“Should College Athletes Be Paid”: Facts and Ideas

Writing an argumentative essay can be hard. When you’re assigned an essay “should college athletes be paid”, you may lack arguments to make it really persuasive. However, if you’re reading this post, your success is guaranteed.

Position for an Essay “Should College Athletes Be Paid”

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The first step to writing an essay deserving a positive grade is choosing a firm stand. And here are the two major options:

Should college athletes be paid?

College athletes should be paid because they help colleges earn big money.College athletes who already receive scholarships should not be paid, because it would be unfair to other students.
Professional sport is a hard work, just like any other student’s job.Paying college athletes might have unexpected implications, such as legal issues.
Some college coaches receive a salary as high as $2 million. Students working 60 hours a week which requires them to miss classes deserve to be paid too.Not all sports programs are profitable, while many of them depend upon college funding.

Ideas for Essays “Should College Athletes Be Paid”

  1. Top college athletes are worth six figures.
  2. College athletes do not deserve the degrees they’re studying for.
  3. College sports should be made professional.
  4. College sports should not require missing classes.
  5. If colleges pay college athletes, it would increase the disparity between small and bigger college teams.
  6. The NCAA definition of college athletes as amateurs is outdated.
  7. The moral side: “A gentlemen never competes for money” (Walter Camp).
  8. Ed O’Bannon’s lawsuit: Using athletes’ images in video games.
  9. Where does college sports money go?
  10. College athletes work as marketers for their college, as their success in sports improves admission rates.

Do you have something to add? Good luck with your essay on whether college athletes should be paid and see you!

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