Best Essays: Clear Examples, Tips and Worst Bloopers

Best Essays: Clear Examples, Tips and Worst Bloopers

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There’s only one thing that can make you as happy as if you won at lottery. It’s when you find best essays online and you can download them for free, without even needing to register. And this is your jackpot waiting for you only a few lines below – free essay examples, tips and worst bloopers.

Best Essay Examples for You

Sure, we won’t claim that the following essay examples are the best essays ever written. Yet, here you’ll find all you need to know on the three different essay types and how to create a masterpiece of your own:

  1. Argumentative essay example;
  2. Descriptive essay example;

Already inspired? Read on to learn how to make your essay even better.

Best Essays in the Eyes of Students and Teachers

Even if you understand the basics of different essay types and have good examples by your side, you still need to understand one additional important thing. Best essays in the eyes of students and teachers are absolutely different.

Parameter What teachers want What students want
Essay length: 3 – 5 pages 5 full pages Times New Roman 3 full pages Arial
Quotes 7- 8 paraphrased quotes from different sources (books, journals, web)+ 2-3 direct quotes 2 direct quotes from the course’s book
Thesis statement A clear and brief summary of your entire work + a map for your paper. The last sentence of the introduction is automatically recognized as a thesis statement.
Time you spend on the essay 1 hour brainstorming + 3 hours researching + 1 hour outlining + 3 hours writing + 2 hours proofreading = 10 hours Rough draft = final draft. 2 hours it is.

As usual, the right balance is somewhere in the middle. You don’t have to spend days and nights on writing essays. Still, you’d better invest some time in your homework if you really want good grades.

Best Essay Bloopers

Bet your confidence will skyrocket after you read the following essay bloopers. So, every time you are unsure whether your essays are good enough, simply remember that somewhere on Earth, there are students who once wrote the following in their essays:

  1. Americans decided to send the asteroid to Mars.
  2. Romeo cannot be blamed for Desdemona’s death.
  3. Shakespearean language isn’t original – his plays are full of clichés.
  4. The reason gay people should be able to marry is that you can’t stop adults from getting married.

So, choose the best strategies for your essays. And happy writing to you, friends!

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The three points of argumentative, descriptive and narrative style essays will also work for people who are doing blogs. When people are trying to think of what to write here are great examples of types of writing.

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