Gay Marriage Essay Writing: Hot Arguments and Cool Statistics

You may have conflicting feelings when you are assigned a gay marriage essay. On the one hand, you have your personal view of this issue. On the other hand, you need some strong arguments to defend your position. That’s why this post is here, to give you all the necessary information to make your project rock.

️ Gay marriage essays: Major arguments

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So, are you for or against legalization of same-sex marriages? Be careful when choosing your stand. You’ll need this firm position to formulate a strong thesis statement (the last sentence of your introduction paragraph):

The right to officially celebrate marriage is one of the basic rights (regardless of sexual orientation).Marriage is a religious right, and the Bible prohibits same-sex unions.
Legalization is another step in the evolution of the traditional concept of marriage.Marriage is all about bearing kids, and same- sex couples can’t have biological kids.
Married gay couples could provide stable homes for kids who would otherwise stay in shelters.Gay marriage will result in even more gay couples.

📊 Gay marriage essay: Stats and figures

When it comes to supporting your position, there’s nothing like some relevant stats:

  • Gay marriages are now legal in the United States.
  • 1,138 is the number of legal benefits for married couples.
  • 27% Americans thought same-sex marriage should be legal in 1996.
  • 53% Americans thought it should be legal in 2013.
  • 646,000 is the number of same-sex households in America in 2010.
  • 115,064 is the number of same-sex households with kids in America.

💡 Gay marriage essay prompts

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We do not intend to say here that same-sex marriage essays are all about answering a yes or no question. You can go way further than that. Here are a couple other creative approaches you might like:

  1. The evolution of the public attitude towards same-sex couples: the main influential factors.
  2. The psycho-social effects of being raised in a gay couple family.
  3. Why is the divorce rate twice as low for same-sex couples as it is for straight couples?

To get started writing an outstanding essay, first choose your gay marriage essay topic and think about a catchy title for your gay marriage essay. Then write your outline.

Have no idea how to write your introduction? You can use these attention-grabbing statistics and facts as your gay marriage essay hook!

💬 Gay marriage statistics and interesting facts

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  1. The first country in the world to legalize gay marriage was the Netherlands in 2000.
  2. Same-sex marriage was first introduced through a popular vote in 2015 in Ireland. This had never happened before in any other country.
  3. Spain is the most supportive country of gay marriages: 77% of people think that same-sex couples should be allowed to legally marry.
  4. In 2004, same-sex marriage became legal in Massachusetts, the first state in the United States to do so.
  5. In 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court legalized gay marriage throughout the country. With this Supreme Court decision, the United States joined 20 other countries that allow same-sex marriages.
  6. According to Pew Research Center polling done in 2016, 55% of U.S. citizens support same-sex marriage, and 37% don’t. Currently, 58% of U.S. women and 52% of U.S. men support gay marriage.
  7. In a 2016 Pew Research survey, 72% of Americans said that they saw legal recognition of gay marriages as “inevitable.”
  8. More than 9 million American adults identify as LGBT (2015)
  9. There are nearly 1 million same-sex couples in the United States, of which 390,000 are married.
  10. More than 200,000 children are being raised by same-sex couples (which represents 18% of all same-sex couples). Same-sex couples are three times more likely to adopt or foster children than heterosexual couples.
  11. Four U.S. states currently allow civil unions: Hawaii, Illinois, Colorado, and New Jersey.
  12. The first legal gay marriage ceremony in the world took place in the Netherlands on April 1, 2001.
  13. The first legal gay marriage ceremony in the United States took place in Cambridge, MA, on May 17, 2004.

Regardless of which hook most interests you, be sure to connect it to a powerful main idea. At the end of your introduction, formulate a strong thesis for your gay marriage essay.

Take into account the following main arguments:

Supporters of gay marriage state that banning gay marriages is unconstitutional and discriminatory and that same-sex couples should have access to the same advantages that different-sex couples have.

Opponents claim that marriage has always been defined as a union between a man and a woman as a reflection of the biological necessity for procreation and that gay couples should not be able to marry because they cannot produce children.

️ Gay marriage arguments

The wedding

  • For gay marriage: Same-sex couples would be able to have a ceremony for their wedding celebration.
  • Against gay marriage: The Bible is against same-sex marriages, claiming that marriage was solely created to unite one woman and one man.

Legal benefits

  • For gay marriage: Gay couples would have access to benefits regarding taxes, hospital visitation, and insurance coverage.
  • Against gay marriage: The divorce rate is already high, and legalizing gay marriages would only serve to weaken the institution of marriage.


  • For gay marriage: The conventional concept of matrimony could be changed forever, leading to acceptance for everyone.
  • Against gay marriage: Legalizing same-sex marriage could be the first step toward legalizing incestuous relationships, bestiality, or other kinds of non-traditional relationships.

Public opinion

  • For gay marriage: The laws are changing, and the majority of Americans support same-sex marriages now.
  • Against gay marriage: Opponents of gay marriage should not pay taxes for something they stand against.

Raising children

gay marriage is protected
  • For gay marriage: Gay marriage is protected by the U.S. Constitution under its promise of equality and liberty.
  • Against gay marriage: Children need a father and a mother to have successful adult relationships.


  • For gay marriage: Gay marriage would allow same-sex couples to adopt children.
  • Against gay marriage: Many children are born out of wedlock in Scandinavia, where same-sex couples have been given benefits since 1987.


  • For gay marriage: Legalizing same-sex marriages won’t impact the value of heterosexual marriages.
  • Against gay marriage: Same-sex marriages cannot produce children. Therefore, the purpose of marriage will shift from family to personal gratification.


religion fact gay
  • For gay marriage: Same-sex marriages should not be restricted due to religion.
  • Against gay marriage: The Bible states that a marriage can exist exclusively between one man and one woman.


  • For gay marriage: In U.S. states where same-sex marriages have been legalized, divorce rates have gone down.
  • Against gay marriage: Churches may be obliged to marry same-sex couples, and children will see no difference between heterosexual and homosexual marriages.

You can find many more arguments for writing your same-sex marriage essay thesis on the web.

Whether you argue for or against same-sex marriage, be sure to support the main points of your same-sex marriage essay with relevant facts and quotes. Do not forget to write a powerful conclusion to end your essay on a high note.

Having a hard time writing your gay marriage essay? Get help!

With all of this information, you are more than ready to write an interesting gay marriage essay. If you need more essay writing tips, check out the other helpful articles on our blog. You can also look for gay marriage essay samples online.

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