222 Gun Control Topics for Persuasive & Argumentative Essays

Do you think the accessibility of firearms is in direct ratio to the number of mass shootings?

It’s not that easy, though. Gun control is a very delicate but important topic. Let’s sort it out together.

Do we need harsher anti-gun policies? Do guns kill, or is it people? We will refer to these and other questions in this article.

What else do we have for you? 200+ excellent topics for an essay about gun control and gun control essay outline! Let’s go 👉👉

❌ Why Gun Control Doesn’t Work?

Gun control is a very sensitive topic for everyone. Any weapon is an effective self-defense measure but also a potential threat to society.

Some would feel safer having a gun, and others do worry about the owners’ mental health.

The main question stays the same.

Can we prevent crimes with the help of gun control?

People often debate whether new law restrictions help to reduce violent crimes. If an offender has already violated several laws, will they hesitate to break one more? Turns out to be a sophisticated psychological issue.

  • Some say that gun control makes things worse. When the police are not around, people don’t know how to protect themselves.

There are many arguments for and against gun control, and the issue doesn’t lose its popularity over decades. It is hard to pick a side and choose the right topic, but here we are to help you.

Gun Control Pros and Cons

Well, let’s look closer at gun control defenders’ and opponents’ arguments.

Both opinions have some logic and common sense behind them. Both have advantages and disadvantages, as well as debatable aspects.

It is now your personal decision which side you adhere to more. Or maybe rather stay neutral?

A list of the main arguments of pro- and anti- gun control supporters.

👍 What Are the Pro-Gun Control Arguments?

Key point: People who support stricter law regulations believe that control of the purchase and gun ownership would help reduce crime.

  1. The majority of guns used to commit crimes were legally purchased, including those used in mass shootings.
  2. Even if a firearm is safely stored, it possesses a higher risk of a violent act in the house.
  3. New laws won’t make legal gun keepers hand over their weapons.
  4. Gun control will deter accidental injuries and deaths.
  5. Easy access to firearms makes every buyer capable of murder.

👎 What Are the Anti-Gun Control Arguments?

Key point: They claim that gun control would only make it more complicated for the people who seek self-defense measures.

  1. Law regulations are unlikely to stop a person who desperately wants to purchase a gun.
  2. An act of violence can still happen, with or without a firearm. Anything can be used as a deadly weapon.
  3. If we want to prevent suicides, psychological help is more effective than gun control.
  4. US citizens made most of the gun injuries in self-defense. Without them, people cannot have an opportunity to protect themselves in life-or-death situations.
  5. Banning the kinds of weapons that are considered the most dangerous would also ban hunting and sports guns.

The Politics of Gun Control

The Second Amendment is the primary law that states Americans’ right to possess weapons. Many people argue that it’s an outdated claim out of context, but it’s still a constitutional right of every American.
Here is what it says:

Text of the Second Amendment: A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

These are the laws that apply to most states:

  1. A person should be at least 18 to purchase a shotgun, rifle, or ammunition. 21 is the minimum age for all other firearms (e.g., handguns).
  2. One cannot own a gun if they:
    • Have a criminal record (1 year in prison for felony or two years for a misdemeanor). You were found guilty of storing and/or using illegal drugs.
    • Have been to a mental institution on an involuntary basis.
    • Have restraining orders regarding violence towards other people.
    • Are a visitor with a nonimmigrant visa or an unauthorized migrant.
  3. Everyone needs a background check to buy a gun in a licensed store.

N.B.❗ Gun control regulations vary from state to state. That’s something you can use in your essay as well.

While working on such a topic, what is also essential is understanding the current polemic between major political actors. We will briefly introduce the republicans‘ and democrats’ attitudes to gun control in the US.

Republicans VS. Democrats
  • What do republicans say?
    Republicans are typically in favor of gun rights, as well as the latest republican President, Donald Trump. He released a five-point plan against gun violence, but it was never fully implemented though.
  • What do democrats say?
    Both ex-president Barack Obama and current president Joe Biden are active gun control supporters. President Biden announced his plan to end the gun violence epidemic in the USA. Its primary goal is to take actual executive actions in various spheres.


We’ve had a brief sketch of the main points regarding gun control.

Let’s get to the topics for your essay.

🗫 Gun Control Argumentative Essay. Topics to Discuss

The first thing you have to do after you decide on your position is to find your focus.

Maybe you already have a general idea, but you don’t know how to narrow it down.

On the opposite, you have a focus but can’t find the area where it is applied?

We created a list of 200+ topics for argumentative and persuasive essays on gun control!

Here is our first compilation. These essay topics provide enough space for discussion and debate. There is no black and white, numerous opinions, and lots of exciting things to find out. 👇

Top 38 Gun Control Essay Titles

  1. Can gun control help to prevent acts of violence? Guns give people the power to harm others faster. But does it mean that they will not find a way to fight without firearms?
  2. The difference between state and federal gun laws. Some claim that laws in certain states are unconstitutional. They allow too little or too much freedom. Death and injury rates also vary from state to state. Are some laws and regulations more efficient? Do they make a difference?
  3. Background check: A necessary measure or violation of privacy? Background checks are implemented only in licensed offline stores. That is one of the reasons why people prefer gun shows and online shops. Discuss the risk of a weapon getting into the wrong hands.
  4. The legal side of the gun industry: Do they sell safety or death? American citizens are the primary civilian consumers of firearms in the world. Gun business is a multibillion industry. Use the statistics of death rates compared to the number of guns.
  5. Gun control changes: From 1980 to 2020. The laws become stricter in some way. Discuss the main differences and the reasons for these modifications. Do they give us positive or negative effects?
  6. Does gun control deter mass shootings? Most of the guns used to commit mass shootings were legally sold to the offenders. Logic says we could avoid it. Common sense says they can obtain a gun elsewhere.
  7. Are firearms better than other self-defense tools? Electric shockers, pepper spray, pocket knives – there are plenty of them. A lot of people choose alternative measures, and others prefer guns. Think about the advantages and disadvantages of them.
  8. The way gun control can change the lives of American citizens. Gun ownership is an essential part of life for Americans. Discuss the changes that are going to take place. Is it going to be better or worse? Analyze safety, leisure activities, and crime rates.
  9. The effects of shooting video games on our psychological health. Parents worry about their children playing games such as Counter-Strike. Is there any real danger? Can gaming develop any mental issues?
  10. Shootings in film and television: Does the media affect us? From westerns to John Wick movies, from cheap TV series to Hollywood blockbusters. Discuss if shooting in film can provoke somebody to buy a gun and use it one day.
  11. Gun control laws in the United States.
  12. The economic effects of gun control implementation.
  13. How much does it cost to add more gun control?
  14. Banning of civilian handguns in the US.
  15. Why do we need firearm education?
  16. Do guns make our homes safer?
  17. The case of officer-involved shooting.
  18. Gun control and safety of the US citizens.
  19. Is proper gun tracing possible?
  20. US gun control as a public policy issue.
  21. Gun ownership in rural and urban areas.
  22. Glorification of violence and murder in video games.
  23. Gun ownership and the Second Amendment.
  24. Concealed carry: A threat or a safety guarantee?
  25. Are we able to keep war guns out of civil life?
  26. Gun control problem.
  27. Does gun culture in the United States make lives safer?
  28. Misinformation about gun control in the media.
  29. History and effects of gun policy in the US.
  30. Is the Second Amendment still valid today?
  31. Should we raise the age of being able to buy guns to 21?
  32. Crime and its influence on gun control laws.
  33. Is there a need to get gun insurance?
  34. Do we need to ban purchases at gun shows?
  35. Strict gun control laws and homicide.
  36. Is online shopping for guns a way to avoid background checks?
  37. Gun shows and online dealers have to obtain federal licenses.
  38. Gun control: Social, legal and regulatory aspects.

Anti-Gun Control Essay Topics

There are other ways to kill and injure, and criminals don’t obey laws anyways. So, most people buy guns for self-defense.

This is what gun rights supporters say.

They also claim that gun control makes law-abiding citizens lose more.

Do you think that gun control does not support our rights and freedoms? This list is for you.

  1. The black market does not obey gun control laws: Don’t let the citizens be defenseless. Imagine what would happen if all the citizens gave up their guns. Criminals with unregistered weapons would instantly become the main danger. Analyze the possible risks of such events.
  2. The benefits of using firearms in self-defense. Long distance, deadly force, and a real reason not to get closer to you. There is no other self-defense weapon as efficient and dangerous. Provide some examples of successful self-defense.
  3. Gun control is not a deterrent to violence. Violent behavior is dangerous both with and without guns. The scariest thing is that there are people who can kill with bare hands. Discuss why we need to stop violence, not guns.
  4. The Second Amendment rights and the way gun control violates them. The right to keep and bear arms. It is a part of the Constitution, a part of the culture, a part of heritage. Analyze how gun control measures take that right away step by step.
  5. Alcohol prohibition scenario: Why gun control will not work. Bootleggers made a fortune on prohibition. They didn’t pay taxes as well. Why alcohol was illegal, you could still buy it. Why should it be any different with guns?
  6. The impossibility of controlling the firearm that is already purchased. People sell their guns, give them as presents, and buy them illegally. Discuss why control just can’t check and track them all.
  7. Gun control is a waste of taxpayers’ money. It is not going to be cheap. We don’t know if it is going to work. There are lots of other things to spend the money on. Education, environment, and health are more important these days.
  8. The future of shooting sports and hunting with gun control. Will they have to rent certain weapons without a right to own them? Or maybe get rid of half of what they already have? Think why that is not fair.
  9. Gun control and a loss of safety as a consequence. It is not a surprise that there are burglars, muggers, and maniacs. They are looking for the next victim every single day. How can people feel safe knowing they can’t defend themselves?
  10. Guns are just tools. It is people who kill. Think of knife stabbings, beaten people, and cars used as weapons. There are too many ways to hurt other people without guns. We should work on mental stability and anger management first.
  11. US gun control insufficiency in crime prevention.
  12. Mass shootings happen not because of the lack of gun control.
  13. Gun control cannot unarm the criminal world.
  14. Gun control and the right to keep and bear arms.
  15. Mental health services need more attention than gun control.
  16. Gun control is used to eliminate people’s freedom.
  17. Detailed description of reasons against gun control.
  18. Is the balance between gun control and gun rights achievable?
  19. The necessity of owning a gun if you live in a distanced area.
  20. Gun control effects in the US.
  21. The losses of the American gun industry because of gun control.
  22. Mass shootings are used as moral leverage to pass gun control.
  23. Gun ownership regulations in the United States.
  24. It is our right to own guns for recreational activities.
  25. Society is to blame for crimes, not guns.
  26. The debates against gun control.
  27. Gun control sets limits on the freedom of the citizens.

Pro-gun Control Argumentative Essay Topics

Everything changes. Rules change too.

Maybe it is the right time to adjust the laws?

The pro-gun control approach claims that mass shootings, gun injuries, and violence result from easy access to deadly weapons.

Choose one of these argumentative essay topics if you feel like supporting this side:

  1. Loopholes in the gun laws and the ways to fix them. There are too many inaccuracies, and people use them. For example, the Charleston loophole, the private sale loophole, and many others. We need to solve this problem before it is too late.
  2. Guns and domestic violence: Behind closed doors. Not everyone owns a gun only for self-defense measures. Women abusers use weapons to harm and threaten their victims at home. Discuss why psychological and physical harassment becomes a more dangerous problem if guns are involved.
  3. The reasons why we need stricter gun control. If mass shootings and unintentional harm are not enough, let’s look at statistics. Gun death rates are incredibly high in the USA.
  4. The stories behind school mass shootings. Kids get bullied and hurt. Some of them seek revenge. Others show signs of violent behavior months before shootings. Discuss why we should take a closer look at what children and teenagers do.
  5. The red flags laws show that we need more gun control. Every single mentally unstable person with a gun is a threat. We have to remove their weapons forcibly. Isn’t it better not to allow them to buy a gun first?
  6. The dangers of keeping a gun at home. For instance, a lot of children say they’ve held their parents’ guns. In most cases, they did it in secret. Abusers use guns at home as an instrument of violence.
  7. High suicide rates among gun owners. Gun owners are more likely to commit suicide. Most suicide attempts are not fatal. But if we take firearms as a method, they usually lead to death.
  8. High-capacity ammunition magazines are not needed for self-defense. One bullet is enough to threaten or even kill an offender. There can be even no need to shoot. Discuss why assault weapons are not necessary for defense.
  9. The benefits of extended background checks. Sometimes three days are just not enough for thorough data gathering and analysis. Analyze why it is better to wait than to risk.
Statistics of major reasons for Federal Denials of Firearm Permits.
Source: www.fbi.gov
  1. Gun control protects the rights of law-abiding gun owners. New restrictions don’t forbid people from owning and buying guns. If you do everything according to the laws, you don’t need to worry.
  2. No gun control means a green light for violence. The absence of regulations and rules causes chaos. When it comes to firearms, we need strict laws to protect society.
  3. Laws regulating civilian gun ownership in the US.
  4. What types of firearms should be banned for the general public?
  5. Gun control laws: Pros.
  6. What would be the effect of toxic masculinity in society without gun control?
  7. Reasons for a tighter gun control in the United States.
  8. Mental and background checks are a reasonable price to pay to save lives.
  9. Illegal weapon trafficking is a problem in the United States.
  10. Gun control: Stop wrong people from getting a gun.
  11. How can we avoid accidental death caused by guns?
  12. Do fewer guns mean fewer deaths?
  13. Gun control issue in the US.

Thought-Provoking Gun Control Essay Titles

There is more to say about the issue, that’s right. Political, social, and psychological problems always have connections that might seem invisible.

Do you want to write about something more complicated? Like, why does gun control not work?

Do you want to introduce your ideas and solutions?

Dive into more complex topics using this list:

  1. Does social activism change gun control attitudes? People go to rallies and post on their social media. Does it change the situation and people’s opinions?
  2. Gun control and racial equity. Racist rivalry is a huge problem and a reason for many crimes. Gun assaults and shootings are not an exception.
  3. There are more critical issues than gun control. They say politicians deliberately draw too much attention to gun control. That is how we focus on unemployment, loans, and other acute social issues.
  4. Can we control so many American guns with the law? The estimated number of firearms in the US is 393 million. Many people doubt that such a quantity can be under supervision.
  5. Gun industry fights against Democrat politicians in the gun control battle. Of course, gun manufacturing and sales is a very profitable businesses. Primary consumers are American citizens, so the industry doesn’t want to lose its clients.
  6. Psychological profile of the minors who use guns. You can say they are naturally violent and aggressive. Or on the other side of the specter: too vulnerable and defenseless.
  7. Stand-your-ground law: Essential or too radical? It is a right to kill. In some cases, it might be the only option. Sometimes it is not, but property owners can still take advantage of it.
  8. Do safe lockers guarantee security at home? Every lock has a code or a key. It means that it is still possible to access it. Also, in a critical situation, rushing to the safe and opening it might take too long.
  9. Are weapon owners capable of defending themselves with guns from the people they know? People buy guns for safety. But what if the person who is a threat is a family member or a friend? It seems as if it is hard to pull the trigger.
  10. Gun control: Does it reduce or increase crime?
  11. Gun control and bans on smoking: possibly the same scenario?
  12. How can we prevent felons from obtaining guns?
  13. Should guns be banned in college campuses?
  14. Is it possible to prevent illegal gun trafficking?
  15. The best way to eliminate easy gun access.
  16. Hollywood vs. reality officer involved shootings.
  17. History perspective: Guns as an integral part of Americans’ identity.
  18. A better solution than stricter gun control laws.
  19. A tighter gun control policy is good for all Americans.
  20. Is it necessary to check people in crowded places?
  21. What are we left with to defend ourselves without guns?
  22. Should more gun control laws be enacted?
  23. What is the correct interpretation of the Second Amendment?
  24. Does gun control limit freedom of choice more than any other laws?
  25. Is gun control strict enough in the US?
  26. The roots of gun violence.
  27. Vigilantism among gun owners.
  28. How decision makers in Coquitlam can end gun violence.

👮 Persuasive Essay on Gun Control

Trying to persuade readers with your point of view, be as argumentative as possible. The essential aspect of a persuasive essay on gun control is new statistics and reliable facts.

However, be attentive with going too far – you will probably not change someone’s mind by being over-pressing.

Topics on Gun Control in Schools Pros and Cons

School mass shooting is always a tragedy of the national level. It is also one of the reasons people fight for gun control.

When it comes to children’s lives, every topic becomes more sensitive.

If you feel as concerned as students and parents, these topics are for you:

  1. Parents should keep their guns in safe storage, away from children of any age.
  2. Children of high school age should not be able to purchase guns.
  3. Schools need more mental health supervision to prevent gun violence.
  4. Are armed teachers a threat or safety insurance?
  5. Racism in schools is a trigger for violent behavior.
  6. Wearing weapons to reduce trauma.
  7. School safety plans need to be improved.
  8. Extreme risk laws are required in every state.
  9. We need threat assessment teams at school.
  10. Shooter drills are as important as fire drills.
  11. Educating children on the dangers of guns is better than arming teachers.
  12. Realistic shooter drills can psychologically traumatize children.
  13. School violence measures in the United States.
  14. Are active or lockdown shooter drills more effective?
  15. Bullying in school might lead to gun violence.
  16. The policy of gun control: The impact on school safety.
  17. Tolerance and support are the foundation of preventative measures at school.
  18. More guns at school lead to a higher probability of children gaining access to them.
  19. The control of gun violence in public places.
  20. Should teachers and staff members be allowed to bring guns to schools?
  21. Ban on assault weapons would make schools safer.
  22. Gun control laws: Reasons for toughening.
  23. Guns of any type have no place in schools.
  24. College students should be banned from having guns on campus.
  25. Domestic violence is one of the reasons for shootings in schools.

International Gun Control Laws

American gun laws differ a lot from the vast majority of European and Asian countries.

Is there something we can take over in the USA case?

Are there similar problems?

Are there any better solutions?

Explore the questions with these topics about gun control in other countries:

  1. Can we apply the Australian buyback program to the United States?
  2. Canada’s experience shows that stricter gun control works.
  3. Gun control as a controversial topic in China and the US.
  4. Gun control is the reason why Japan has such low death rates.
  5. The Government cannot enact European gun control laws in America.
  6. German psychiatric evaluation system for gun purchase is a solution.
  7. American culture will not obey European gun control.
  8. Canadian firearms program.
  9. American laws are the reason for higher death rates caused by guns compared to Europe.
  10. Switzerland could be an example for the United States in terms of gun control policy.
  11. Comparison of gun control in China and the US.
  12. Explain the rationality behind strict gun control in most European countries.
  13. Ban on handguns in Canada: Neither side is happy.
  14. “US Gun Policy: Global Comparisons” by J. Masters.
  15. Do Asian strict gun policies make sense?
  16. Democracy and gun control go hand in hand in Europe.
  17. Historical background of gun control in Japan.
  18. Gun control in America.
  19. European Firearms Directive restrains guns in the European Union.
  20. Europe proves that fewer guns mean less crime.
  21. Mass shootings as the reason for strict gun laws in Australia.
  22. Gun culture and strict regulations coexist in Israel.
  23. United Kingdom’s Snowdrop Petition: a savor or democracy killer?
  24. How does the United States influence gun policies around the world?
  25. Should we follow the European way towards strict gun regulations?

Persuasive Essay on Gun Control and Hunting

Sportspeople and hunters worry a lot about gun control. There is an opinion that these two categories of people should not be regulated by common gun control policies. Others think that rules are for everyone.

Hunters don’t have the same opinion on gun control too.

If you have something to say about it, take a look at the list below:

  1. Gun control punishes hunters instead of criminals.
  2. Semi-automatic guns save hunters’ lives from wild animals.
  3. Are bows and muzzleloaders good alternatives to guns in hunting sports?
  4. Should people have a right to own a gun?
  5. Hunters will still be able to buy guns and hunt with gun control.
  6. Hunters can accept new regulations if this helps to save lives.
  7. The issue of having a gun.
  8. Gun control should not ban hunting and target shooting weapons.
  9. Gun control sets unnecessary limits to hunting.
  10. Gun control in the USA: Strategy proposal.
  11. Does the Second Amendment apply to hunting?
  12. Decreasing the number of hunters means less financing for wildlife foundations.
  13. Aspects of policies of gun control.
  14. Hunters already obey too many rules.
  15. The National Rifle Association represents itself, not hunters’ opinions.
  16. Examination of firearms and NGI system.
  17. Hunters are forced to take responsibility for criminals.
  18. Do hunters have to give up part of their weapons?
  19. A social issue: Possession and use of firearms.
  20. Hunting regulations might cost lives and safety in critical situations.
  21. Are high-capacity magazines and semi-automatic guns essential to hunting?
  22. Hunters oppose the National Rifle Association.
  23. Professional hunters suffer from gun control.
  24. Any gun ban affects hunters.
  25. Gun control leads to a reduction in the number of hunters.
  26. Do hunters need background checks?

More Gun Control Essay Titles

Haven’t found what you are looking for? Maybe you are just not sure that you have chosen the best topic.

There is nothing to worry about. We always have a backup plan for you.

Give it another chance with this list of 20 topics:

  1. Should carrying guns in public be prohibited?
  2. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.
  3. The danger of other lethal weapons.
  4. Illegal drugs and illegal guns: Does the law have control over the market?
  5. Gun laws and their interpretation by courts.
  6. Just confiscating guns from potentially violent people is not enough.
  7. Gun control and democracy: Enemies or allies?
  8. The ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms) policy requires no revision.
  9. Guns in cartoons and toy guns promote violence.
  10. Can gun control decrease premature death rates?
  11. The Brady Handgun Violence Act.
  12. Gun ownership changes the psychological profile of the owner.
  13. Feminism and gun control: Are they on the same side?
  14. Analysis of the need for gun control: The role of public opinion.
  15. Inherited weapons and gun control.
  16. Should gun collectors be concerned about gun control?
  17. “The Case for Moderate Gun Control” by David DeGrazia.
  18. Does gun control affect vulnerable neighborhoods?
  19. Preventing mentally unstable citizens from owning guns.
  20. Gun control and proliferation in the United States.
  21. The debate between democrats and republicans on gun control.
  22. How many deaths can we prevent with gun control?
  23. The Second Amendment and recent gun control debates.
  24. The difference between federal and state gun laws.
  25. Which state has the most efficient gun policies?
  26. Criminal law: Gun control overview.
  27. Current Government’s commitment to gun control.
  28. We should have enacted stricter gun control earlier.
  29. Gun control practices and criminal justice policies.
  30. Is there a middle ground between gun supporters and gun haters?
  31. Gun control argumentation: Ethos, logos, and pathos.

📑 Gun Control Essay Outline

You did your research, and now it’s time to share the results.

❕ Always keep in mind that not everyone is familiar with your topic.

First of all, create a draft. Make sure that you researched the topic well. If you are confident in the data you gathered and there is enough of it, you are ready. Create a list of claims and counterclaims, and briefly note the evidence to support each of them. That is how you structure your essay.

We believe you can do it! Let’s begin.

Essential Components of Gun Control Essay

Gun Control Essay Components.


It is crucial to catch the reader’s attention from the very beginning. Ask an important question or provide surprising statistics. Try your best to hook the reader.

✏️ Tip: In a gun control argumentative essay introduction, you can also mention its complexity, the controversy of views, and the constant ongoing debate.


Here you need to describe and explain all the things your reader might not understand. It should be informative and helpful but not distracting. Remember that your task here is to make things simple, do not overcomplicate this part.

  • Briefly introduce the problem.
  • Provide some context (time frame, past events, etc.) essential to understanding your paper.
  • Provide definitions.
  • Describe why your topic is relevant and essential.

✏️ Tip: Depending on the focus of your gun control essay, operate specific policies or terminology applied to the issue.


State your opinion on the issue and explain it with your strongest arguments. Don’t forget to include one counterargument in the sentence.

✏️ Tip: When working on a pro- or anti-gun control essay, choose a very transparent and exhaustive thesis statement.


Take a look at your draft. You need to have at least two arguments for and one against your point of view. Don’t worry if some of the data you gathered is not required anymore.

✏️ Tip: Use your arguments consistently – they should be related to each other and perform one whole.


It’s time to look at your thesis statement and body paragraphs one more time. Summarize your thoughts and ideas first. Then paraphrase your thesis, briefly support it with evidence and explain why it matters.

✏️ Tip: Don’t introduce new information in the conclusion of a gun control essay. Instead, reflect on what you’ve said before, try to look at it from a new angle.

What to Avoid in Gun Control Essay

Remember that any topic related to gun control pros and cons is controversial. It also can be very sensitive for some readers. Everyone has different opinions based on their life experience, education, and thoughts. And we don’t know what all our readers have experienced.

That’s why there are primary rules everyone should follow when writing an essay on gun control – how not to offend anyone’s feelings.

5 things you have to avoid in a persuasive essay on gun control:

Imposing your opinionOf course, a good essay is convincing. Just use strong arguments, logical statements, and a friendly tone. Avoid intrusive comments and aggressive style.
Blaming or offending anybody for different opinionsRespect is the key. Be tolerant of the opponents. You don’t want to be insulted for just having a different opinion too, right?
Using unverified or outdated statisticsIt might become your weak spot even if the essay is well-written. Gather all the data you need before you start writing. Don’t hesitate to double-check the information and use only official and trustworthy sources.
JokingNot the best idea for such a topic. It is almost impossible to make a relevant and not offensive joke here. Remember, it is about people’s lives.
Trying to solve all the problems at onceThere are lots of issues to write about when it comes to gun control. But it is not the best idea to put them all on a single paper. This strategy will make the essay seem vague and shallow. Focus on the problem that concerns you the most.

And we are done here!

If you didn’t find a perfect topic, try our research topic generator to get a custom topic you will love.

What else would you add to your gun control essays? Share with us in the comments below👇👇

Meanwhile, we’re off to work on other helpful materials for you.

Remember, whatever you are writing, stay positive and respectful!

Good luck🍀

🔗 References

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