199 Easy Problem Solution Essay Topics for College Students

199 Easy Problem Solution Essay Topics for College Students

199 Easy Problem Solution Essay Topics for College Students

Well, here’s the good news: those pesky problem and solution essays can be way easier. All you need is an easy topic.

Ok, now here’s the news that’s even better: we’ve already compiled a list of 199 simple problem solution essay topics for you.

And if you are looking for problem solution persuasive speech topics for college students—congrats! You can easily use one of the prompts listed below.

Pick an inspiring topic, and your writing will flow like water. Be creative—don’t let yourself (and your teachers) fall asleep in the middle of your essay.

😂Funny Problem Solving Essay Topics

Wondering how to choose a topic that won’t cause you any problems?

Relax and choose something that makes everyone smile. It’s a win-win situation:

  1. Funny cat videos can reduce your stress during finals week.
  2. Singing in the shower boosts confidence.
  3. Karaoke reduces stress (in the singer).
  4. Video games keep kids out of the streets.
  5. Programmable electronic locks solve the problem of late-night eating.
  6. Recorders solve the problem of no notes after sleeping through lectures.
  7. Photoshop solves the problem of low self-esteem in Instagram users.
  8. Autocorrect solves the problem of texting language in essays.
  9. Alarm clocks that run away from their owners solve the problem of oversleeping.
  10. 3D printing will soon solve the problem of cooking in a dorm.
  11. Students can manage their work, classes, and social lives by multitasking.
  12. Students can relieve stress by taking naps.
  13. Glowing pillows can help couples survive a long-distance relationship.
  14. Student athletes should receive compensation for playing sports.
  15. Free coffee should be provided to students in each class to keep them from falling asleep.
  16. Replacing textbooks with iPads will make classes more interesting.
  17. Memes should be studied in art classes because they are a modern form of art.
  18. Recycling cans that spit unseparated trash back at the person will make people recycle.
  19. Students should be able to participate in shaping their classes’ curricula to make the classes more relevant to their lives.

⚡ Shocking Topics for a Problem Solution Essay

Avoid problem solution essay topics from Captain Obvious.


Choose something intriguing, like one of these problem solution essay ideas:

  1. Even fake smiles improve the way a person feels.
  2. Pepper makes kids stop biting their nails.
  3. Pictures on Facebook improve student awareness of social problems.
  4. Music can reduce criminal behavior in mall visitors.
  5. College degrees reduce the risk of divorce.
  6. Comfortable chairs improve lecture attendance.
  7. The Internet increases the number of happy long-distance relationships.
  8. A new hairstyle cures depression.
  9. Facial hair helps programmers be more successful.
  10. Audio books improve the literacy of lazy students.
  11. Parents should monitor their children’s use of social media in order to protect them.
  12. A worldwide one-child policy will help solve the problem of overpopulation.
  13. The majority of people should become vegetarians to help reverse climate change.
  14. Immigration should be encouraged, not prohibited, so as to increase diversity.
  15. People with severe eating disorders should be force-fed to save their lives.
  16. Inventing flying cars will help eliminate traffic jams.
  17. A one-car-per-family policy will help mitigate the problem of climate change.
  18. Universal basic income can help fight poverty and income inequality.
  19. Cultural appropriation should be restricted to solve racial inequality.
  20. Speed bumps help reduce the number of car accidents.

🍃 Fresh Ideas for Problem Solution Essay Topics

Aren’t you tired of all those boring questions and trivial solutions?

Here are some fresh problem solving ideas:

  1. Stereotypes can help students succeed (e.g. Asians perform better at math if they are reminded of an old stereotype that all Asians are good at math).
  2. Smoking keeps people thin.
  3. Becoming a professional gamer cures addiction.
  4. Beer quells heart disease.
  5. Marijuana prevents Alzheimer’s disease.
  6. Sunlight helps office workers get rid of afternoon sleepiness.
  7. Brainstorming is the best way to make procrastination productive.
  8. Telling bedtime stories to kids is the best way to influence them.
  9. Facebook helps teens develop communication skills.
  10. College degrees prevent early marriages.
  11. Sex education should consist of more than just abstinence-only programs.
  12. Red wine helps prevent stomach ulcers.
  13. Smoking helps people socialize, even if they are introverted.
  14. Restricting alcohol sales does not lower rates of alcoholism.
  15. Puppies should live on campus to help students fight stress.
  16. All elderly people should be given a pet.
  17. Twitter helps students learn to write concisely.
  18. Every student should be expected to spend at least one semester abroad to promote tolerance.
  19. The Human Library project helps promote understanding and acceptance.
  20. Big charities are ineffective at solving global problems.

🎨 Creative Problem Solution Essay Topics

Brush with color chalks

If you’d like to impress your teachers and classmates, choose one of these interesting problem and solution topics:

  1. The problem of procrastination can be solved by calling it “preparing.”
  2. Putting course materials to music helps learn students quicker.
  3. Visits to the theater develop empathy.
  4. Dancing boosts creative thinking.
  5. Painting is a form of mental rest that lowers aggression.
  6. Knitting is a perfect outlet for excessive energy.
  7. Making sand castles connects parents with their kids.
  8. Watching horror films helps you lose weight.
  9. Watching romantic movies saves failing relationships.
  10. Reading before going to bed cures insomnia.
  11. Volunteering improves a person’s self-confidence.
  12. Zero-tolerance policies help reduce cheating.
  13. Exercises during college orientation week help students avoid the Freshman 15.
  14. Hormonal pills help reduce acne.
  15. Having gender-specific bathrooms does not decrease the rates of sexual assaults.
  16. Petting a cat reduces stress and other mental problems.
  17. Riding bikes to work helps solve the problem of obesity in developed countries.
  18. Chewing gum improves concentration and focus.
  19. Removing all personal information (i.e. name and date of birth) from resumes helps combat workplace discrimination.
  20. Playing team sports helps children improve their communication skills.

💢 Socially Aware Problem and Solution Essay Topics

Why not choose an essay topic that’s proposing a solution to improve people’s lives?

  1. Adopting a dog reduces anxiety.
  2. Ebooks save trees and the atmosphere.
  3. Donating used clothes helps solve the problem of world poverty.
  4. Going vegan helps fight world hunger.
  5. Donations to Wikipedia boost public awareness.
  6. Complimenting someone starts the circle of kindness.
  7. Sorting out waste into different bins saves the environment.
  8. Using bicycles improves the atmosphere in big cities.
  9. Looking at the stars stimulates brain activity.
  10. The Pomodoro Technique improves productivity.
  11. Volunteering at local schools can make youth better citizens.
  12. Solar panels and wind mills contribute to solving the global warming problem.
  13. Self-driving cars reduce the risk of car accidents.
  14. Augmented reality glasses enhance the perception of the world by people with disabilities.
  15. Creating bike lanes enhances traffic safety.
  16. Controlling gun sales decreases the number of deaths caused by firearms.
  17. Selling dolls of all shapes and colors improves children’s self-confidence later in life.
  18. Taking baths reduces stress and anxiety.
  19. Reading out loud enhances the capacity for critical thinking.
  20. Eating fruits and vegetables helps children improve their memory.

💼 Business Problem Solving Essay Topics

Companies always deal with various problems, which have to be resolved not only to raise profits but also to change the society. Check out the following topics if you want to write a cause and effect research paper.

  1. Small companies are the future of business
    Different start-ups and independent firms continuously try to combat the prevalence of corporations on the market. Perhaps their efforts will not be fruitless as they start changing every industry.
  2. Buying local products and ingredients helps to foster competition
    People and companies that buy goods grown and manufactured locally help small firms to maintain their businesses. Moreover, they increase the competitiveness of these small businesses and contribute to the changes in the market.

Stock data on a computer display

  1. Market monopolization can be solved with stricter rules
    Current antitrust rules may not be sufficient enough to stop large companies from taking over entire markets. Creating stricter rules may reduce their influence, increase competition, and open doors to other firms.
  2. Communication is the ultimate problem-solving method
    While there are many techniques for conflict resolution in business, communication remains one of the most effective approaches. By discussing the issues honestly and directly, companies can save their firms from collapsing.
  3. Latest trends can save businesses
    Firms that change with time are more successful than their non-innovative counterparts are. Thus, companies, which successfully follow the latest trends in business, may excel in the market and reduce existing problems inside the firm.
  4. Healthy competition can improve any industry
    Competing businesses work not only to best each other but also to improve themselves. Every part of the industry including customer satisfaction, price range, and product quality may benefit from a healthy rivalry.
  5. Socially aware businesses benefit the society
    Companies that are concerned with problems in our society and their solutions can work towards improving the current situation. By giving more attention to social issues, businesses can help the community.
  6. One individual can challenge the whole industry
    Many examples show that one person can influence the market and inspire others to move forward. Both a successful CEO and a devoted worker can make a difference and shift the course of innovation in any business.
  7. Studying psychology helps managers to create effective teams
    Executives and managers’ duty is to lead other people and help them make the most beneficial decisions. Therefore, managers who are well versed in psychology can use a problem-solving approach to create strong bonds with employees and use their skills and their ability to work as a team.
  8. Machine learning and AI technology help companies to appeal to their customers
    The issue of customer attraction and retention can hinder any business regardless of its current success. New ways of data collection and analysis offered by the latest technology allow companies to find their niche and receive immediate feedback.
  9. A balance between human and machine involvement in business creates the best products and services
    To maintain a business, firms have to solve the issue of balance between their desire to innovate and their need for a human appeal. For instance, a push for humanitarian studies may complement the rise of STEM education.
  10. Environmental issues can be used to promote businesses
    Companies can utilize such environmental problems as climate change to their advantage. Businesses that promote a healthy lifestyle or products that help the environment should use current issues to grow their popularity.
  11. To succeed at problem resolution, managers have to ask the right questions
    Every issue regardless of its significance can affect the course of business. To understand the problem and find a solution, one should first identify the reasons. Asking questions is the best way to do that.

Developer is writing plan on a blackboard

  1. Democratic management can encourage employee participation
    While strict managers may lead the company in the direction that was initially created by the owner, allowing employees more freedoms and giving them more responsibilities can influence their performance. Moreover, firms may see that such a change improves their businesses and brings more value to their work.
  2. Individual contribution is vital in a business setting
    Working in groups has always been seen as the ultimate way to achieve success. However, one can argue that a certain level of individualism can become a problem solution which a team cannot approach.
  3. Focusing on practical solutions can improve any business
    A solution to a business problem needs to be practical. Companies that concentrate all their attention on theoretical methods and approaches may not come to a conclusion that will affect the company in any way.
  4. By solving real and painful problems, companies gain social recognition
    If a firm is known as the problem solver, people will value its products and services higher than those of its competitors. It is one of the many factors of customer satisfaction.
  5. Transparency is a solution to the issue of customer trust
    Customers tend to base their purchases not only on product quality but also their view of the company. Firm’s openness about its finances, objectives, and goals can attract clients and increase profits.

You can find more topics related to business issues here.

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Family and Relationship Problems and Their Solutions

Problems in one’s interaction with other people do not have a single solution. Use the following topics to discuss the complexity of human relationships.

  1. Communication is a crucial strategy for resolving conflicts
    The importance of interaction with friends and relatives cannot be overstated. One can explore why communication is a viable problem-solving process for ending conflicts.
  2. Spending time alone reduces social fatigue
    While it is necessary to keep in touch with people to maintain healthy relations, a person should spend time alone to pursue his or her plans and interests. Furthermore, some people get tired from interactions even if they are positive.
  3. Fun group activities help families to have stronger relationships
    Group activities that do not involve serious topics allow family members to feel closer to each other. Using this approach can make each family member a good problem solver.
  4. Couple therapy encourages communication between partners
    Sometimes, counseling is the only way for people to talk to each other openly. The pluses of couple therapy include the presence of a mediator, a suggested solution to a problem, and one’s need to control emotions.
  5. Children’s independence makes them more successful
    Kids should have a set of responsibilities and duties that they have to complete to feel capable. Their future success may depend on their childhood activities.
  6. Budgeting reduces the risk of money-related conflicts
    Money often becomes the reason for conflicts between family members and friends. Budgeting and financial responsibility can be described in this problem solution paper.
  7. Transparency increases the level of trust
    Openness in communication allows individuals to perceive other people for who they are. Trusting relationships are hard to maintain in a secretive environment.
  8. Reaching a compromise is a valid way to solve conflicts
    To resolve an issue, people can be open to each other’s suggestions. Compromise is a way to account for wants and needs of every person without ignoring the root of the problem.
  9. Talking one-on-one eliminates the problem of opinion enforcement
    Sometimes, the opinion of a group overweighs the idea of a single person regardless of its correctness. In this situation, one-on-one interactions give people an opportunity to present their points without additional pressure.

Lovers near a lake

  1. Asking for help in family conflicts makes the conflict less emotional
    If two people cannot refrain from negativity in a conflict, another trusted person may become a mediator. Simple problems that need solving can be handled by multiple people as well.
  2. Handwritten letters encourage thoughtful communication
    One can write a letter to explain a conflict situation and express his or her thought in a thought-out and collected manner. Alternatively, this type of communication may be used by people as an alternative to modern technology.
  3. Developing family traditions strengthens the relationship
    Celebrations and traditions created and supported by members of the family give them time to spend together and allow them to learn more about each other. The sense of belonging is also an outcome of that action.
  4. Routine activities reduce stress connected to social planning
    If friends or family members know when they will meet and what type of activities they will do, they may not feel the stress of finding time for each other. Also, this problem-solving research paper can show that routine activities can be fun or relaxing.
  5. Eating together makes family members involved in each other’s lives
    Group breakfasts, lunches, and dinners bring relatives closer and provide them with more family time. Furthermore, people who cook and eat together may know each other’s habits better.
  6. Separation of household chores reduces conflicts
    Family conflicts often stem from different expectations and abilities. By deciding on individual and group household activities lowers the possibility of domestic problems.

💊 Health Problem Solution Essay Topics

People’s health is one of the leading topics for a cause and effect paper. While different nations have their unique health-related issues, some solutions can help with the most pressing ones.

  1. A vegetarian diet is a way to fight obesity
    While this particular diet does not suit every person, it has some benefits. Try to use this solution to obesity in your essay.
  2. Physical activity initiatives reduce obesity
    Governmental and local programs to reduce obesity often involve group physical activity. One can find more information for a problem analysis essay on websites of health organizations.
  3. Strict meal regulations for schools improve children’s weight
    Current meals plans have many rules to provide children with healthy foods. Their nutritional value allows students to get enough energy and necessary vitamins for the day.
  4. Exercising programs for the elderly improve their health
    Older people regardless of their state have limited mobility. A causal essay can show that exercising helps older persons to regain balance and reduce the risk of many complications.
  5. Chewing gum mitigates tobacco addiction
    Some believe that the problem of addictive substances can be mitigated with new habits. Chewing gum, for instance, can be discussed in your solution essay.
  6. Herbal remedies are an addition to over-the-counter medication
    The importance of taking the right medication is unquestionable. However, some herbal solutions may become an excellent addition to vitamins and supplements.
  7. Battling pollution to improve health
    Health does not depend on one’s eating and exercising habits only. One’s surrounding environment also influences it, and its pollution should be reduced to avoid health-related issues.
  8. Free healthcare improves the state of the society
    The issue of healthcare accessibility is often looked at from the point of various plans and programs. This proposed solution discusses the benefits of free healthcare.

Woman is running through a forest

  1. Regular physical activity reduces the possibility of a heart stroke
    Exercising improves many aspects of one’s health, including his or her heart. As heart strokes can be linked to excessive weight and improper nutrition, this proposition seems logical as well.
  2. Diverse sexual education in schools reduces the rate of early pregnancy
    Early childbirth can be discussed in a teenage problems and solutions essay. Sexual education that provides students with diverse information can improve this issue.
  3. Awareness programs and campaigns can decrease the rates of HIV
    Knowledge about HIV, its transmission, symptoms, and ways of protection can reduce the rates of infection. Governmental campaigns and community initiatives have their educational impacts on society.
  4. Vaccination battles various spreadable diseases
    Benefits of vaccination can be outlined for many health-related issues. This problem-solving essay can describe the advantages of vaccination and its significant impact on people’s health through history.
  5. Building necessary life skills combats depression and anxiety
    Children and adolescents can develop mental health issues as a result of being unequipped for growing responsibilities and duties. Thus, parents, teachers, and guardians need to help them obtain required knowledge and experience.
  6. Organized psychological support in schools supports adolescents with mental health issues
    Young people may struggle with sharing their problems with others. A well-developed system of helpers and counselors gives children an opportunity to express their worries, providing solutions to their problems.
  7. Programs that involve all family members encourage communication and help reduce levels of depression
    Group therapy can help all members of a family to understand each other and see their strengths and weaknesses. Family’s support is essential in dealing with mental illnesses.
  8. Limited access to alcohol and firearms reduces aggression
    This social problems essay debates whether young people who are not exposed to alcohol and weapons may not express as much aggression as adolescents who have an easy way to access them.
  9. Raising the minimum age for drinking alcohol reduces the rate of teenage alcoholism
    Creating new rules to monitor alcohol consumption can help communities to reduce the rates of youth drinking. Age regulation can become one of the leading propositions in a problem essay.
  10. Strict regulations for alcohol ad campaigns prevent targeting at the younger audience
    Some adolescents may perceive alcohol as harmless and attractive because of targeted advertising campaigns. Changing the rhetoric may alter their attitude towards alcohol.
  11. Swimming lessons improve overall health
    Swimming has many health benefits for all age groups. Moreover, lessons in swimming can reduce the rate of drowning.
  12. Raising the prices of tobacco can decrease the number of smokers
    Different ways of increasing the cost of cigarettes can be discussed in this problem and solution essay, including additional taxes and special regulations for advertisement and distribution.
  13. Avoiding excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation decreases the possibility of developing cancer
    Staying in the sun for a long time has many adverse effects on one’s health. Skin cancer can be prevented by such types of problem-solving as reducing exposure to radiation.
  14. Fitness trackers encourage physical activity
    Otherwise called activity trackers, these devices can remind people to stand up and move around. Their existence can inspire one to exercise more often.

Healthyout website screenshot

  1. Nutrition applications help find healthy foods and reduce malnutrition
    Different apps for tracking ingredients, calorie intake, and daily activities can help people to monitor their nutrition habits.
  2. A healthy breakfast helps lose excessive weight
    Breakfast is the earliest meal of the day. If it has a significant portion of daily vitamins and nutrients, it can provide individuals with a way to healthily lose weight.
  3. A routine before bed can eliminate the issue of insomnia
    Discuss some possible activities to do before bed in this insomnia cause and effect essay. Reading, chamomile tea, calming evening hygiene, and other ways to reduce stress can cure insomnia.
  4. Walking is a way to reduce the rates of obesity
    By choosing to walk instead of using any transportation, people can engage in some physical activity and reduce the possibility of becoming overweight.

Technology brought many benefits to our lives, but it also led to some problems. Use these topics for your technology problems and solutions essay.

  1. Taking selfies can improve one’s confidence
    Some can argue that selfies, photos that are taken in self-portrait mode by the people present in the picture, can boost one’s confidence and raise his or her self-esteem.
  2. Video calling is a solution for long-distance relationships
    While nothing can replace real-life communication, video calling services come close to providing people with needed interaction and affection.
  3. Online courses are a new way of receiving a high-quality education
    Online education is no longer considered insignificant, as significant universities are now creating unique learning courses for every specialty. Moreover, online colleges have multiple programs and certificates, which people can complete without leaving their house.
  4. Online communication helps people learn languages
    Learning a new language can be hard without any experience with a native speaker. However, the internet eliminates borders and allows people to speak with persons from all over the world.
  5. Job interviews are made more accessible with webcams
    Online interviews can help people to get a job of their dream even if they live in a different city or even country. Now, buying a plane ticket may not be necessary to visit a different place for one day.
  6. Books can become more appealing to children with the existence of eBooks
    While the appeal of paper books is still undeniable for many people, some may feel disinterested with them because of different reasons. On the other hand, some younger persons may find eBooks easy to operate and carry.
  7. The language of emoji substitutes emotional tones in written communication
    Written communication often lacks tools to express tone and emotion, which can be mentioned in essays on current issues. Here, emoji can be considered an alternative to facial expressions of the face-to-face interaction.
  8. Online subscriptions for newspapers help the print industry to expand
    Newspapers started to lose their significance with the development of free online news outlets. By creating a subscription-based service, some journalists have the issue of financial gain resolved.
  9. Video streaming services eliminate the need to purchase physical copies of movies
    Renting or buying discs is no longer popular, and many people do not have big collections of old DVDs at home. Streaming services allow everyone with the Internet access to watch any movie whenever they want.
  10. Illegal downloading can be combated with fair priced streaming services
    The extensive reach of the Internet created “online-piracy” – the process of illegal uploading and downloading of licensed music and video files. Modern streaming services do everything to prevent this from happening.

Ecommerce magazine on a windows phone screen

  1. Online shopping allows people to purchase everything from one place
    Shopping in brick and mortar stores and malls can take up an entire day for some people. Online shopping, on the other hand, eliminates the need to visit multiple locations.
  2. Online shopping helps disabled individuals
    Not all shops are equipped to ensure a comfortable visit for persons with disabilities. Online shopping can eliminate this problem and provide them with all necessary products.
  3. Online communication supports the recovery of people with mental health problems
    It can be hard for some individuals to reach out to their surrounding community for help with mental health issues. The Internet can provide a safe and anonymous space for these people to talk and get help.
  4. Wireless devices eliminate the problem of tangled wires
    The problem of unraveling tangled headphone cables is well-known by everybody who likes to listen to music. Wireless technology is a solution for excessive, long, and knotted cords.
  5. People working in noisy environments benefit from wearing noise-canceling headphones
    The properties of noise-canceling headphones allow their wearers to work in environments which would otherwise negatively impact their hearing. Also, these devices can help people with social anxiety, concentration problems, and other mental health issues.
  6. Online fundraising allows people to receive more help in difficult situations
    Asking for financial help is hard for people with limited opportunities. Online fundraising initiatives can engage people from different parts of the world and reach goals that would have been unattainable otherwise.
  7. Advertisement blocking software protects inexperienced users from fraud and malware
    Advertising on the Internet can be more harmful than in any other source of content. Both young and old users can be unaccustomed to flashy and misleading imagery shown on some websites.
  8. Intelligent personal assistants replace search engines
    Such assistants as Siri, Alexa, and Cortana can help people to search for information without the need to type.
  9. Smart cities’ initiatives reduce traffic
    The implementation of the Internet of Things into city life brings new opportunities for monitoring and environmental control. For instance, roads equipped with smart devices can have fewer traffic accidents.

🏞️ Environmental Problems and Solutions Essay Topics

Concern for the environment becomes the center of discussion for many scholars. These ideas of problems to solve will surely provide for an interesting essay.

  1. Online based media reduces waste production
    Newspapers, magazines, CDs, and DVDs have to be thrown away sooner or later. Digital media, on the other hand, does not produce any waste, which is beneficial to the environment.
  2. Consumers’ interest in “green products” positively affects the environment
    The current trend of customers being interested in environment-friendly products influences companies and encourages them to improve their manufacturing processes.
  3. Renewable energy sources are the answer to pollution
    The process of burning fossil fuel to get energy has various adverse effects on the environment. On the other hand, renewable sources of energy can mitigate the problem of pollution.
  4. Natural compost based on vegetation replaces manure and chemical fertilizers
    Fertilizers made from chemical components and animal byproducts can pollute and damage the soil. Organic compost made from greens and vegetables prevents this from happening.
  5. Paper and linen bags replace plastic bags and reduce waste
    The benefits of using paper and linen bags include limited waste production, lower financial expenses, and a cleaner environment.
  6. Electric cars reduce green gas emissions and slow down global warming
    Vehicles with electric motors use different materials and techniques that do not require any non-renewable sources of energy. Use this topic for a global warming problem solution essay.
  7. Alternative types of fuel for cars are a way to mitigate the effects of climate change
    While alternative types of fuel are not as researched as electric motors, their production can further benefit the state of the atmosphere and reduce the consumption of renewable sources.
  8. Parks with natural habitats prevent the disappearance of endangered species
    National parks and nature-preserving initiatives fight flora and fauna extinction. Many endangered species can no longer live in entirely natural environments.
  9. Volunteering supports ethical services and organic production
    A society problems essay can cover volunteers who often engage in programs that would otherwise be neglected by society. Their participation in nature conservation is significant.
  10. Alternative modes of transportation reduce the rates of atmospheric pollution
    Bicycles and other types of transport that do not use an engine can benefit both humans and the planet as they do not produce any pollutants.
  11. Using washable cloths mitigates the issue deforestation
    Paper towels and napkins require a significant amount of wood. Washable materials eliminate this problem and provide an alternative to old and wasteful techniques. This is a perfect argument for a deforestation causes and effects essay.
  12. Buying local produce lowers the rates of soil pollution from big corporations
    Local companies are often more interested in reliable ways of manufacturing, which makes them more attractive to a consumer with environmental concerns.

Beautiful forest landscape

  1. Invasive vegetation cleaning helps trees to continue growing
    Forests that are filled with invasive species of plants can wither and disappear due to the lack of resources. By cleaning up the invasive plants, people can revive some areas of the forest.
  2. The implementation of local products into the diet promotes biodiversity
    Individuals and companies can use local products such as fruits, vegetables, and legumes to promote biodiversity and prevent local vegetation from dying out.
  3. Strict regulations for water filtration before disposal reduce water pollution
    The pollution of water sources is one of the major topics for a cause and effect of pollution essay. Current laws for water disposal do not eliminate the possibility of chemicals getting into lakes and oceans.
  4. Regular tree planting initiatives lower the impact of deforestation
    Tree planting programs can revive woodland and create some new forested areas. Use some real examples in your problem solution writing.
  5. Walking is an alternative to using transportation
    Walking instead of using transportation can not only improve people’s health but also reduce the rates of atmospheric pollution and the use of non-renewable energy.
  6. Maintaining one’s vehicles in good condition can help save the environment
    If people need to use vehicles, they can contribute to the environmental protection by keeping their cars clean. Old oil byproducts and corroded metals can pollute the soil more than properly cleaned ones.
  7. New ethical materials reduce the rates of animal poaching
    Leather and fur clothes can be made from unethically obtained materials. Poaching endangers all species both directly and indirectly.
  8. Current environmental issues can be solved faster with the use of the Internet
    The Internet can accelerate the speed of information dissemination and raise awareness about global environmental issues.
  9. Stricter rules for recreational hunting and fishing control the rates of biodiversity reduction
    Recreational fishing and hunting can still damage nature because of some unregulated areas of the process.
  10. Reusable water bottles decrease the production of plastic
    Show with your research that people carrying a reusable water bottle benefit the environment and themselves as they do not produce waste and save money by not buying plastic bottles.

Who knew that problem solution topics could be so interesting and versatile?

📝 Writing Tips and Resources

You got lucky when you found our list of good problem solution essay topics—because we will also direct you to resources that will help you write your paper.

Start with this complete breakdown of how to write a problem solution essay, then create a problem solution essay outline, and—voila—you’re all set to conquer your essay!

And if you are still struggling with it, simply read some problem solution essay examples for both college and high school.

Have you grabbed a couple of problem solving essay topics from our list? Then good luck to you as you solve the problems of our world!

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