187 Olympic Games Essay Topics: Modern, Ancient, Special Olympics & More

Did you know that the Olympic Games have existed for over 2,700 years?

The Olympic Games have a significant cultural influence and a rich history you can explore through research and writing.

This article will give you the tools to write an informative and engaging essay about the Olympic Games. Below, our expert team has provided topics and guidelines for writing a successful paper about this sports event.

🔝 Top 10 Olympic Games Essay Topics

  1. The history of the Olympic Games.
  2. The most successful nations in the Olympic Games history.
  3. The influence of the Olympic Games on the host city and country.
  4. The role of technology in the Olympic Games.
  5. The economics of the Olympic Games.
  6. The controversy surrounding the Olympic Games.
  7. The future of the Olympic Games.
  8. The cultural significance of the Olympic Games.
  9. The impact of COVID-19 on the 2020 Olympic Games.
  10. The athletes to watch in the upcoming Olympic Games.
The picture provides topic ideas for a paper about the Olympic Games.

✍️ Olympics Writing Prompts

Do you need help deciding what to write about in your Olympics essay? Here are the most popular and researchable topic prompts you may use. They cover the main aspects of the Olympics-related issue and clarify what your essay or research paper may be about.

Prompt for Ancient Olympics vs. Modern Olympics Essay

This topic can be assigned to test your comprehension of the history of the Olympic Games and their timeline, dynamics, and development until modern times. In this compare-and-contrast essay, you can raise questions about how sports activities changed and analyze the key aspects of this event in old times and modernity:

  • Were ancient athletes awarded with medals as modern champions are?
  • Who carried the Olympic flag?
  • How are ancient Greek and Roman traditions embodied in modern games?

Your essay can take a historical, comparative, or analytical perspective on all these subjects.

Prompt for Winter Olympic Games Essay

There’s so much to discuss about the Winter Olympic Games! Consider some ideas:

  • Analyze the early history of the Winter Olympics.
  • Review the changes in the number of sports activities included in the list of competitions.
  • Explore the Winter Olympics during the 20th century (during and between the World Wars).
  • Discuss the 21st-century procedures connected to preparing and hosting the Olympics in the wintertime.

Some other interesting aspects include the complexities of host city nomination, glorious stories of Winter Olympics’ winners, the issue of doping, and the political side of sports (e.g., the 1980 boycott of the Taiwan national team in response to its tensions with China).

Prompt for Beijing Olympics Essay

Beijing hosted two Olympic Games – in 2008 and 2022 – so you’ll have plenty of material to write about when preparing an essay or article about this topic.

Since there were 14 years between these two grand events, the preparation and the country’s self-presentation during these two Olympics differed. You can prepare a well-researched comparative analysis of these differences. Consider comparing the following aspects:

  • The economic and political image of China during these events.
  • The organization of Olympic festivities.
  • The style of political leadership China revealed.
  • The global perception of China in 2008 and 2022.

It’s also interesting to examine how the restrictions on human rights and liberties were lifted during the Olympic Games and how these international events generally affected democracy in the PRC.

Prompt for Essay about Olympics 2012

The 2012 Olympics in London became notorious for many events:

  • Doping scandals. Many weightlifting athletes were caught using Turinabol and Stanozolol. So, the problem of stripping one person of their medals turned into massive defamation.
  • Athletic achievements. The 2012 Olympics were marked by numerous groundbreaking records and victories.
  • Economic impact. The event also stimulated the economy of London and the UK significantly.

All these topics can lay the basis for your reading and persuasive writing assignments on the London Olympic Games.

🏐 Modern Olympic Games Essay: Topic Ideas

  1. The role of Pierre de Coubertin in the modern Olympics.
  2. Paying College Athletes: Reinforcing Privilege or Promoting Growth.
  3. Modern Olympics as a globalized cultural and sporting event.
  4. Olympics as a catalyst for urban change in the hosting countries.
  5. Women at the modern Olympics.
  6. Sports Marketing and How Its Affected by the Internet.
  7. Olympic torch: changing symbolism.
  8. The challenge of defining modern wrestling styles at the Olympics.
  9. The philosophy behind the modern Olympics.
  10. Future of the Olympic Games.
  11. Pepperdine Basketball Team Coach’s Leadership Style.
  12. Doping: now and in ancient times.
  13. The Olympics and advertising.
  14. Neomodern Olympic Games.
  15. Sociocultural analysis of contemporary Olympics.
  16. Sports Psychologist: Working With Athletes.
  17. Fundamentals of the modern Olympic movement.
  18. Women’s sport and the Olympics.
  19. The Olympics and clean sport.
  20. Coping with Stress in Athletes.
  21. Ideas, values, and ideals behind the Olympics.
  22. Paradoxes of Olympism.
  23. A country’s home advantage at the Olympics.
  24. How did the Olympic urbanization take place?
  25. Comparing: Football and Soccer.
  26. Ceremony vs. show at the modern Olympics.
  27. Commercialization of the modern Olympic Games.
  28. Preparing to Be an Effective Follower in Sports.
  29. Legacies of the 1932 and 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.
  30. The theory of sports spectacle: a case of the Olympics.
  31. Factors of eligibility and success at the ancient versus modern Olympics.
  32. Coubertin’s rationale for reviving the Olympic Games.
  33. Anthropology of the Olympic Games.
  34. Corporate Social Responsibility in Sports Organizations.
  35. Introduction of wrestling to the list of Olympic Games.
  36. Budapest vs. Athens: options for Olympic revival.
  37. Olympic Agenda 2020.
  38. Professional Athletes Allowed to Use Steroids.
  39. Olympics at the intersection of tradition and modernity.
  40. Rules and reforms at the Olympics.
  41. Predictability of gold medal performances at the Olympics.
  42. Analysis of the National Basketball Association.
  43. Olympics and visual art: visual content of Olympic posters.
  44. Identity and management of the Olympic culture.
  45. Olympic athletes’ nutrition: doping concerns.
  46. Olympic marketing.
  47. Positive Self-Talk and Its Impact on Athletes.
  48. The International Olympic Committee and its legal status.
  49. Rebranding of the Olympics: from oblivion to international significance.
  50. Olympic education: core values.
  51. Steroid Usage in Professional Sports.
  52. The arts in the Olympics: evolution of status.

🏺 Essay about Ancient Greece Olympics: Topic Ideas

Looking for the best Olympic Games topic? Here are some exciting and fresh ideas for writing an essay about the Olympic Games of ancient times.

  1. The rationale and mythology surrounding the Olympic Games.
  2. The origin of the Olympic Games.
  3. The concept of Ekecheiria (Olympic truce) in ancient times.
  4. Mesoamerican Ballgame: The Origin, Cultural, Formal and Material Aspects.
  5. The impact of the ancient Olympics on the spread of Hellenistic culture.
  6. Religious festivities during the Olympics.
  7. Eligibility criteria for athletic participation in the Olympics.
  8. The fate of the Olympic winner: what privileges were they awarded?
  9. Competing mythological stories about the origin of the Olympics: Heracles vs. Pelops.
  10. Athletic events in the Mediterranean as the roots of the Olympics.
  11. The peculiarities of the ancient Olympiad calendar.
  12. Evolution of the Olympics from regional competitions to part of the Panhellenic Games.
  13. Olympic vs. Pythian games.
  14. Health Care Career Choice: Athletic Trainer.
  15. The Olympic Games during the imperial period.
  16. Robbery of the Olympia by General Sulla.
  17. Revival of the Olympics under Emperor Augustus.
  18. Unanimous winner: the infamous story of the Olympic Games and Emperor Nero.
  19. The second revival of the Olympic Games under Philhellenic rulers.
  20. Decline of the Olympics in the 3rd century AD: causes and processes.
  21. Evolution of location choices for hosting ancient Olympic Games.
  22. The culture of the Olympics: from religion to broader cultural significance.
  23. Olympics and politics in ancient Greece.
  24. Athletic activities included in the ancient Olympics.
  25. Training for Olympic competitions in the ancient period.
  26. Running as an ancient Olympic kind of sport.
  27. The role of pentathlon in the ancient Olympics.
  28. Sports Coaching Career and Its History.
  29. Variety of equestrian events in the ancient Olympics.
  30. The most famous Olympic athletes of ancient times.
  31. The origins of the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies.
  32. Exclusion of women from the ancient Olympics Games.
  33. Cheating in the ancient Olympics.
  34. Religiosity as the central aspect of the ancient Olympics.
  35. VR technology for the reconstruction of the ancient Olympics.
  36. The myth around universal eligibility of athletes.
  37. Travel routines of ancient Olympic Games spectators.
  38. Conditions for athletes and spectators at the ancient Olympics.
  39. The first Olympic Games.
  40. The fundamentals of the Olympic spirit: games for the gods.
  41. Olympic Games’ lessons for peace.
  42. The concept of athletic excellence in the ancient vs. modern Olympics.
  43. The cultural significance of the ancient Olympics.

🦼 Essay on Special Olympics: Topics

  1. Arguments against Special Olympics.
  2. What drives Special Olympic athletes to participate?
  3. Contribution of Special Olympics to social acceptance of people with mental disabilities.
  4. Special Olympics and community integration of disabled athletes.
  5. How Do Sports Affect Disabled People Psychologically?
  6. The potential benefits of Special Olympics for the physically disabled.
  7. Volunteering motivations among Special Olympics participants.
  8. Self-concept and participation in Special Olympics.
  9. The role of Special Olympics in making mental handicaps more understandable to the community.
  10. Segregation of the Special Olympics program from other Olympic events.
  11. Damaging effects of participant labeling as handicapped at the Special Olympics.
  12. The stigmatizing effect of the term “special” in Special Olympics.
  13. History and rationale behind Special Olympics’ creation.
  14. Shriver’s ideas behind the Special Olympics program.
  15. The symbolism of the Special Olympics logo.
  16. Host cities for the Special Olympics World Games.
  17. Eligibility criteria for participation in Special Olympic games.
  18. List of sports activities covered in the Special Olympics program.
  19. The concept of Unified Sport.
  20. Health screenings for Special Olympics participants – the Healthy Athletes initiative.
  21. Special Olympics and paternalism.
  22. “We Want More Diversity but…” in Sports Clubs.
  23. Psychosocial consequences of involvement in the Special Olympics.
  24. Postural stability in Special Olympics athletes.
  25. Ethical concerns surrounding the Special Olympics program.
  26. Parental justifications for Special Olympics participation.
  27. Commercialization of Special Olympics.
  28. Special Olympics as a controversial program for people with severe disabilities.
  29. Social skills development among Special Olympics athletes.
  30. Disabled athletes and team sports.
  31. Promoting social inclusion for people with severe disabilities via sport.
  32. Cardiovascular health of Special Olympics participants.
  33. Coaching at the Special Olympics.
  34. Effects of Special Olympics participation on the self-efficacy of people with Down syndrome.
  35. Prevalence of obesity among Special Olympics participants.
  36. Injuries sustained during the Special Olympics contests.
  37. Is Special Olympics a sport or social event?

🏅 Politics and the Olympics Essay: Topics

  1. Nationalism and identity at the modern Olympics.
  2. China’s soft power strategy at the Beijing Olympics.
  3. Sports Analysis: Steroids and HGH in Sports.
  4. A political history of the modern Olympics.
  5. Olympics and Its Economic Impact.
  6. Rebranding of China at the Olympics: Beijing vs. Rio.
  7. Language policy in the planning of Olympic events.
  8. Economic Impact of the London 2012 Olympics on the UK Economy.
  9. Nation branding and country image: how the Olympic Games help shape them.
  10. The concept of sport nationalism.
  11. Institutions and governance of sport: a case of the Olympics.
  12. Participation in the Olympic Games during warfare.
  13. Physical Therapy Services for Sports Injuries.
  14. China’s Olympic dream.
  15. Dilemmas of intersecting sports and politics at the Olympics.
  16. Political heritage of the Olympic Games.
  17. Using Performance-Enhancing Drugs and in World of Sport.
  18. Olympics as a tool of power and protest.
  19. London 2012 Olympic Games.
  20. Eurocentrism in the modern Olympic games.
  21. Policy analysis of gender inequality in the Olympics.
  22. Determinants of national success at the Olympics.
  23. Modern Olympics as a celebration of capitalism.
  24. Human Resource Management for Tourism, Sports and Creative Industries.
  25. Mega-event Olympic politics: lessons for the hosting cities.
  26. Jews and the Olympics.
  27. Agenda 2020: promise and reality of organizational change.
  28. The politics of Olympic doping: 1960-2008.
  29. Behind the scenes of Olympic politics.
  30. Gender politics of the Olympics.
  31. Global politics and the Olympics.
  32. The fundamentals of sports politics.
  33. The 1936 Nazi games in Berlin.
  34. Children Participation in Sports.
  35. Political steering at the 2012 London Games.
  36. Apoliticism and power games at the Olympics.
  37. How to keep politics out of sports? The case of the Olympic Games.
  38. Bribery charges in the IOC.
  39. 2008 Olympic Games in China.
  40. The Olympic Charter’s position on misconduct.
  41. Corruption in the bidding process at the Olympics.
  42. Macro-politics and the Olympic hegemony.
  43. Sports-Related Problems and Conflicts.
  44. Attempts to challenge the Olympic supremacy with alternative sports competitions.
  45. Colonialism and sport at the Olympics.

📝 The Olympics Essay: How to Write

In this section, we will explain how to write an essay about Olympic Games. Below, you will find detailed explanations and examples.

Olympic Game Essay: Introduction

The introduction should give the reader a clear understanding of the paper’s content and significance. This section should be engaging and informative, setting the stage for the rest of the essay.

Begin your paper with a hook to attract the audience’s attention.Hook: The Olympic Games: a stage where legends are born, records are shattered, and the impossible becomes possible.
Then, provide background information on the topic, including any relevant historical or cultural context. End the paragraph with a concise thesis statement that previews the essay’s main points. Thesis statement: The Olympic games represent more than just a display of athleticism; they symbolize international cooperation, cultural exchange, and individual perseverance.

Body Paragraph on Olympic Games

Body paragraphs are the central part of an essay where you present your arguments and ideas. Each paragraph should have a clear topic sentence introducing its central point or argument.Topic sentence: The sense of international unity is one of the most enduring legacies of the Olympic games.
Provide supporting evidence or examples that back up the point you make. It’s essential to use reliable sources to support the arguments presented in the essay. Analyze or interpret the evidence and explain how it backs up your main idea.Supporting evidence: During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, North and South Korean athletes marched side by side under a unified flag, sending a powerful message of hope for the future of the Korean peninsula.

Use transitions to ensure your essay flows smoothly. Each section should build on the previous one and contribute to the overall argument or thesis statement.

Olympic Essay Conclusion

The conclusion should bring the paper to a satisfying close. Summarize the central points of the essay and restate the thesis.Paraphrased thesis: In conclusion, the Olympic games are evidence of the unifying power of sport, celebrating the achievements of athletes from diverse backgrounds and promoting peace, friendship, and excellence.

Then, reflect on the significance of the topic and its implications for the readers or society. Avoid presenting new information or arguments in the conclusion. Instead, this section should provide a sense of closure and leave a lasting impression of the writer’s ideas.

Now it’s time to follow the tips and guidelines outlined in this article to write a successful paper. Pick a topic that interests you, do research, and organize your essay logically. Use our free online topic generator if you need more ideas for your paper.

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