158 Easy Problem Solution Speech Topics for 2022

Well, here’s the good news: those pesky problem and solution essays can be way better. All you need is an easy topic.

Primary steps in Problem Solving.


Now here’s the even better news: we’ve already compiled a list of 158 simple problem solution speech topics for you.

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You might be wondering what a problem-solution is?

If you have never heard of such a term before, it should still be pretty straightforward that it deals with solving problems.

This article is created specifically for people who need a little extra inspiration and guidance in creating a problem solution speech or essay.

We will start with an overview of several vital aspects. 👇

Challenges of Problem Solution Speech Topics

What do we have to deal with when talking about problem solution topics in the first place?

  • Problem-solution scenario appears to play an essential role in the modern world. It finds application in various areas of our lives, especially in business, education, and government-related fields.
  • It is more than just sharing the view. The main aim of any problem-solution speech is to encourage the audience to take some action or support a particular idea.
Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth!
  • Defining the problem clearly. You should gather enough evidence to prove that the issue is quite severe and needs attendance immediately.
  • Everyone should be able to understand the details. Your speech needs to be comprehensive, and its central idea – easy to grasp.
  • Are people aware of your problem? Do they all realize its seriousness? There should be a short introduction if your target audience doesn’t understand the relevance of the topic.
  • Research your listeners. Your main goal is to gain audience support – be aware of all the biases they are susceptible to. Find counterarguments to their opposing arguments.
  • Creating convincing arguments. However, this issue should be discussed separately since every topic needs a personalized approach.
  • Don’t forget to use a reasonable tone and respect your audience. Being polite and open to criticism is essential for your reputation as a serious author.

Strategies for Creative Problem Solving

You already picked a problem?

Here are helpful solution options you need to know.

The most important thing is to make the solution practical and effective.

  • Suggest adding something to the existing problem. For example, many social and cultural issues would be resolved if they received additional funding or staff. The opposite approach might be as practical – removing the source of the problem. So, it’s not an issue anymore.
  • Creating and enforcing specific rules or laws. It might be applied in various areas, especially in the governmental field of work and education.
  • Educate and motivate people. Some of the main reasons for existing social and health problems are that people are not aware of what they should do or simply lack motivation. It appears to be the focus of campaigns against drugs, smoking, and alcohol.
  • Offer to make some changes in the method. It sometimes happens that a specific instrument does not work for everyone, so it should be changed. Another example is implementing successful marketing campaigns for various products.
  • Probably the current leadership and strategy do not work. In human resources, education, and any area that needs a problem solution, this strategy might be the most effective.
Changing the leadership King ->People.

Problem and Solution Text Structure

The structure of any problem-solution speech or presentation is relatively universal. Even though there are two main types of outline used, the components tend to stay the same.

You should always introduce the situation, helping your listeners understand the problem’s background. Then, you should define the issue itself, explaining its urgency and significance. After that, it is time to present your solution. In the end, there is usually a quick overview of the speech and a call for action.

Problem and Solution Structure.

The methods for outlining your problem solution speech are known for those who have experience in writing essays:

  1. The block method divides your speech into sections according to the categories. That is, first, you state all problems you have to address. Then make a short transition paragraph. Only then explain the solutions for the issues you discussed previously.
Block Method structure of a problem-solution speech.
  1. The chain method has the same main components but is different in structure. Each time you talk about a problem, you need to discuss a solution. Therefore, if you want to address three issues, there should be three parts of the main body solving each problem at a time.
Chain Method structure of a problem-solution speech.

🎓 Problem Solution Speech Topics for College Students

Now, let’s get to the examples of the most relevant issues of today that await to be solved:

  1. How to prevent the increase of temperatures predicted to reach a dangerous point by the 2100 year?
  2. What are the causes and possible solutions to India’s increasing death toll related to low air quality?
  3. How to take China out of risk of losing the economy’s growth in the next several decades?
  4. Total factor productivity: the issues with evaluating India’s output that shows productivity growth.
  5. Stagnating productivity as the cause of the unequal distribution of the world’s wealth. What are the solutions?
  6. How to prevent the unemployment rates from increasing due to artificial intelligence development?
  7. How to deal with the threat of privacy violation due to the growth in size and clout of big tech?
  8. What is the best solution to the predicted strain put on healthcare systems due to the aging population?
  9. How to protect societies from health issues related to overeating and low physical activity?
  10. Practical solutions for the rising demand of talented employees in the STEM areas and lack of candidates.
  11. Is the driverless vehicle a solution to the high rates of death in the crushes on the roadways?
  12. Architecture and urbanism: how can more ecological and equitable cities be built with the latest technologies?
  13. Community engagement in slum redevelopment as a cheaper and more effective way of African economic and social development.
  14. Human genomes: how to avoid mistakes made while implementing any intelligence and lifespan enhancement tools?
  15. What are the most effective strategies suitable for diagnosing, treating, and preventing drug-resistant infections from becoming a threat?
  16. Global development: how should the latest technologies in health, education, and nutrition be distributed among the societies?
  17. Which strategies for dealing with the epidemics and preparation methods can help prevent future global outbreaks?
  18. Technical urban planning: how should it be improved so that developing cities can find better solutions to increased global carbon emissions?

🗣️ Problem Solution Speech Topics

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Easy Problem Solution Speech Topics

Someone may find these issues trifling, but try to solve them 😊

  1. The lunch gets cold because it takes too long to pick a movie from such various options.
  2. Psychology: why do we buy new shoes but never wear them?
  3. New technology: teens complain about pain in the wrists after using smartphones all day.
  4. In the age of consumerism, we buy new phones as soon as the old ones get scratched.
  5. Existential crisis or excess of luxury in life: why don’t we know what to wish for Christmas?
  6. Nowadays problems: being too lazy to cook food from all the ingredients in the fridge.
  7. Which instruments can prevent insomnia and trouble sleeping?
  8. Including sex education in the program as a complete course to prevent early pregnancy.
  9. What is the correlation between becoming a volunteer and a self-confidence boost?
  10. Gender-specific bathrooms: what is a better way to prevent sexual assaults?
  11. Excluding all the personal information details from the CV to reduce job market discrimination.
  12. How does donating and recycling clothes help with the world poverty issue?
  13. Not skipping a weekend soak in a bathtub as the way to reduce stress and anxiety.
  14. Open discussions and effective communication at the workplace as the ultimate problem-solving approach.
  15. Balancing between the human workforce and machines as the most effective strategy.
  16. Social fatigue: how can spending some time alone help fight it?
  17. Educating couples about proper budgeting as the way to prevent money-related conflicts.
  18. Reducing stress from social activity by planning daily routine.
  19. Legalizing marijuana for treating Alzheimer’s and dementia?
  20. Why is implementing a vegetarian diet one of the best ways to fight obesity?
  21. Psychological and physiological reasons why chewing gum helps with smoking addiction.
  22. Consumption of a specific amount of red wine as a way to help with stomach ulcers.
  23. Contradictory but effective solution: does taking selfies boosts self-confidence?
  24. How well does online video chatting help sustain an excellent long-distance relationship?
  25. How do online fundraising campaigns can help even more people in need?
  26. Newspapers switching to online bases as one of the ways to reduce waste.
  27. Paper and reusable bags as an easy way to help reduce plastic waste.
  28. How strict should be water filtration rules to reduce water pollution?
  29. What happens with deforestation rates if every person plants at least one tree?
  30. Walking as the means of solving both pollution and health issues.
  31. How does setting up more drinking fountains help with reducing plastic pollution?
  32. Why should businesses move their focus from theoretical to practical solutions?

Problem Solution Persuasive Speech Topics

The persuasive approach is mainly different from the other with the strength of your speech. It needs to be encouraging and trustworthy enough so that your audience accepts your idea. In case you wonder what are the best problem solution persuasive speech topics, here are some examples:

  1. How to get at least eight hours of sleep every day, and why is it an issue?
  2. The strategies to stop the increased consumption of sugar that leads to obesity.
  3. The ways to avoid the negative influence of the hate towards religions on societies.
  4. How to introduce more gender-neutral concepts to the job market?
  5. Teaching gender and equal rights at schools to help decrease gender-related social issues.
  6. Internships for all college students as the solution to high unemployment rates.
  7. More frequent evaluation of teachers as the way to fix educational issues.
  8. Social media regulated by university administration: putting an end to suicides.
  9. Intercultural studies and more foreign languages at school to help fight biases.
  10. New technologies: the ways to encourage people to start reading books.
  11. The necessity of implementing cyber courts to help with the issue of cyberbullying.
  12. The ways that science and religion can co-exist to reduce worldwide conflicts.
  13. Allowing students to make jokes in class as the way to make education more engaging.
  14. The benefits of engaging governments more into the means of saving endangered species.
  15. Why should all college students have pets as emotional support animals for anxiety?
  16. How do we prevent job discrimination related to race and religion?
  17. Free professional help for divorced people as the means to prevent serious psychological issues.
  18. How can listening to sad songs help people release their emotions when they are upset?
  19. Radical solutions: legalizing marijuana as a way of preventing crimes related to drugs.
  20. Allowing people with tattoos to get any job to help increase tolerance and empathy.
  21. Psychology: the art of being happy as a mandatory class in colleges for increasing mental health.
  22. Strict policy regarding dating at the workplace as the means to prevent conflicts.
  23. Practical strategies on fighting and elevating poverty around the globe.

Problem Cause Solution Speech Topics

Problem-cause-solution speech is a very effective way to persuade your audience that you are a reliable expert. It appears to be true since you need to analyze the causes of the issue in detail, which allows you to dig into the topic and come up with the best solution!

  1. The leading causes of binge drinking on college campuses and the ways to eliminate it.
  2. What are the decisive reasons for the high car accident rate, and how do we decrease it?
  3. Why are so many prisons getting overcrowded, and what is the most humane solution?
  4. Inflation and high cost of living: how to find the solution to those problems?
  5. The evaluation system for teachers as the means of improving the quality of school education.
  6. What are the leading causes of sex education failure in school, and how to fix it?
  7. Why are we so dependent on fossil fuels, and how do we solve this issue?
  8. Reducing the use of plastic by educating people about the reasons they keep using it.
  9. What is contributing to the current obesity epidemic, and how do we stop it?
  10. The reasons some people are dependent on prescription drugs and ways to solve them.
  11. The most effective way to engage college students to become more politically active to raise political consciousness. Why are they apolitical?
  12. Why doesn’t individual privacy have to be threatened to keep the country safe?
  13. The reasons people stay in toxic relationships as the way to understand how to get out of them.
  14. Why are many long-distance relationships unsuccessful, and what are the ways to change that?
  15. Communities: why have we stopped getting along with neighbors, and what are the solutions?
  16. Do people need to use public transportation more often, and what are the benefits?
  17. The leading causes of athletes using steroids in sport and how can we stop it?
  18. Why do some teens keep dropping out of school, and how can it be prevented?
  19. How should we educate parents about controlling their child’s social media use, and why is that a problem at all?
  20. Parents’ relationship role models shape children’s future relationships. How to avoid a bad scenario?
  21. Hackers can attack digital transactions. What are the ways to keep them safe?
  22. The main reasons for information overload and how should people avoid it?

📝 Problem Solution Essay Topics

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Problem Solution Essay Topics 2022

Let’s see which 2022 problems are the most relevant so that you can use them as a problem solution essay topic:

  1. Is relying on COVID-19 vaccines the right strategy to fight the world pandemic?
  2. Accepting new normal or fighting for old normal: which is more effective for stopping the outbreak?
  3. How do we help the most vulnerable communities during the COVID-19 outbreak?
  4. Biden: can a new president be considered a new hope in the fight against violence?
  5. Why is getting ready for climate change effects a better solution than trying to prevent it?
  6. What are the ways digital giants improve to avoid information breaches and exposure?
  7. Innovative strategies to make big cities more equal and less divided for their citizens.
  8. How do migrants affect public health systems, and what should we do about it?
  9. How can we help small-scale farmers with adaptation to climate change?
  10. The new ways to fact-check information online and prevent dangerous rumors.
  11. Restation of local economies by helping small businesses and encouraging young talents.
  12. Why are the right and effective leadership important in achieving Sustainable Development Goals?
  13. Why is international collaboration essential for every country to achieve carbon neutrality?
  14. The most effective strategy to decrease the humanitarian funding gap, which has been increasing recently.
  15. The UN and multilateralism: how can we achieve more by working together as humanity?
  16. How can we help cultural cohesion and stop fragmentation by avoiding multiculturalism?
  17. Making cyberbullying a criminal offense as one of the most effective ways to fight it.
  18. Restore humanities: teaching children how to be humans as the way to solve the global crisis.
  19. Promoting values and cognitive behavioral therapy to fight mental health issues.
  20. How can promoting open debates on essential topics help fight herd mentality?

Problem Solution Essay Topics for College Students

There is a variety of disciplines in this list so that any college student can find something exciting here:

  1. One random act of kindness as a way to create happier societies.
  2. Funding volunteering promotion as a way to boost people’s awareness.
  3. Should everyone be allowed to have personal solar panels to help ecology?
  4. How do augmented reality glasses help people with disabilities see the world?
  5. Why should we promote the production of dolls of different shapes and colors for children?
  6. What rules should be introduced to fight market monopolization and increase competition?
  7. The main reasons why all managerial position candidates should study psychology.
  8. Implementing AI and machine learning methods to help companies build a relationship with their customers.
  9. Promoting a specific level of individualism in a business setting to help problem-solving.
  10. How can total transparency boost the customer’s trust and increase sales?
  11. Why should families be educated about the benefits of introducing group activities in the household?
  12. Setting some responsibilities and duties for children as the way to help them become more successful in life.
  13. Why does developing family traditions help the more substantial relationship and reduce conflicts?
  14. What is the main problem with current meal plans at schools, and what is the solution?
  15. Educating people about herbal remedies as the way to increase over-the-counter medicines.
  16. What are the positive effects of free healthcare on the state of society?
  17. Is raising the prices of tobacco an effective way to make humanity healthier?
  18. Switching to online learning platforms as the new approach to available and affordable education.
  19. Do kids prefer to read eBooks, and how can we use them to encourage book reading?
  20. Setting fair prices for streaming services as the way to fight online piracy.
The major U.S motion picture studios lost $6.1 billion in 2005 to piracy worldwide.
  1. Should we all use adblocking software to avoid online fraud and malware?
  2. Creating more natural habitats such as national parks as the way to protect endangered species.
  3. Small steps: how does local buying help reduce soil pollution from big companies?
  4. Should we pay more attention to cleaning trees from invasive vegetation?
  5. How to stop animal poaching by promoting the use of ethical materials?

Problem Solution Essay Topics for Middle School

Some of the topics are quite good to discuss in middle school, and the following examples are great for it:

  1. Can a college degree be one of the solutions for reducing the risks of divorce?
  2. Learning to smile through pain as the way to make you feel better?
  3. Do small life changes such as getting a new hairstyle help treat depression?
  4. When you are a lazy student, how can listening to audiobooks help your literacy?
  5. Switching chairs in classrooms to more comfortable ones as the way to improve attendance.
  6. If most of the world’s population turns vegetarians, will it help climate change?
  7. The effectiveness of placing more speed bumps to reduce the rates of accidents.
  8. Implementing mandatory student exchange programs in colleges to fight cultural biases.
  9. Fixing pollution issues as the only way to secure healthy nations in the Future.
  10. How does a fair division of house chores help prevent family conflicts?
  11. Owning and petting a cat regularly as the best way to reduce stress?
  12. Should students be allowed to chew gum in class to help with concentration?
  13. How does playing team sports help with communication skills in teenagers?
  14. The benefits of owning an eBook concerning environmental issues.
  15. How do handwritten letters help share emotion within the family during the conflict?
  16. How can we use online communication to learn languages more effectively?
  17. How does the cultural trend of “going green” help with environmental changes?
  18. Should we focus on inventing more renewable energy sources to help pollution?

💊 Problem Solution Topics. Solutions

You can find some examples of problem solution speech topics to get an idea of how it should look like:

1. Uncontrolled gaming time among children


  • Limit time and promote learning how to negotiate and make deals.
  • Implement interactive activities to get knowledge and develop new skills.
  • Game time should be limited and trade learning promoted.

2. Prevention is better than cure


  • Educate children about a healthy lifestyle as a way to prevent the need for treatment.
  • Involve people in their health control and make regular check-ups easy and accessible.
  • Make kids interested from an early age.

3. Low rates of political involvement of masses.


  • Educate students in schools about the necessity of political participation in their country.
  • Use social media to raise global awareness of the importance of participation among people.
  • Figure out the obstacles people face and working on them together.

4. Low graduation rates in rural schools


  • Embed intensive technologies use in studying processes.
  • Invite teachers from big cities (college or universities professors too)
  • Motivate students for studying by introducing them to the opportunities they can get with the help of real examples (people from rural areas who achieved great success)

5. Student attendance in public schools.


  • Educate parents to pay attention not only to knowledge level but also to the discipline of their kids.
  • Implement a penalty system for a certain amount of unofficial absenteeism.
  • Organize additional sessions for those who skip.

6. The global average Internet penetration level is about 59%. How to increase this rate?


  • Set free Internet public spots.
  • Provide low-income groups of people with free smartphones and laptops.

7. The flood risk.


  • Plant more trees.
  • Introduce more flood warning systems.

Check out this link for more perspective solutions: 10 Measures that Must Be Taken to Prevent More Flooding in the Future

8. Relationships go out after a particular time.


  • Continue showing minor signs of love every day to keep the relationship alive.
  • Be adventurous and do some new activities together.
  • Spend time alone, divide of together time and separate time.

9. Low self-esteem among teenagers.


  • Promote limitation of social media use as a way to avoid absorption of unrealistic images and expectations.
  • Help teenagers find and develop their talents as a way to encourage them to express themselves.
  • Consider sessions with a psychologist to dig deeper into existing problems and get some outer, professional assessment.

You got lucky when you found our list of problem solution speech topics! We will also direct you to other resources that will help you write a paper 😎

Start with this complete breakdown of how to write a problem solution essay, then create a problem solution speech structure, and—voila—you’re all set to conquer your text!

Check out more sources below in references.

And if you are still struggling with it, simply read some problem solution essay examples for both college and high school.

Have you grabbed a couple of problem solution essay topics from our list?

Good luck with solving them now🍀

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