176 Topics for a Global Warming Essay + Outline & Writing Guide

Do you close a faucet while brushing your teeth?

♻️ Have you switched to reusable cotton swabs, grocery bags, personal hygiene items, and other sustainable things?

You probably know how all these tiny subjects affect our planet’s climate. And here we are to discuss this massive issue.


Global warming and climate change are pretty challenging topics. And that happens despite a lot has already been said about these phenomena. It’s OK if you feel a bit overwhelmed, for the subject is broad and consists of various approaches and details.

  • Below, we offer you an excellent set of topic ideas for different types of essays.
  • BONUS: global warming essay outline and essential details about each essay type.

Study the article to grasp how to write a well-curated global warming composition entirely!

🌑️ Major Approaches to Global Warming

Before we get to the list of global warming essay ideas, let’s warm up a bit.

All topics about climate nowadays are of current interest. So we decided to start this article by stating what the critical paradigms for global warming are.
Here are some viable approaches and trusted resources you can use to defend any position.

1. There’s no Such Thing as Global Warming

Some claim that several-degree temperature changes are all-natural; nothing special about it.


2. Global Warming Debates Are too Politicized

There’s an opinion that the debates around the issue are too politicized, and people believe in global warming only if they’ve noticed a temperature change themselves.


3. We Need to Understand the Causes

Global warming is a complex issue, and it is acting with many other environmental problems. Factors causing global warming are divided into two categories: human activities and natural causes.

4. Decision-makers Need to Do Something

The consequences of global warming should motivate decision-makers to act immediately. Climate change legislation has permeated international political discourse. The approaches of developed and developing countries differ a lot. Overall, the number of climate laws continues to multiply.


5. We Need to Do Something ASAP

Global warming is the greatest threat of the 21st century. There is no time to analyze who, why, and how causes it. People should unite and start fighting it right away.


Sustainability and Government Resources in Climate Change Fight

Use these sources to write a great essay on global warming.

Need more information about global warming? Continue reading!

πŸ“‘ Global Warming Essay Outline

If you are looking for ideas for an informative global warming essay, you are at the right place!

A good structure will make your paper readable, persuasive, and reliable. Since global warming is a multidimensional issue, you can be easily distracted from the central idea of a composition. It sometimes happens because there are lots of interrelated and similar sub-topics.

We quite understand that!

A clear plan will help you stick to the initial aim and elaborate on aspects vital to it. You’ll also find all the necessary features for each type of essay under the respective headlines below.

Are you thrilled enough by far?

Let’s get to the point!

Schematic outline for a global warming essay.

Global Warming Introduction Paragraph

First things first! An excellent start will set up a tone for the rest of the essay. You will need a good introductory paragraph for a paper about global warming. It’s not as backbreaking as building a spaceship!

An introduction should include the following points:

  • a brief description of your issue
  • some background information – to put the reader wise of your further arguments
  • a thesis statement

Are you ready to learn the secret of a successful essay?

A hook!

It is the first sentence of the essay and a tool to grasp the reader’s attention, making them read your paper from the first to the last sentence. For example, you can use a rhetorical question, but it’s the most straightforward way.

Read our recent guide article about narrative hooks and how to use them:

πŸ”— 15 Great Essay Hooks with Samples and Explanations

Let’s see what it can look like.

  • A metaphor used as a hook in a persuasive essay sounds powerful:

Heaven on Earth is risking becoming an absolute hell within the current century. Global warming causes animal and plant extinction on beautiful coral reefs and Alpine meadows. And it is not a question of aesthetics only. It is devastating for a considerable number of reasons.

  • Striking stats in an argumentative essay is one of the best tools to get the reader’s attention:

Is 20 billion US dollars much to pay for a single drought? Meanwhile, the economic loss due to the 2012 drought in the United States was around that sum of money, making it the most expensive drought in US history. And it is just one of the numerous examples of global warming’s destructive influence on the economy.

  • The famous quote has been ironically twisted for a hook in a satirical essay:

California’s definitely not dreaming of that: the state has been suffering from severe wildfires for recent years, not by chance. Forest fires and many other effects of global warming are appearing more frequently.

  • Vivid comparison is used in this hook for a synthesis essay:

CO2 is like Tony Montana of the environment-conscious world: evil, notorious, and no one understands him. But is the impact of this gas really so hazardous and terrible, as we are told?

Looks good, right?

Hooks always make your intro fresh and catchy. Don’t be lazy to use them properly.

Main Body of a Global Warming Essay

Now let’s speak about the essential part of the essay on global warming.

No doubt, the central part of your essay depends on the particular type of paper. In all cases, the body paragraphs comprise arguments and evidence necessary for supporting your thesis.
Let’s dig a little deeper here!

🏁 Follow this scheme to make your essay excellent:

  • take up the first argument
  • elaborate on it as much as it’s needed to convince the reader
  • switch to the next statement and reveal its importance in the following body paragraph.

Be ready to divide all the information you present! If you have five arguments proving global warming is a human-made phenomenon, don’t compile them into one paragraph.

Sound logic will contribute to your essay and show you as a reasonable and consistent author.

Data for an Essay on Global Warming

Good news for those of you who can’t bear the idea of searching for statistics, data, and figures!

It is optional for some kinds of global warming assignments. However, it’s better to have some reliable information and sources in-store.

Some real-life experience will improve your essay, especially if it’s something that has been in the public eye already, like Greta Thunberg’s protests or Donald Trump’s tweets about warming.

Here is a list of reliable sources you can use to get some data:

There is something else about it! Global warming is a pretty controversial subject, despite many people admitting this problem due to climate change. Make sure that you draw valid evidence.

Conclusion of Global Warming Essay

Finally! The icing on our climate change cake, the final touch – the conclusion!

Should it be mentioned there’s no need to introduce any new information in that part?

If you’ve known that already, you are halfway there. Almost. We still have some crucial things in store to remind you.

The conclusion aims to sum up everything that has been said and told in the previous paragraphs. Avoid adding some extra information to the conclusion. Yes, even if you came up with new brilliant ideas only at the end. In that case, go back and try to edit your text and its logic.

It is time to wind up. And the best thing you can do at this point:

  • generalize all the facts and arguments,
  • suggest a solution or a couple if you found some.

Now you are ready for the climate change topics for your essay!

πŸ—£οΈ Global Warming Argumentative Essay. Topic Ideas & Examples

We can compare the argumentative essay with serious and formal debates.
Aspects to consider when working on an argumentative essay:

  • you choose the line which you’d like to defend
  • then you start supporting it with solid arguments
  • you also remember that just your single opinion is insufficient
  • that’s why you add some views which are opposing your own

The global warming argumentative essay includes examples, survey results, references, and research in the body paragraphs. Some statistics while supporting your claims would also help. Your primary goal is to make the reader take up your position on a particular question.

  1. Human-made catastrophe: Dramatic increase of greenhouse gas content in the atmosphere as a direct result of human activities.
  2. Climate change as health determinant: Policy brief.
  3. Are human-generated greenhouse gas emissions too insignificant to change the Earth’s climate?
  4. Greenhouse effect and global warming.
  5. What are the reasons to trust those scientists who claim that human activity is not to be blamed for global climate change?
  6. Climate change and public health.
  7. The most notorious substance in the ecological discourse: The truth about CO2 contribution to global warming.
  8. Climate change and energy efficiency in architecture.
  9. Why is it essential to find alternative energy sources instead of coal-burning power plants?
  10. Sixteen percent of all global CO2 emissions belong to the USA: The reasons we should be aware of statistics.
  11. Wind Energy: Current Status and Future Perspectives on the Energy Market.
  12. Driving electric vehicles instead of classic fossil fuel ones is an essential step in fighting against global warming.
  13. Greenhouse gases: Harmful impact on the external environment.
  14. Should we take the economic collapse in the country seriously due to global warming?
  15. Argumentative essay about global warming.
  16. Planting trees, fabric shopping bags, reusable bottles: Fashion trends or natural aid in the battle with climate change?
  17. Effects of climate change on global health.
  18. Humanity is getting richer, and the Earth is getting poorer: cryptocurrencies and their immense negative impact on the global warming situation.
  19. Sustainable lifestyles and eco-friendly living habits should be affordable for all populations to eliminate global warming effects.
  20. Global warming as costs of environmental degradation.
  21. The role of such organizations as NOAA: To reduce vulnerability and be prepared is essential due to some dramatic global warming consequences.
  22. Impact of climate change and solutions.
  23. Brave new world: We need more alternatives to internal combustion engines.
  24. Carbon emissions and law.
  25. Global warming affects the health of all Americans: We are becoming less healthy due to climate change.
  26. Global warming causes.
  27. We should stop blaming the sun for the Earth’s heating: The sun has nothing to do with it.

🌍 Global Warming Persuasive Essay. Topic Ideas & Examples

You may be wondering if there is any difference between argumentative and persuasive essays. We’ve already got an answer!
When it comes to a persuasive essay, there’s no urgent need for figures and statistics. Just imagine: your own words will be enough if they can call to the reader’s heart and excite vivid emotions!

It is about feelings rather than the mind.

Feelings VS Mind.

So you just need to know your audience to choose the correct keys. The First-Person Narration and Second-Person Narration phrases, such as “In my opinion” and “I believe,” are commonly used in this type of paper.

  1. After us, the deluge: One of the reasons we should act now is the future of our kids.
  2. Extreme weather patterns and climate change.
  3. We do too little for the Earth: Immediate international action is urgent to reduce greenhouse gas emanations.
  4. Climate change’s impact on human living conditions.
  5. Deforestation is becoming a growing problem: Do we want all these cute forest animals to die out?
  6. Global warming: Future summers.
  7. Turning off the faucet while brushing your teeth isn’t sufficient for reducing dramatic water shortages.
  8. Solar energy as an alternative energy source.
  9. Sunshine State is in danger: The risk of irreversible coastal flooding in Florida due to global warming.
  10. The Role of Renewable Energy in the Global Energy Budget.
  11. Every detail matters: How does even leaving the door of your ice-box can contribute to the increase of the Earth’s temperature?
  12. Discussion of climate change impact.
  13. A great chance to take up a new hobby: Creating your garden can be fruitful both for you and Earth’s condition.
  14. Global warming affecting the wildlife.
  15. The ways we can use our social media platforms to spread awareness of global warming.
  16. Climate change impact on nature and society.
  17. Giant arctic mosquitoes are getting bigger: What should the next level of global warming be for us to admit the problem?
  18. Transforming Waste into Sustainable Energy Source. How Does It Work?
  19. California’s bad dreaming: Wildfires as a destructive effect of global warming.
  20. Global warming problem.
  21. Agricultural collapse: Would you like to pay 100 dollars for a loaf of bread or start acting against global warming?
  22. Climate change crisis and ocean threats.
  23. The Northeast of the US demands immediate help: The effects of global warming are becoming more noticeable.
  24. Climate change: Melting ice and sea-level rise.
  25. We should spare no expense in saving our planet: The importance of investing in commercial services that fight against global warming.
  26. Global warming: Human responsibility.
  27. A clash of titans: How come volcanoes release less CO2 than humanity?
  28. Global warming threat.
  29. Not only rising in level but also more acidic: The changes that seawater faces due to global warming.
  30. Saving Oceans and Coasts – Top Priority. How Does Climate Change Impact Them?

πŸ–‡οΈ Global Warming Causes and Effects Essay. Topic Ideas & Examples

Cause and effect essay primarily considers two sides:

  • reasons why certain phenomena take place
  • the impact which they carry

To put it another way, when writing a cause & effect essay, one should observe the interrelation of different things. You should understand what came first and what consequences it brought.

In climatic processes, many aspects correlate.

For instance, if we take global warming itself, we can say it contributes to climate change. Another example: CO2 emissions are one of the reasons global warming takes place. Mind that your essay may have a greater focus either on causes or on effects.

Here are some good global warming causes and effects essay topics:

  1. Climate change impact on business activity in Malawi.
  2. What do the most notorious hurricanes, Katrina and Sandy, have to do with global warming?
  3. Global warming: Cause and mitigation.
  4. Methane as a global warming trigger: How does the melting permafrost cause further climate changes?
  5. Impact of global warming on city expansion.
  6. Spreading deserts, devastating hurricanes, and lethal heatwaves: Effects of global warming we already face today.
  7. Global warming, its causes, effects, and prevention.
  8. How can cows save us from global warming catastrophe?
  9. Oil Refinings and Gas Processing Effects.
  10. The interrelation of asthma and global warming: High-level air pollution, pollen-producing ragweed, and other effects prevent us from normal breathing.
  11. Agriculture and global warming effects.
  12. Changing migration patterns of lobsters and birds: Are animals just bored with the old routes, or is it the effect of global warming?
  13. Air Pollution: Causes, Effects, and Solutions.
  14. Time to change the habits: The effects of global warming on the lifestyle we are used to.
  15. Anthropogenic causes of global warming.
  16. Thanks to our ancestors: The real impact of the Industrial Revolution on global warming.
  17. Global warming effect on temperature and agriculture.
  18. We must consider a low level of consciousness as one of the fundamental factors which increase global warming.
  19. Climate change: Primary causes and consequences.
  20. Approaches of going green and ways of becoming more eco-friendly seem the most effective in fighting global warming.
  21. Effect of global warming and climate change.
How to Go Green Starter Pack.
  1. Transport Industry’s Input to Global Warming.
  2. Vibrio Bacteria: How are diarrhea and liver diseases linked to global warming?
  3. Global warming: Definition, causes, effects.
  4. To be safe and sound or not to be: Anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress as long-termed effects of climate change.
  5. Global warming causes and effects.
  6. Reducing greenhouse gas emanations is admitted to be beneficial for mental and physical health.
  7. Climate Change Effects on the Arab World.
  8. Save our food: Global heating is a reason for pathogenic bacteria to multiply and invade our food supplies.
  9. Causes of global climate change.
  10. Refugees, homeless, and abandoned children: An unobvious connection between human trafficking and global warming.
  11. Effects of temperature on global warming.
  12. Pride of the nation: The impact global warming carries onto US national parks.

πŸ’‘ Global Warming Opinion Essay. Topic Ideas & Examples

An opinion essay structure can be described briefly in the following way:

  • start with rephrasing the initial question
  • agree or disagree with it.

If the essay requires you to reveal the degree of your admitting the point, make sure you express it straightforwardly.

When writing an opinion essay, a common mistake is a substitution of the topic or emphasis shift – don’t step off!

  1. Responsibility zone: Climate change is not a problem for future generations.
  2. Energy resources: The future of fossil fuels.
  3. Greta Thunberg effect: A solid proof one can be helpful in the fight against global warming at any age.
  4. Heaven or hell on Earth: Coral reefs and Alpine meadows may cease to exist because of global warming.
  5. Climate change and politics of doubt: Expert opinion.
  6. It is never “too late” to start taking action: The ability of humans to slow the rate of global warming.
  7. Investing in energy-efficient appliances can be a good help in reducing the human impact of global warming.
  8. Global climate change.
  9. “Idle load”: How pulling the plugs in your house can save energy and thus reduce damage.
  10. Global warming education: Should kids be taught climate change issues since the very childhood?
  11. Global warming: Speculating about causes.
  12. Can we consider the good news that the year seasons are still arriving on time as they have in the past?
  13. Less frequent use of planes can make a big difference in climate change.
  14. Global warming and climate change controversy.
  15. The support of your local businesses is an essential step to reducing global warming effects.
  16. Measuring and mapping: Being aware of global warming hazards can help us prevent many negative impacts.
  17. Explaining climate science in the modern world.
  18. Humanity should work on its greed: The signs proving overconsumption contributes to global warming.
  19. Two dangerous D’s: denial and delay, are the most frequent human vices for global warming.
  20. Wind: Energy for the future.
  21. The gaps in infrastructure: We are simply not ready to cover all the expenses caused by global warming effects damage.
  22. Wind as an alternative energy source: Why is wind power suitable for individual consumption but not for industrial production?

🌞 Global Warming Synthesis Essay. Topic Ideas & Examples

If you have to review several different sources with diverse views, you get a synthesis essay.

The main requirements of a synthesis essay are:

  • to explore a compilation of opinions
  • to evaluate how they relate to your thesis
  • to classify data
  • and present it in organic unity

It takes thorough pre-writing work, and you should choose your sources carefully. Spend time examining them to make sure they are valid and ready to use.

  1. The reasons to rely on scientists’ long-termed climate projections despite the mistakes in the regular weather forecast.
  2. CO2 is not the major greenhouse trigger gas: gases we should know about for the whole picture.
Major Human-Made Greenhouse Gases.
  1. The scientific evidence shows that the globe is warming up and that it’s our responsibility.
  2. Climate change & global warming: Universal strategy.
  3. Are natural weather patterns a fundamental cause of increased hurricane activity and other extreme weather events?
  4. Waste Diversion Programs in Ontario.
  5. The power of devastation: Which factors have the worst influence on our agriculture and fisheries?
  6. Global warming: Realities, challenges, and solutions.
  7. The most effective methods of reducing the effects of global warming that people can implement in their locality.
  8. The greenhouse effect.
  9. 20 billion US dollars-cost drought: Economic sectors which suffer from global warming the most.
  10. The global warming issue.
  11. The real part of global warming in the disappearance of coral reefs: Is it significant enough?
  12. Global warming: Threats, pollution and activities to stop.
  13. You choose what to believe in: Different points of view on CO2 influence on crops and vegetation.
  14. Global warming and climate change: Economic aspects.
  15. Are we moving toward or backward: What are the visible results of the human battle against global warming?
  16. Definition of weather and climate.
  17. More advantages or drawbacks: chances that nuclear power is an effective solution.
  18. Everyday communication surrounding climate change.
  19. International experience: Measures different countries take to reduce the damage from global warming.
  20. Changes in the global climate model.
  21. Which of all everyday products and life items are the least eco-friendly?
  22. Global warming: Causes, effects, solutions.
  23. A scientific approach to the problems of climate change and global warming.
  24. Fossil, clean, and nuclear energy sources.

πŸ¦„ Global Warming Myth or Reality Essay. Topic Ideas & Examples

People have always been finding reasons to argue, always!

Some people believe in one thing, and others consider it ridiculous. We cannot blame them, for they have the motives to think a certain way.

Global warming myth or reality essay requires:

  • Regarding controversial opinions + doing a little research on them
  • Evaluating whether the statement is the truth or a common misbelief.

Due to the diversity of information, there are many debatable topics about global warming.

Have a look at some of them πŸ‘€

  1. Rising levels of atmospheric CO2 do not necessarily cause global warming: Fiction or truth?
  2. Climate change: How Exxon misled the public.
  3. Do oceans and forests absorb human-produced CO2: Myth or reality?
  4. No more threat: Global warming ceased in 1998 – myth or reality?
  5. Climate change and global warming debate.
  6. The truth and lies about renewable energy: Is it our future or just a way of money-making?
  7. Adaptation myth: It’s time to face the truth that not all flora and fauna can fit into the new climate reality.
  8. Global warming: A review of the evidence β€˜pro’ and β€˜con’.
  9. Vegetarian heaven: Is the meat industry to be blamed for global warming?
  10. How come people nowadays live longer than ever before with global warming effects like air pollution?
  11. Is global warming real?
  12. The eco-friendliness of electric cars: Is it a lie that they are better than regular ones since they consume energy anyway?
  13. Believing that global warming is just about warmer temperature is a large misconception.
  14. Climate change and global warming: Are they real?
  15. Getting rid of oil dependence will save us from fast-paced global warming: Myth or fact?
  16. The benefits and positive sides of global warming: Are there any?
  17. The global warming phenomenon debate.
  18. If the temperature increases by two or three degrees, it will not harm us: A great lie to avoid the truth.
  19. No time to die, no time to live: Why thinking that it’s too late to take action is a myth.
  20. Myth or reality about drinking water: If glaciers melt, will we stop suffering from water shortage?
Global warming myths.
Source: skepticalscience.com

🎭 Satirical Essay on Global Warming. Topic Ideas & Examples

A satirical essay has to be seasoned with a nice portion of irony. The purpose is to point out vices and wrong opinions without being offensive.

Here are four practical tools for creating satire:

  • irony – you can use words in their opposite meaning to create an ironic tone
  • hyperbole – or exaggeration, can highlight a point you want to deliver to your reader
  • understatement – the exact opposite of hyperbole
  • allegory – use symbols to express your points.

Although climate change is a severe and acute issue, you shouldn’t feel guilty for playing around with it. Humor can be a great assistant in delivering a complicated point.

Our satirical essay topics on global warming:

  1. Denial as a magic power: Can you cancel global warming using Twitter?
  2. If I can’t see CO2 emissions with my own eyes, it means there’s no danger!
  3. Why do we need this ozone layer if we have many other pleasant things like deodorants and air fresheners?
  4. How come I still need a warm coat in winter and can make a snowman if global warming is on?
  5. Volkswagen cheating on emissions systems testing.
  6. Should we get back to our roots and replace cars with horses to reduce CO2 emissions?
  7. Eternal summer: Global warming is an excellent solution for all these ugly winter overcoats.
  8. The Climate Action Plan as “harmful and unnecessary policy”: Should we get to action despite the US leaving the Paris climate agreement?
  9. What are renewable energy sources, except for heat and wind, that you haven’t been aware of?
  10. Natural resource curse: why do some countries avoid it while others are unable to?
  11. Yes, we know that climate change is a global issue, but can we put all the blame on China anyway?
  12. Zero waste and less consumption? No, global warming is just too big of a problem for me to even bother.
  13. In case you didn’t know that extinct animals and plants don’t belong to renewable resources, you know now.
  14. If we don’t handle the overpopulation of cities, we’ll have to deal with overpopulation in cemeteries eventually.
  15. Climate refugees in Bangladesh and America.
  16. A couple of reasons why animals and plants shouldn’t be sacrificed to save the “supreme” creation.
  17. If getting cooked to death by the world isn’t your greatest dream, you should start considering global warming an issue.
  18. Backup planet: Global warming is not an issue anymore since Elon Musk has already been working on Mars colonization.

Turns out to be not so difficult, huh?

Now with these examples of global warming essay topics, you’ll master the art of writing papers!

Anyway, we hope you read all of them; there’s plenty of breathtaking information and facts. Let’s discuss them in the comment section!

Below are some additional sources for your inspiration.

πŸ€ Good luck, and don’t forget to close the faucet!

πŸ”— References

  1. NASA: Climate Change and Global Warming
  2. Global warming and climate change effects: information and facts | National Geographic
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  5. Global Warming 101 – Definition, Facts, Causes and Effects of Global Warming | NRDC
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