How to Edit an Essay in Minimum Time: 10 Life Hacks

Editing your papers is probably the most unpleasant thing in life, second only to writing them. If you wonder how to edit your essays and live a full life, check the following hacks that will help you:

Here’s How to Edit Like a Boss

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As a rule, you need to make a pause after you complete your paper to distance yourself from your work and to edit it later. Hemingway said: “Write drunk; edit sober.” However, there are moments when you don’t have time for this. Then the following interesting strategies might help you:

  1. Copy and paste it into Google Translate and listen to it. In this way, you’ll notice the inconsistencies, repetitions and the worst misprints.
  2. Change the font size, type and color. It’s easy and quick, but it’ll change the way you see your text.
  3. Choose a font that is difficult to read. Yellow, for example. If you need to concentrate to read it, you’ll do better noticing the slightest errors.
  4. Read it backwards. Crazy as it sounds, it can help you see the text from a new perspective and notice some errors.
  5. Read it aloud to someone. If you have a patient friend, you can phone him/her and read what you’ve written.

Essay Editing Tips from Gurus

And some professional tips on how to edit your papers from experienced editors:

  1. Turn on the auto-check in your text editor. Some suggestions can be really helpful. Accept only what you think is necessary. Remember that sometimes editors can be wrong.
  2. Make sure that there is an in-text quote for every source mentioned in the reference list.
  3. Check punctuation. Correct all the run-on sentences (the sentences consisting of two or more smaller sentences, but not connected with a conjunction). Add conjunctions or divide longer sentences into several smaller ones.
  4. Check the use of pronouns, make sure that it’s not confusing. Every time you use he, she, it, they etc it should be clear what exactly you mean.
  5. Make sure that you’ve included an outstanding thesis statement at the end of the introduction part.

Would you like to share some of your personal tips on how to edit? Feel free to post a comment, our readers will be grateful if you do.

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