Definition Essay Topics: Great Ideas and Prompts for Your Paper

A definition essay is one of the most common academic assignments. In this paper, a person has to explain a certain abstract notion or describe a concrete object. Sometimes, students struggle with such assignments because they cannot find original definition essay topics. This article will help you, if you are looking for original ideas.

Definition Essay Topics: Explaining Self-Evident Notions

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Very often, professors ask students to define almost self-explanatory notions such as love or friendship. Yet, such terms have multiple meanings, and they are not as easy to explain as it seems at first glance. Here are some questions and prompts that you may respond to in your paper:

  1. What is your understanding of courage?
  2. How can responsibility be defined?
  3. What is wealth? Look at this concept from various perspectives.
  4. How can you define soul?
  5. How can you explain rationality?
  6. What is knowledge? How can you define it?
  7. Provide a definition of morality. Describe the main elements of this concept.
  8. What is prejudice? How do you understand this term?
  9. What is the definition of honor?
  10. Define poverty? How does this notion differ across countries?

Definition Essay Topics: Speaking about the World of Politics and History

People who search for a good definition essay topic may certainly consider such disciplines as history or political science. There are plenty of historical or political notions that you may discuss in your paper:

  • What is your definition of racism?
  • What is liberalism?
  • How can you define dictatorship? Does the definition of this term vary across cultures?
  • Provide historical definitions of terrorism. Does the modern-day understanding of this notion differ from the one used in the nineteenth century?
  • Define democracy. What kind of elements does this concept comprise?
  • Define political conservatism. How can this notion be interpreted?
  • Provide the definition of civic and human rights. Do these notions differ from each other in any way?
  • What is colonialism? Describe this notion from cultural and political points of view.
  • How can imperialism be defined? Discuss the key elements of this term.
  • What is propaganda? Does this notion have positive or negative connotations?

Definition Essay Topic: Describing Concrete Objects

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While working on definition essays, students often focus on abstract notions; however, sometimes professors may ask them to explain and discuss some concrete or physical objects. Here are some examples of the questions that you may have to answer in your paper:

  1. What is a screwdriver?
  2. What is an X-ray tube?
  3. Define a smart phone.
  4. What is the definition of a computer?
  5. What is a lifting jack?

As you can see, there are a lot of good topics for definition essay. If you choose one of these notions and define it properly, you can surely receive an A. These topics are interesting, challenging and thought-provoking.

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