Persuasive Essay Topics for 6th Graders: Best Ideas for 2024

It can be said with certainty that we live in constant information overload. You can express yourself on any topic. But how to be persuasive in what you’re saying and not produce another infotrash? Well, start with practicing persuasive writing at school. The first step in a successful persuasive essay is choosing a perfect topic. This is exactly what we are going to master today.

In this article, you’ll find:

  • Persuasive writing definition.
  • Method on how to choose a persuasive writing topic.
  • Collections of persuasive essay topics on animal rights, sport, technology, business, etc.

📌 What Is Persuasive Writing?

Persuasive writing is a type of academic writing. The main goal of this type of writing is to convince the reader that your opinion is the only correct one. You will need to provide arguments and proofs and emotionally impact your reader to persuade them.

Let’s say you want to convince your reader that high school and middle school students should learn financial literacy. Here, you can argue how stressful and time-consuming it is for young people to manage finances independently without any experience. Whereas with some basic knowledge, they could have used their money wisely earlier.

What Is the Purpose of a Persuasive Essay?To make the reader agree with your point of view. Present solid facts and strengthen them by approaching the reader’s emotions.
How to Write a Persuasive Essay Outline?A good persuasive essay should have a hook, a thesis, and some background information in the introduction. The body has three to five paragraphs with different ideas and evidence. Finally, a conclusion with a summarized main point and restated thesis.
How to Start off a Persuasive Essay?Start your essay with a hook in the introduction. Close your introduction part with a thesis statement. The thesis statement should reflect your essay’s main point.
How to End a Persuasive Essay?Briefly summarize all the key points of your writing. You can also call to action to make your reader think. Make sure to restate your thesis statement.

🏹 How to Choose a Persuasive Topic

To choose a persuasive essay topic, follow these principles:

  • Select a topic that is not too broad or too narrow for your paper.
    If you select a topic too narrow for your paper’s length, you might be repeating the same thoughts. On the other hand, your essay might face overgeneralization if your theme is too broad.
  • Do not choose a topic that can lead to simply summarizing the material.
    Remember that instead of summarizing someone else’s arguments, you need to provide solid points to back up your personal opinion.
  • Choose a topic you are interested in.
    Your topic should reflect your genuine opinion. It is always easier to stand for your real thoughts rather than defend some other ideas.
  • Choose a position that you can easily find arguments for.
    Make sure you can provide enough evidence. Sometimes only describing own thoughts is not sufficient; better rely on facts and data.
  • Remember that you can always change your topic.
    If the topic you chose is not working, you can always change it. In the writing process, it might happen that your arguments don’t correspond or you lose inspiration. It’s ok; just try to look at the research topic from another angle or change the focus entirely.

🎒 6th Grade Persuasive Essay Topics

Here’s the list of 15 easy persuasive essay topics for 6th graders.

  1. Should talking while driving be banned?
  2. Why should we pay for music?
  3. Limiting the use of social media.
  4. Technologies have a positive impact on our lives.
  5. Why is online learning good for students?
  6. Using animals for science should be reconsidered.
  7. How does media affect the rates of child obesity?
  8. Should children stop eating fast food?
  9. Students should be able to pick the courses they want to study.
  10. Should college athletes be paid?
  11. Should euthanasia be legal?
  12. Should the death penalty be banned?
  13. Video games are getting more and more dangerous.
  14. The problem of climate change concerns everyone.
  15. Should college students take a gap year after high school?

🏫 Persuasive Essay Topics Education

The following is the persuasive topics list about education.

  1. Single-sex education is more efficient than mixed-sex education.
  2. Coping strategies for international students with language barriers.
  3. Public schools should allow prayers for religious students.
  4. Schools should hire qualified teachers for students with special needs.
  5. Sex education should be mandatory at schools.
  6. Teachers should be allowed to carry guns to school for protection purposes.
  7. Schools should control the content of textbooks better.
  8. Online education will be the only kind of education in the future.
  9. Students should be allowed to evaluate their teachers at the end of semesters.
  10. All students should wear a uniform.
  11. Successful alumni speeches can be beneficial for students.
  12. Homeschooling can be helpful.
  13. Schools should abandon the letter grading system.
  14. Bilingual education can lead to more academic achievements.
  15. Teachers should join teacher unions.
  16. Primary education should be conducted through play.
  17. Parents should not be involved in their children’s education.
  18. Primary education should include computer literacy.
  19. Teachers should receive merit pay.
  20. Standardized testing is an inefficient judging system.
  21. Boarding schools cause stress to children.
  22. Career counseling is efficient support for students.
  23. Flipped classroom approach is not efficient.
  24. Schools should pay more attention to violence prevention.
  25. Studying abroad has more advantages than studying in the home country.
  26. Schools should pay more attention to bullying.
  27. Higher education should be free.
  28. The government should ban private schools.
  29. There is no personal connection in virtual classrooms.
  30. The impact of technologies on higher education.
  31. Schools should prohibit using smartphones.

🤖 Technology Persuasive Essay Topics

Check out these technology persuasive essay topics.

  1. Information technology should make remote work more effortless.
  2. Identity chips can be beneficial for people.
  3. Video games can help with solving many problems.
  4. Self-driving cars can prevent many accidents.
  5. People use digital tools for more productive work.
  6. Human cloning should be legalized.
  7. New technology development can be damaging.
  8. Modern technology’s influence on our minds.
  9. Social media created more problems than solved.
  10. Computers will never be as effective as the human brain.
  11. Hunger issues should be solved by genetically modified food.
  12. There is no difference between raising adopted and birth children.
  13. People with health diseases should pay more for health care.
  14. Genetic engineering should be limited.
  15. Multi-race identification should be more common.
  16. Everyone should get ancestry DNA testing.
  17. Virtual reality will be the only reality in the future.
  18. The use of technology harms mental health.
  19. Brain-controlling technologies should be banned.
  20. Social media and technology make family bonds stronger.
  21. Social media privacy should be regulated better.
  22. We should take legal action against harmful commentary on social media.
  23. Robots can have a positive impact on health care.
  24. Using technology as entertainment should not be praised.
  25. The Internet needs to be censored.
  26. Social media and the Internet affect globalization.
  27. Organic food is not better than genetically modified food.
  28. The value of digital privacy in an information technology age.
  29. Having a genetic connection with children is not essential.

🦊 Animal Persuasive Essay Topics

Here is a list of animal persuasive essay topics.

  1. Testing medicine on animals should be prohibited.
  2. Governments should promote animal rights.
  3. We should teach children how to take care of pets.
  4. Animal circuses should be illegal all over the world.
  5. Zoos are unnatural and inhumane to animals.
  6. Is animal euthanasia ethical and humane?
  7. Raising a pet is beneficial for people.
  8. Fur clothes should be banned.
  9. Hunting for sport should be prohibited.
  10. Effects of animal reburial on soil structure and water.
  11. Animal extinction should be one of the main concerns in modern society.
  12. Factory farms should have better conditions for animals.
  13. Are humans the main reason for animal extinction?
  14. Is animal testing really needed?
  15. Stray cats and dogs shouldn’t be euthanized.
  16. All pets should be microchipped.
  17. Government should invest more in service pets.
  18. Animals have feelings and can feel attached.
  19. Animal-based therapy: overview and analysis.
  20. Pets should get vaccinated annually.
  21. Keeping wild animals as pets shouldn’t be allowed.
  22. People should not mate with animals of different species.
  23. Using primates for research should be forbidden.
  24. Medical animal testing is inhumane and should be banned.
  25. We should focus more on protecting endangered species.
  26. Animal trophies should be banned.
  27. Puppy mills should be illegal.
  28. Zoos should be located in animals’ natural habitats.
  29. Using animals for any fun and entertainment purposes should be prohibited.
  30. People should protect marine mammals better.
  31. Pet dogs should be trained.
  32. Animal health should be taken more seriously.
  33. People should pass a particular test before adopting a pet.
  34. The best service animals are dogs.
  35. Pets should not serve as gifts for children.
  36. Animal-tested makeup products should be banned.
  37. Animal sports should be banned worldwide.
  38. Animal dissection is inhumane and should not be used for students’ education.
  39. We can justify animal testing if it’s for medical purposes.
  40. Breeding dogs to create hybrids is inhumane.
  41. Wildlife can be affected by deforestation.
  42. Hybrid animals are not natural.
  43. Having a monkey as a pet is cruel and should be banned.

🧑‍💼 Business Persuasive Essay Topics

The following is the list of business persuasive essay topics.

  1. Coworking spaces are more efficient than traditional offices.
  2. Men should be given a chance to take parental leave.
  3. Dress codes can increase productivity.
  4. Companies should hire influencers to promote their product.
  5. The Impact of sustainability practices on corporate financial performance.
  6. The government should promote local businesses.
  7. Companies should be involved in charities.
  8. Story-telling is an efficient way of product promotion.
  9. Is remote work more productive?
  10. Companies should care more about employees’ mental health.
  11. Companies should restrict dating at work.
  12. Workplaces should provide full-time employees with health care.
  13. Advertisement companies should not be allowed to promote products to children.
  14. Companies should not control employees’ social media.
  15. Companies should reduce the salary gap between male and female employees.
  16. Junk food advertisements should be banned.
  17. A four-day workweek can increase productivity.
  18. Tobacco product advertisements should be banned.
  19. Recruiters should not be allowed to ask about the applicant’s religion.
  20. Part-time schedules need to be regulated by law.
  21. The minimum wage can protect employees from being taken advantage of.
  22. Shift work hurts the workers’ health.
  23. Employees can acquire leadership skills at work.
  24. Multi-level marketing should be illegal.
  25. Prescription drugs should not have advertisement campaigns.
  26. Boards of directors should have a women’s quota.
  27. Open-floor plans can increase employees’ productivity.
  28. Advantages and disadvantages of e-recruitment.
  29. Coupon-marketing strategy is highly effective.
  30. Chatbots are not an effective customer support tool.

🪗 Persuasive Essay Topics about Music

Consider persuasive topics about music.

  1. Mass media should treat foreign artists the same as local artists.
  2. Does music have a positive impact on mental health?
  3. Music and video industry: the effects of copyright.
  4. Music plagiarism should be taken seriously.
  5. Music producers should receive more recognition.
  6. Musicians’ privacy should be respected.
  7. Illegal music downloading: legal issues.
  8. Music royalties’ rate should be more considerable.
  9. Technology is more beneficial to music rather than live bands.
  10. Technology has a positive impact on music.
  11. Should we pay for music?
  12. Music can help with curing mental diseases.
  13. Any culture can be identified through music.
  14. Music can be used for meditation.
  15. The impact of violent music on children.
  16. Live concerts are no longer in demand.
  17. The music industry is one of the most influential industries nowadays.
  18. Music awards show should be fairer.
  19. Gender roles in music videos should be reconsidered.
  20. American music market should be open to songs in foreign languages.
  21. Music is strongly related to psychology.
  22. Music artists should be more careful in stating their opinion.
  23. Art, music, and dance in treatment.
  24. Music can transcend language and culture.
  25. Young people should listen to more classical music.
  26. Every person can be taught to sing.
  27. Is pop music not as good anymore?
  28. Songs with lyrics related to violence should be banned.
  29. Modern music is highly influenced by classical music.
  30. Music can help to recover from emotional trauma.
  31. Apple Music’s streaming service strategies.
  32. The atmosphere in movies depends mostly on background music.
  33. Music streaming services should be cheaper for the average listener.
  34. Music streaming services should pay artists more.
  35. Gender, sexuality, and hip-hop.
  36. Auto-tune harms today’s music.
  37. Music and music artists set trends in every industry.
  38. Technological-based music is better than acoustic music.
  39. Music artists should only have a positive impact on people.
  40. Schools should play classical music in the halls during breaks.
  41. The record labels should give artists complete freedom in owning their music.
  42. Advertisement companies should not hire music artists to promote products.
  43. Music literacy should be mandatory in schools.
  44. Many modern music artists should be considered modern classics and taught in schools.
  45. Music charts should be fairer.
  46. Music artists should have more rights.
  47. Music shows should only allow live singing.
  48. Record labels should not sign underage singers.

🚵 Sports Persuasive Essay Topics

Now we want to present persuasive sports essay topics.

  1. Drug tests should be conducted before every competition.
  2. Physical injuries can damage athletes’ mental health.
  3. Professional coaches should be hired for college sports teams.
  4. Using performance-enhancing drugs in sports: issues & solutions.
  5. Professional sport is nothing but a business nowadays.
  6. College coaches should not be paid that much.
  7. Some sports promote violent behavior.
  8. Steroid abuse is a huge problem in the world of sports.
  9. Colleges should encourage girls to play sports.
  10. Summer Olympics should include cricket.
  11. Colleges should provide more time off for athletes.
  12. The problem of diversity in sports.
  13. Women’s and men’s sports team coaches should have an equal salary.
  14. Schools should provide college athletes with basic athletic injury insurance.
  15. Women’s sports skills can be the same or even better than men’s.
  16. E-sports should not be considered a sport.
  17. Physical activity has a positive effect on students.
  18. Women coaches should coach women’s sports teams.
  19. Participation awards should be a thing.
  20. Cheerleading is a form of sexism.
  21. WWE is too cruel and should be banned.
  22. Sports-related problems and conflicts.
  23. Mass media should stop using women athletes for sexual appearance.
  24. Women wrestlers should get as much recognition as men wrestlers.
  25. Athletes should train muscle endurance.
  26. Do youth sports play a part in character formation?
  27. Women athletes should be offered the same money as men.
  28. The sports industry should be safe for LGBT athletes.
  29. Winter Olympics are better than Summer Olympics.
  30. College athletes spend a lot of time doing sports, so they should get paid.
  31. Hosting the Olympics is beneficial for the country.
  32. Colleges should guarantee compensation for the athletes in case of injury.
  33. Mass media should cover Paralympics more.
  34. Women should be able to compete against men equally.
  35. Title IX in the development of the female sport.
  36. Mass media should cover hockey more.
  37. Mass media should cover and promote college sports more.
  38. Proper nutrition can increase the efficiency of athletes.
  39. African-American coaches should be given more opportunities.
  40. How does social media influence sports brands’ marketing?
  41. Colleges should not sacrifice education for sports.
  42. Eating disorders among athletes should be taken seriously.
  43. Stretching can prevent injuries.
  44. Women’s sports should be covered in media as much as men’s sports.
  45. Collecting sports cards is also a sport.
  46. There should be more professional sports guides for children.
  47. Coaches play an essential role in athletes’ life.
  48. Schools should promote sports and healthy eating.
  49. Fitness is an alternative to the gym.

🎉 More Persuasive Essay Topics for 6th Graders and Higher

Read these great controversial topics for persuasive essays.

  1. The risks of identity theft are underestimated.
  2. Artificial intelligence research should be banned.
  3. There should be fewer political campaigns.
  4. The death penalty should be legalized.
  5. Police departments have many ethical issues to be reconsidered.
  6. Celebrities should not be allowed to pursue a political career
  7. Immigration laws should be stricter.
  8. Parents should not choose their children’s religion.
  9. Media impact on the perception of police.
  10. Mentally unstable people should not be charged with crimes.
  11. Atheism should be considered a religion.
  12. Social media increases suicide rates.
  13. Why women and men should be treated equally?
  14. Women should be more represented in science.
  15. Cheerleading should not be considered a sport.
  16. Bodybuilding should not be considered a sport.
  17. Students should be taught languages other than English.
  18. Animals should have the same rights as humans.
  19. ADHD should be regarded as a mental disorder all over the world.
  20. Health care should be free.
  21. How significant is the threat of terrorism in the US?
  22. Surrogate pregnancy should not be allowed.
  23. Military service should be optional.
  24. Why do young people join street gangs?
  25. Horror movies should be banned.
  26. The reason for one’s racist beliefs lies in their upbringing.
  27. The tourism industry positively influences society.
  28. Schools should spread more drug abuse awareness.
  29. Olympic Games are a matter of the past.
  30. Food supplements are not efficient.
  31. Flight attendants play a decisive role in our flight experience.
  32. The Internet decreases students’ productivity.
  33. Parents should not choose the names of their children.
  34. Human errors can be prevented by proper error management & training.

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