252 Fun & Interesting Topics to Research

Sometimes, the process of choosing a research topic can take longer than writing a paper itself. So, once you find your perfect theme, consider that you are halfway there.

Here are some excellent ideas that might help you kick start your projects.

🌳 How to Choose Fun Research Topics?

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A choice of your research topic ensures that the entire process of composing, writing, and proofreading will be pleasing. The tree below illustrates the main steps to pick the best variant.
Follow it and come to an end with a good topic to write about.

Choosing a Topic.

You can use it as a brainstorming technique or mini-guide to finding good subjects. Your goal is to make the topic non-trivial. The main rule is: if something is boring to write about, it will be boring to read, and vice versa.

️ Fun Research Topics in Natural Sciences

Interesting Topics to Research in Biology

  1. Biomedical engineering: The path to a new human being or another medical instrument?
  2. Living matter: A self-organized chaos or a perfectly planned structure?
  3. Natural or planned selection: The benefits and drawbacks of each method.
  4. How is human obesity caused by genetics, and why some people have more chances to be overweight?
  5. Ethical issues of cloning: Will we ever resolve them, and can they be ignored?
  6. Does our immune system have a resistance capacity?
  7. Fertilizers: The negative effect on nutritious qualities of natural food.

Fun Things to Research in Earth Science

  1. The impact of economic changes on sea life.
  2. Will humanity ever learn to live without an environment?
  3. Noise pollution: How does it impact animal life on our planet?
  4. Bioremediation: The fastest way to clean our world from human-made pollution.
  5. The rise of the average temperature on the planet causes the increase of wildfires.
  6. The methods of weather prediction: Are they accurate?
  7. Lighting: The unstudied natural source of energy.

Chem Research Paper Topics

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  1. If we invent a way to create all the chemical elements without extracting them from the Earth, how will it change our life?
  2. Food dyes: Are they safe enough for daily consumption?
  3. Chemical reactions that produce energy: natural sources of fuel.
  4. To which extent do pesticides affect water quality, and what can be done to eliminate their influence?
  5. Artificial intelligence in chemistry: the perspectives of resolving eternal questions.
  6. What are the essential equilibrium chemical reactions in a human body?
  7. Silicon: The new semiconductor in corrective surgery.

Interesting Topics to Research in Physics

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  1. Patterns in engineering: Development and use of models.
  2. Describe the thermal energy of an air conditioner.
  3. Who wins it all: Exploring the history of Nobel Prize in physics.
  4. Is the end of the universe a physically predictable event?
  5. Atoms are the building blocks of the universe. Does it mean that everything has the same structure?
  6. Why is time travel impossible from the point of view of a modern physicist?
  7. Air resistance is the only limit for ultrasonic vehicles.

Interesting Topics to Research about Astronomy

  1. The discovery of exoplanets: Are they similar to our planet?
  2. Black holes: The secret of light penetration.
  3. Stars and their lifespan: Evolution of the Sun and its effect on the Earth.
  4. Light pollution and its implications for astronomers.
  5. What is more dangerous to our planet, comets or asteroids?
  6. The causes of northern lights and how this phenomenon can be used in practical terms.
  7. Could Venus be another Earth fit for living creatures?

🌆 Fun Things to Research in Social Sciences

Anthropology Research Paper Topics

  1. The mystery of skin color: the influence of natural conditions and environment on the genesis of races.
  2. The recent evolution of women’s role in African countries.
  3. The impact of religion and cultural background on the practices of burying the dead.
  4. The social, economic, and cultural causes of alcoholism in Eastern Europe.
  5. The long-term effect of manual labor on the development of Homo Sapience.
  6. What threats does depression have in South-East Asia?
  7. Creation or Evolution: Evidential support of the two views of human origin.

Sociology Research Paper Topics

  1. Why does racism still exist in modern times, and is there a way to eliminate it?
  2. Same-sex marriage: The future effect of the new social phenomenon.
  3. The quality of life: What are the main criteria, and who defines them?
  4. Shopping and consumerism: Why are they the trends in contemporary society, and what are the effects?
  5. Class inequalities are a thing of the past, but racial differences are not.
  6. Could feminism become more effective if it used different methods?
  7. What are the causes of domestic terrorism?

Government Research Paper Topics

  1. How do politicians fund their campaigns? Propose alternative application of such money.
  2. What are the fundamental human rights granted by a democracy?
  3. Analyze the differences between R. Reagan and R. Nixon.
  4. Is presidency a privilege, duty, or obligation?
  5. The fourth branch of government: Influence of the Mass Media on the political life in the US.
  6. Why do people vote for parties or candidates that surely will never win?
  7. Describe real-life examples of successful political campaigns.

Topics to Research in Psychology

  1. A narcissistic personality disorder is incurable because narcissists never admit they have a problem.
  2. Is love a chemical reaction? Our tendency to self-persuasion.
  3. What are the psychological consequences of abortion in women who went through the surgery?
  4. Preventive therapy of depression in everyday life.
  5. Child’s aggression: In-born or acquired?
  6. People with addictions always find those who would like to rehabilitate them.
  7. Is autistic spectrum disorder a disease or a separate branch of human development?

Fun Topics to Research in Geography

  1. Landslides are predictable and should be mapped.
  2. Viability of historical heritage in contemporary cities.
  3. Cities built around oil deposits: Success stories.
  4. What are the positive effects of a volcanic eruption?
  5. Classification of mountains and their examples.
  6. How does climate affect a country’s economic prosperity?
  7. Historical causes of soil type formation.

Interesting Topics to Research in Economics

  1. Is universal basic income a necessary right in a democratic society?
  2. Does a country have to support businesses during a crisis period?
  3. World Trade Organization Good and Bad Aspects
  4. The effect of immigrants on a country’s economy.
  5. Does the protectionism of domestic producers lead to the GDP increase?
  6. Are international trade agreements beneficial to the US?
  7. The influence of trade warfare with China on the IT companies in the US.

🎨 Interesting Topics to Research about Art

Art Research Paper Topics

  1. Is it possible to replace an artist with digital technologies?
  2. Point of view: Art copies the outside world.
  3. Is book illustration a full-fledged art or a tool enriching the text?
  4. Music is a universal art, but it requires musical education to be understood.
  5. Contemporary art mimics the previous epochs, never creating anything new.
  6. Artist’s eyes: Individualistic perception of the world.
  7. Stages of a creative process: Do muses exist?

Art History Research Paper Topics

  1. Art history: The mirror of the development of human perception of the world.
  2. Art Nouveau vs. Art Deco: Intersection points.
  3. The myths about Van Gogh and his mental disorder.
  4. The evolution of artistic techniques through ages.
  5. Claude Monet: The painter of one lake.
  6. Deciphering abstract art and its messages.
  7. Picasso vs. Matisse: The titans of Cubism.

Film Research Paper Topics

  1. Contemporary cartoons as a form of social satire.
  2. The qualities of a talented film director: How to become one.
  3. Tolerance and respect for diversity in modern filmmaking.
  4. Analyze the color theme in one film you like.
  5. Is the non-commercial cinema more artistic than the commercial one?
  6. The category of a hero who saves the world in American films.
  7. The film adaptation of literature: When motion pictures beat the book.

Literature Research Paper Topics

  1. Gender of the main character: A statistical study.
  2. The Divine Comedy: Biblical Allusions.
  3. The purposes of ancient epic literature and how they manifested themselves in its form.
  4. What makes up good poetry?
  5. Vampires in literature: From Bram Stoker to Stephenie Meyer.
  6. Communistic ideals in dystopian novels.
  7. Landscapes in literature: The most famous word artists.

Interesting Things to Research about Architecture

  1. Is globalization detrimental to culture-specific architecture?
  2. Small space living: The decay or new breath of architecture?
  3. Recycled materials in construction and how they influence modern architecture.
  4. Energy-zero homes and energy-positive buildings as our future reality.
  5. Office centers as the new form of art.
  6. Possible ways to improve rural housing in low-income areas.
  7. Propose five feasible ways to reuse a former psychiatric hospital.

🤪 Interesting Things to Research for Fun

Business Ethics Research Paper Topics

  1. Gender etiquette in business: Is it a relic of the past?
  2. The extent to which verbal arrangements matter in business.
  3. Who is responsible for the job satisfaction of employees?
  4. Profit vs. social responsibility: Neither could exist separately.
  5. Who should act as the moral police in a company?
  6. Ethical Issues in the Use of Social Media in the Workplace
  7. When bored, should employees get more work or days off?
  8. Biased opinions: Their causes and ways to tackle them.

Ethical Research Paper Topics

  1. What are the boundaries of ethical egoism?
  2. Plastic surgery: The person’s own business or an ethical issue?
  3. If a family member turns out to be a criminal, should we report on them?
  4. Should the rich support the poor? List the possible consequences.
  5. Physician-assisted suicide is neither murder nor suicide.
  6. In the globalized technological world, contact details are no longer private.
  7. Animal testing of vaccines: Could we abandon the practice?
  8. Should hospitals have the right to decide on a child’s treatment if the parents are against it?
  9. Punishment for law violations should be proportionate to the scope of the delinquent’s responsibility.
  10. Should developed countries interfere in military conflicts of third-world countries?

Religion Research Paper Topics

  1. Religious education at home is the total discretion of parents.
  2. Can religious ethics justify military conflicts?
  3. The innocence of children in different religions.
  4. End of the world in Christianity and other religions.
  5. Pagan traditions that preserved in Christianity.
  6. How does religion influence politics in modern countries?
  7. What is God’s will, and how can a person understand it?
  8. Atheism: The new universal religion or nihilism?

Food Research Paper Topics

  1. Does caffeine harm our hearts?
  2. Dieting: Malnutrition or a healthy lifestyle?
  3. What are the factors influencing the taste of wine?
  4. Anorexia and its associated diseases.
  5. Genetically modified products: Are they harmless?
  6. The role of social media in stigmatizing obese people.
  7. Why is the tastiest food usually unhealthy?
  8. Does vegetarianism provide sufficient nutrition for a human organism?
  9. You are what you eat: A popular myth.

Philosophy Research Paper Topics

  1. Utilitarianism: The moral reasoning that prevails in the modern world.
  2. Which philosophers support the belief that people are good from nature?
  3. Can a lie be beneficial in some cases?
  4. The role of women in philosophy.
  5. Global implications of medical ethics.
  6. The aesthetic experience of humankind in the interaction with nature.
  7. Knowledge vs. vagueness: The universal categories to differentiate.
  8. Why does mind philosophy clash against dualism?
  9. Idealism and its viability in real-life circumstances.

Macbeth Research Paper Topics

  1. Supernatural prophecies: The three witches and their influence on the plot in
  2. Lust for power: The universal theme in Macbeth by W. Shakespeare and the House of Cards (TV series).
  3. Is life senseless in Macbeth? What could be done to add more sense?
  4. Madness and suicide: Did the former cause the latter for Lady Macbeth?
  5. Fate vs. free will: How do the eternal philosophical categories coexist in Macbeth?
  6. Who is to be blamed for King Duncan’s murder?
  7. The importance of minor characters to the emotional effect of

Child Development Research Paper Topics

  1. Is gentle parenting effective?
  2. Advanced technologies in a child’s life: The benefits outweigh the harm.
  3. A child’s ego: Formation, first signs, and development.
  4. Why were childhood development issues ignored through many ages?
  5. How does childhood shape our future destiny?
  6. Classification of parenting types and their description.
  7. The role of social interaction in a child’s development.
  8. Analyze the problems that can arise at each of the five stages of child development.
  9. Which aspects of the outside world affect a child during the prenatal stage?

🌍 Interdisciplinary Research Paper Topics

Interdisciplinary research integrates tools and concepts of different disciplines. Its goal is to solve problems that exceed the domain of one particular science or knowledge area. It is where most innovations are born nowadays. Such research allows sharing skills and approaches that were never used in the given disciplines before.

Cognitive Science Research Paper Topics

Cognitive science explores human behavior, mental processes, and intelligence. Its principal aspects include memory, attention, reasoning, emotions, and logical reasoning. This science aims to explain the principles of intelligence, hoping that it will help us understand the process of learning and develop self-taught machines.

  1. Is our taste for music an instinct or an acquired skill?
  2. Biological insights into mind functioning.
  3. Perfect brain functioning and the ways it can fail in a healthy human.
  4. The mechanism of word selection in stress situations.
  5. How does limited choice make the selecting person happier with the result?
  6. Can we calculate the boundaries of our information-processing ability?
  7. The long-term impact of drug abuse on the human brain.
  8. Boredom in childhood: Positive and negative effect on cognitive abilities.
  9. Intuition: The unexplored sixth sense.
  10. Categorization in human learning.

Environmental Studies Research Topics

Environmental studies systematize human interaction with the planet and its natural resources. The science intends to determine the ecological and environmental issues that humanity is facing now or will encounter in the future.

  1. Global warming: Human responsibility or inevitable natural phenomenon?
  2. Earthquakes, wildfires, and landslides are our new reality.
  3. How does the environment define the design of human settlements and dwellings?
  4. Should humanity prevent animal extinction, or is it a natural process?
  5. Why are we so calm about global warming?
  6. The timeline of ecological crises in the world history.
  7. Analyze the climate change in your homeland.
  8. Deepwater Horizon oil spill: The affected area and natural consequences.
  9. Analyze the efficiency of the US laws protecting the environment.
  10. The relationship between land use and biodiversity reduction.

Biotech Topics

As the name suggests, biotechnology is the interlink between biology and technology. It offers a vast area for experimentation and intelligence. Biotechnology is essential for students studying life sciences: medicine, pharmacy, and ecology.

  1. Analyze various evapotranspiration ways and suggest a project that could resolve the water shortage in Africa.
  2. Use of molasses in ethanol production.
  3. Biochemical aspects of anti-cancer measures.
  4. Growth and practical use of marine enzymes.
  5. Enhancement and evolutionary change of microorganisms through biotechnology.
  6. Storage systems for renewable energy: The factor of a new technological revolution.
  7. Ethics of using stem cells for tissue regeneration.
  8. Renewable energy technologies promote the economy in villages.
  9. Genetic enhancement of plants to withstand drought.
  10. Nanotechnological isolation of DNA.

Gender Studies Topics

Gender studies examine the possibility of shifting gender roles and their impact on a person’s life. It explores family relationships, motherhood, alternative lifestyles, sexual orientations, power distribution between genders, and gender representation in art and business.

  1. Benevolent sexism: Do men have to protect women?
  2. Intimate partner femicide, its causes, and social consequences.
  3. Gamergate and the history of sexism in computer games.
  4. Female genital cutting: Ancient rites persist.
  5. The invisibility of women in the scientific world.
  6. Polysexual people: A variant of the norm?
  7. Gender-neutral parenting and its implications.
  8. The gendering of vision: You see what you are ready to perceive.
  9. The meanings of different sexual behavior.
  10. Economic opportunities for men and women that generate inequality.

Artificial Intelligence Research Paper Topics

AI projects cover an extensive scope of disciplines and industries. It is a universal method that usually incorporates big data. AI is a self-learning instrument, and its efficiency improves each time it resolves a problem.

  1. AI and prediction of stock prices and currency rates.
  2. Customer recommendation systems that get smarter with each new client.
  3. Artificial intelligence as a science-based fortunetelling.
  4. Recognition of emotions in public places as a crime prevention method.
  5. Will chatbots ever replace customer support specialists?
  6. The future of voice-based virtual assistants in our everyday life.
  7. AI in headhunting and CV analysis.
  8. Identification of irrelevant information and text shortening.
  9. AI-enhanced heart disease research.
  10. Cloud computing in large corporations.

Forensic Science Research Paper Topics

Forensic science is one of the crucial elements of contemporary crime-solving. Although its results are often non-conclusive, they offer an insight into the crime circumstances and limit the list of suspects.

  1. Approaches to uncovering and analysis of physical evidence.
  2. The limitations of forensic science and probability of false results.
  3. The history of identifying the criminals: What was before fingerprints?
  4. Determining the merits and value of the pieces of evidence.
  5. The false image of forensic science created by the mass media.
  6. Forensic nursing in legal proceedings.
  7. Computer-aided forensic psychology and its application.
  8. Methods of collecting biological evidence on the scene.
  9. Forensic science in archaeology: Skeletal remains.
  10. Color analysis of digital images: Cases of application.

Urban Studies Research Topics

Urban studies explore the history of city architecture, its development perspectives, and ways to improve the convenience of living in such a city. It helps us to range human values and needs, predicting their change in the future.

  1. Living urban spaces that promote safety and identity tracking.
  2. The influence of consumer culture on the urban picture of London.
  3. Is urbanization compatible with living in harmony with nature?
  4. Landscape vs. urbanism: Can they be combined, or do they exclude each other?
  5. Automobile dependency dictates city design.
  6. Analyze the most cost-effective projects of pedestrian overpasses.
  7. How can we plan urban development for future decades?
  8. Measures to combat unsafe behaviors of drivers.
  9. Is it efficient to use public capital for the construction of municipal buildings?
  10. Protection of city boundaries: Is agglomeration inevitable?

LGBT Research Paper Topics

LGBT or sexual diversity studies focus on gender identity issues. The science analyzes the social perception of LGBT people, their security, culture, and interaction. It combines sociology, biology, psychology, psychiatry, philosophy, sexology, and several other humanitarian sciences.

  1. Non-binary or transgender identity: What is the difference?
  2. The history of lesbianism: Evolution and natural causes.
  3. Cultural norm vs. LGBT: Historical timeline.
  4. Challenges faced by LGBT people and ways to overcome them.
  5. Male perspective: double standards toward gays and lesbians.
  6. Childhood in an LGBT family: Is it different?
  7. Homosexuality issues among the military in the modern world.
  8. LGBT teenagers: How could we make their life easier?
  9. Homosexuality in the Bible and its interpretation.
  10. Why should bisexuality be considered an identity?

The topics above open a small part of the research opportunities in cross-disciplinary areas. For a more comprehensive list of interdisciplinary research topics and new ideas, visit this (Individualized & Interdisciplinary Studies Program; University of Connecticut) or this (Interdisciplinary Studies; Frances Willson Thompson Library | University of Michigan-Flint) website.

🛑 Research Paper Topics to Avoid

Although it might seem that you can write a research paper literally about anything, here’s a warning. We don’t’ recommend writing papers on specific topics and formats.

Here are issues to avoid:

🙅‍♀️ Personal stories

You cannot write a research paper about yourself. By definition, a research paper requires you to do research using available sources.

🙅‍♂️ Unique information

If you use non-typical facts, explain why they are relevant to your research. In any case, remember to describe exclusive data, at least general statistics background.

🙅‍♀️ Topics with no available information

You cannot write a research paper on a topic with no available data. Check if you can access the sources while selecting the research question.

🙅‍♂️ Too narrow topics

Following the previous point, too narrow topics are usually too complicated to research. You will struggle with finding relevant information.

🙅‍♀️ Too broad issues

A large amount of data hinders in-depth research. An impressive paper requires precision, which you can achieve by setting the limits of the subject area.

🙅‍♂️ Topics that do not pass the “so what” test

If you can ask “so what” after reading the topic, it is a weak one. It will not engage the reader’s attention.

🙅‍♀️ Research questions with no simple answer

There is a common misbelief that research should be complicated. Start with an assumption which your paper will confirm or disprove.

Some students avoid controversial topics, such as the death penalty or abortions, for fear of offending someone. Remember that research papers are not about your opinion. They are about facts and logical reasoning.

252 topics above were meant to demonstrate that paper writing can be fun.

All you need to do – choose a catchy and exciting topic.

If this list wasn’t enough for you, we have other topic compilations that might be helpful.

Check out:

This is it.

Good luck with your writings 🍀

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