Same-sex Marriage Essay: Topics, Tips, & Examples

Same-sex marriage is a legal union between two people of the same sex or gender. This article provides background information on the issue, offers a sample same-sex marriage essay outline, and contains a list of gay marriage essay topics. There are also some bonuses! In particular, you will find statistics and facts that would work as evidence in your paper. As for same-sex marriage argumentative essay, you’ll get a selection of the strongest arguments and an example of a good essay in 250 words.
  1. 🔤 Gay Marriage Essay: the Basics
    1. Argumentative Essay
    2. Persuasive Essay
    3. Opinion Essay
  2. 💡 Essay Topics
  3. 📑 Outlining Your Essay
  4. 📊 Bonus #1: Facts & Statistics
  5. ⚖️ Bonus #2: Essay Arguments
  6. 📝 Sample Essay 250 Words
  7. 🔗 References

Which problem is the most urgent within today’s society? You may answer it is a lack of tolerance, gender inequality, or uneven distribution of benefits. All these variants would be correct, but they only represent the tip of the iceberg. The most significant concern of contemporary sociologists is the problem of the Other. Unfortunately, the LGBTQ community remains “the Other.” Same-sex marriage essays explore why this practice is still illegal in some countries, how and why we should support those involved, and why this is still a hot debate topic.

🔤 Same-sex Marriage Essay: What Is It About?

Same-sex marriage is a legal union between two people of the same sex or gender. Although such marriages have been severely regulated through legislation, religion, and traditions, the public responses have varied from celebration to criminalization in various periods of human history.

History of Same-sex Marriage

The first mentions of same-sex marriages date back to the 1st century AD. However, the first modern country to acknowledge the practice was the Netherlands in 2001.

The first modern country to acknowledge the practice was the Netherlands in 2001.

Most scholars (with some rare exceptions) believe that same-sex marriages were out of the question in Europe till the late 20th century. It was primarily due to the overwhelming power of the Church and lack of factual knowledge about human homosexuality (please see our Bonus #1 for more information).

However, same-sex marriages were acceptable in:

  • 17th century China;
  • the Philippines (before the colonization);
  • Ancient Greece and Rome.

Current Situation with Same-sex Marriages

As of 2022, all 50 states of America have accepted same-sex marriages as federally legal. Apart from the US, the practice is also governmentally allowed in 29 more countries.

In contrast, 33 other governments have taken constitutional measures to make these marriages legally impossible.

Still, many countries allow for non-marital partnerships: they tolerate same-sex couples but do not allow their marriage.

As of 2022, all 50 states of America have accepted same-sex marriages as legal.

Various cultures (including those within a single country) have evaluated same-sex marriages differently. Humanity still has to pass a long way to a meeting of minds.

Same-sex Marriage Argumentative Essay

The argumentative genre is most well-known for the highly debatable problems it tackles. In brief, this type of writing aims to rationalize the author’s position by providing appropriate facts and numbers. These data confirm the author’s arguments. However, the last main body paragraph should be dedicated to disproving the opposing point of view.

In a same-sex marriage argumentative essay, you can raise such hot-button issues:

  • Religious views on same-marriage family unions;
  • Social opposition to the legalization of same-sex marriages;
  • Adoption of children by same-sex couples.

Same-sex Marriage Persuasive Essay

A persuasive essay aims to make the reader believe the author’s point of view is the only correct one. It can be emotional writing, but it is not forbidden to use facts and data. A good conclusion of this essay should leave the reader without any doubts.

In a same-sex marriage persuasive essay, the best idea is to discuss the following problems:

  • Worldwide legalization of gay marriages;
  • The lives of children living with same-sex parents;
  • The best governmental response to same-sex marriages;
  • The morality in such families.

Same-sex Marriage Opinion Essay

An opinion essay is a simplified version of a persuasive essay, where the author states their opinion about the given problem giving reasons for their preferences. Besides, it is usually less judgmental and more intuitive.

In a same-sex marriage opinion essay, you may try raising the following issues:

  • The need to discuss same-sex marriages at school;
  • The distribution of gender roles in same-sex couples;
  • Same-sex marriages and the worldwide demographical situation;
  • Personal choice and gay marriage essay.

💡 Same-sex Marriage Essay Topics

  1. The rights of same-sex couples to marry.
  2. The dynamics of public opinion on same-sex marriage in history.
  3. Personality psychology on same-sex marriage debates.
  4. Is there any difference between childhood in a heterosexual and a same-sex family?
  5. Same-sex marriage in Canada as a social issue.
  6. The role of feminism in the debate for same-sex marriage.
  7. Same-sex civil rights and domestic partnerships.
  8. Same-sex marriages: The consequences of legalization.
  9. Is there a difference between same-sex male and female marriages?
  10. Same-sex marriage and social impact.
  11. Same-sex marriages and gender equality issues.
  12. Gay marriage: The right to be.
  13. The benefits of legalizing same-sex matrimonial unions.
  14. Same-sex marriage legalization.
  15. Do same-sex families manage their domestic chores differently from traditional families?
  16. Gay marriages: Isn’t it time to allow them feel happy?
  17. What does being in love in a same-sex family mean?
  18. Homosexual marriage: Arguments and perspectives.
  19. Gays’ denied human rights.
  20. What are the principal reasons to support same-sex families just like any others?
  21. Gay adoption: can same-sex couples adopt?
  22. Same-sex marriage: A guarantee for social and economic support.
  23. Same sex marriage: moral arguments and civil unions.
  24. Stereotypes society attaches to same-sex marriages.
  25. Same-sex marriage as a problem in society.
  26. Gay or lesbian domestic violence.
  27. Prejudice and discrimination toward gay couples.
  28. Homosexual relationships in the online media.
  29. Can same-sex marriages be abusive?
  30. Same-sex marriage in modern society.
  31. Loyalty and stability in a same-sex marriage.
  32. Gay marriage in the US.
  33. Same-sex couples present higher levels of relationship satisfaction as compared to heterosexual couples: statistics.
  34. Same-sex marriage: the catholic church views.
  35. How do laws on same-sex marriage affect the lives of gay and lesbian people?
  36. Same-sex marriage and defense of marriage act.
  37. Gay family’s culture and dynamics.
  38. Committed relationships: the difference between married and cohabiting same-sex couples.
  39. Gay marriage should be legal.
  40. Is the debate on same-sex marriage over in the US?
  41. Standing on feminist side in same-sex marriage.
  42. Which religions are against gay and lesbian marriages?
  43. Comprehensive analysis of how gay marriage impacts our society.
  44. Why should same-sex marriage be legal: an essay.
  45. Debating same-sex marriage: moral and contemporary issues.
  46. How does the normalization of same-sex marriage redefine family relationships?
  47. Gay marriage and the U.S Supreme Court.
  48. Is gay legalization necessary?
  49. Are cohabitation unions an acceptable solution for same-sex couples?
  50. Same-sex marriage as a religious issue.
  51. How do the republicans and democrats approach same-sex marriages?
  52. Moral issue of same-sex marriages.
  53. Inheritance laws in same-sex marriage.
  54. Should same-sex couples receive constitutional protection?
  55. Orphanage vs. Childhood in a same-sex couple: should we choose between them?
  56. Public opinion about gay rights and gay marriage.
  57. Can the legalization of homosexual marriages eliminate employment discrimination in the LGBTQ community?
  58. Homosexual marriage legality: discussion.
  59. Diversity: we have a long way to go to accept same-sex marriage.
  60. Gay marriage legalization process.
  61. Do marriages need to be a uniform social institution?
  62. Prohibition of same sex marriage.
  63. How do same-sex couples choose their last name?
  64. Case of gay marriage legalization.
  65. Do you think same-sex family unions will ever be legalized in all countries?
  66. The effects of recognizing same-sex marriages.

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📑 Same-sex Marriage Essay Outline

Although a same-sex marriage essay should have the same structure as any other five-paragraph essay, we have some hints for you. Follow our outline to create a piece of writing.


An introduction to any essay genre should consist of a hook sentence, background information, and a thesis statement. While the same-sex marriage thesis statement and the hook will be described below, the background section is not as complicated. You could use our Bonus #1 (see below) to start your essay with facts and statistics. Or you can describe the causes of the studied problem and the state of its development.

Example: Gay marriages have been accepted as a norm by all the American States, but not all the population considers it correct.

Same-sex Marriage Essay: Hook Examples

A hook is usually the first one or two sentences of an essay. They should grab the readers’ attention, and many authors make them provocative. But a same-sex marriage essay discusses many debatable issues that many people cannot agree about. For this reason, you should take a gentle approach.

Example 1: Imagine your child will stay with a host family abroad during the vacation. Would you allow the kid to stay in a same-sex family?

Example 2: We are too different to have the same opinion on anything. That is what we call diversity. But should we agree about same-sex marriages?

Same-sex Marriage: Thesis Statement

So, are you for or against the legalization of same-sex marriages? Be careful when choosing your stand. You’ll need this firm position to formulate a strong thesis statement (the last sentence of your introduction paragraph):

Example 1: The right to officially celebrate marriage is one of the basic rights regardless of sexual orientation.

Example 2: Legalization of same-sex relationships is another step in the evolution of the traditional concept of marriage.

Example 3: Married gay couples could provide stable homes for kids who would otherwise stay in shelters.


It is the principal part of any writing, and a same-sex marriage essay is no exclusion. Traditionally we arrange this section in three paragraphs. Depending on the essay genre, they can state three arguments (persuasive essay), two arguments and one counter-argument (argumentative essay), or three ideas (opinion essay). Formulate each of these statements in a topical sentence and start the paragraph with it. By the way, you can consult our suggested arguments in Bonus #2.


Nothing new should be said in this section. On the contrary, you should restate your thesis statement and summarize the main points of your main body here. Our website has helpful tools: Summarizer and Thesis Maker. You can try them to get the idea.

📊 Bonus #1: Facts & Statistics about Gay Marriage

When it comes to supporting your position, there’s nothing like some relevant stats:

  • Gay marriages are now legal in the United States.
  • 1,138 is the number of legal benefits for married couples.
  • 27% of Americans thought same-sex marriage should be legal in 1996.
  • 53% of Americans thought it should be legal in 2013.
  • 646,000 is the number of same-sex households in America in 2010.
  • 115,064 is the number of same-sex households with kids in America.
  • The first country in the world to legalize gay marriage was the Netherlands in 2000.
  • Same-sex marriage was first introduced through a popular vote in 2015 in Ireland. This had never happened before in any other country.
  • Spain is the most supportive country of gay marriage: 77% of people think that same-sex couples should be allowed to marry legally.
  • In 2004, same-sex marriage became legal in Massachusetts, the first state in the United States to do so.
  • In 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court legalized gay marriage throughout the country. With this Supreme Court decision, the United States joined 20 other countries that allow same-sex marriages.
  • According to Pew Research Center poll done in 2016, 55% of U.S. citizens support same-sex marriage, and 37% don’t. Currently, 58% of U.S. women and 52% of U.S. men support gay marriage.
  • In a 2016 Pew Research survey, 72% of Americans said that they saw legal recognition of gay marriages as “inevitable.”
  • More than 9 million American adults identify as LGBT (2015)
  • There are nearly 1 million same-sex couples in the United States, of which 390,000 are married.
  • More than 200,000 children are being raised by same-sex couples (which represents 18% of all same-sex couples). Same-sex couples are three times more likely to adopt or foster children than heterosexual couples.
  • Four U.S. states currently allow civil unions: Hawaii, Illinois, Colorado, and New Jersey.
  • The first legal gay marriage ceremony in the world took place in the Netherlands on April 1, 2001.
  • The first legal gay marriage ceremony in the United States took place in Cambridge, MA, on May 17, 2004.

⚖️ Bonus #2: Gay Marriage Essay Arguments

✔️ For gay marriage ❌ Against gay marriage
The weddingSame-sex couples would be able to have a ceremony for their wedding celebration.The Bible is against same-sex marriages, claiming that marriage was solely created to unite one woman and one man.
Legal benefitsGay couples would have access to benefits regarding taxes, hospital visitation, and insurance coverage.The divorce rate is already high, and legalizing gay marriages would only serve to weaken the institution of marriage.
FreedomThe conventional concept of matrimony could be changed forever, leading to acceptance for everyone.Legalizing same-sex marriage could be the first step toward legalizing incestuous relationships, bestiality, or other kinds of non-traditional relationships.
Public opinionThe laws are changing, and the majority of Americans support same-sex marriages now.Opponents of gay marriage should not pay taxes for something they stand against.
Raising childrenGay marriage is protected by the U.S. Constitution under its promise of equality and liberty.Children need a father and a mother to have successful adult relationships.
Adoption Gay marriage would allow same-sex couples to adopt children. Many children are born out of wedlock in Scandinavia, where same-sex couples have been given benefits since 1987.
Laws Legalizing same-sex marriages won’t impact the value of heterosexual marriages. Same-sex marriages cannot produce children. Therefore, the purpose of marriage will shift from family to personal gratification.
Religion Same-sex marriages should not be restricted due to religion. The Bible states that a marriage can exist exclusively between one man and one woman.
Divorce In U.S. states where same-sex marriages have been legalized, divorce rates have gone down. Churches may be obliged to marry same-sex couples, and children will see no difference between heterosexual and homosexual marriages.

📝 Why Same-sex Marriage Should Be Legal: Essay 250 Words

If someone asked you why should going to college or having children be legal to everyone, you would think the question is weird. Then why don’t we have the same feeling about granting the right to marriage to all adult people? It has been scientifically proved that such people have a different sexuality, but it has nothing to do with any mental disorder. Still, only 30 countries have allowed homosexual couples to register their relationships officially. This essay aims to explain why same-sex marriage should be legal worldwide.

Five to seven percent of humanity is homosexual. In addition, there is no evidence that this number varies much across place or time. If some five percent seem too little, here is another fact: The United States has five percent of the world population. Imagine someone decided to move all homosexual people to a single continent and then forbade them to marry or adopt children. Wouldn’t it be a crime against humanity?

Marriage gives many economic and social benefits. If your husband or wife gets to the hospital, you can be allowed into the ward. But if your marriage is not registered, you’ll have to wait outside in most cases. If you marry someone who has a child from previous relationships and their parent passes away, you will become their caregiver. Many bank loans and crediting options are only available to married people.

The opponents of same-sex marriages claim that the practice would give a negative example to the younger generation. However, homosexuality is not an illness. You cannot catch it as an infection or “decide” to love someone of the same gender because you think it’s cool.

In consideration of everything above, same-sex marriage should be allowed to all people. First, there is enormous number of people who would like to avail of this human right and there is no rational reason to deprive them of it. Second, marriage can help anyone to become a more responsible member of society and have some additional benefits. And those who are afraid that their children will “learn” to be homosexual are ignorant of medical and anthropological facts.

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