way it is built!

What is an essay paper

An essay paper is a short paper on a certain topic.

What is a reaction paper

Reaction papers are papers on a certain topic that involves your personal impressions.

What is a response paper

A response paper is a paper on a certain topic that involves your personal impressions and deductions, backed up with concrete evidence.

With the diagram below, you’ll write a reaction essay a perfectionist can only dream of!

Conclusion structure.

How to Write a Response Paper… Without Creating a Reaction Paper

There’s always more to essay writing than meets the eye. For instance, a response paper can be easily confused with a reaction paper. However, this table will help you distinguish between the two:

Reaction PaperResponse Paper
Expresses emotions;Offers an analysis;
Provides ideas on the issue;Based on analysis and reasoning;
Answers the “what?” and “which?” questions.Answers the “why?” and “what for?” questions.

How to Write a Response Paper: Check These Fabulous Examples

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Well, this is the right time to learn how to write response papers in a proper way. Here are some tips that you’ll find most helpful for the write-response routine:

Features of a response paperExamples of how to write a response paper
Critical reading and thinking;Despite being an obvious hit, The Hunger Games trilogy does have its flaws.
Brainstorming for original ideas;The novel also shares certain elements with a typical dystopia.
Using associative thinking;I believe that The Hunger Games has a lot in common with the Lord of the Flies.
Stating your opinion on the issue;Personally, I find the characters a bit underdeveloped.
Comprising emotional response and logics.Even though The Hunger Games is an obvious sketch of a post-apocalyptic future – it’s an edgy and dark story worth taking a look at.

Now you won’t confuse a response essay for a reaction paper!

Congratulations – now you know how to write a response paper! Whenever you’re writing an essay for a contest or simply for another class assignment, these expert tips will definitely help you out. Now you don’t have to ask, “How do you write essay?” anymore – so go on and try to write an essay of your own!

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