McDonald’s Case Study Freshest Ideas โ€“ Strategic Management, Global Marketing, etc.

The picture provides introductory information about McDonald's Corporation.

Have you ever wondered how McDonald’s became world-famous for selling sandwiches and potatoes?

McDonald’s Corporation is a leader in the fast-food industry, an extremely competitive market. This article will discuss various factors that brought the restaurant chain to success. We will answer all your questions for the McDonald’s case study: strategic management, marketing, competition, crisis management, etc. Let’s start!

๐Ÿฆธ 5 Crazy Facts About McDonald’s

We bet you didn’t know most of these facts:

  • French fries are the best-selling item on the menu. No, not everyoneโ€™s all-time favorite Big Mac. But it is pretty popular too, in second place.
  • US military inspired Mcdonald’s to create McDrive. Some of the soldiers on duty were not allowed to leave their cars. That is why a Mcdonald’s restaurant near a military base developed a drive-through system that spread to other branches.
  • Mcdonald’s sells around 75 hamburgers in a second. More than 750 hamburgers will be in customers’ hands only before you finish reading this article.
  • Some countries banned McDonald’s. Bermuda, Iran, Macedonia, Yemen, Montenegro, North Korea, Zimbabwe, Bolivia, and Iceland don’t have a single Mcdonald’s restaurant on their territories.
  • McDonald’s is the biggest toy distributor in the world. The company gives kids more than 1.5 billion toys yearly, thanks to Happy Meal. Check out McDonaldโ€™s Research Topics & Essay Examples to learn more about the company!

๐ŸŒฟ McDonald’s Case Study โ€“ Fresh Ideas

McDonald’s is an excellent research field. It’s a big and famous company with many departments and a long history. Don’t know what to begin with? Check McDonaldโ€™s case study starters below:

  • Advertising campaigns.
  • Pricing strategies.
  • Human resource management.
  • McDonald’s hiring process in 2021.
  • Creative marketing campaigns.
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities.
  • Corporate environment.
  • International markets strategies.
  • Fast-food industry problem statement.
  • McDonald’s financial summary.
  • Food shortage in local markets.
  • Benefits for employees.
  • Supply chain.
  • Sustainability.
  • Community connection.

๐Ÿ” McDonald’s Case Study Marketing โ€“ Idea #1

Take a look at key marketing focus areas of McDonaldโ€™s:

  1. Core product investments
    Mcdonald’s constantly promotes and improves its best-selling menu items. The deals and menus are also based on the core products such as:
    • Big Mac
    • Quarter Pounder
    • Fries
    • Filet O’Fish
    • McNuggets
  2. McDonald’s advertising
    The advertising budget is constantly growing and expanding to new markets. The company spent $1.62 billion on ads in 2020.
  3. McDonald’s branding
    The fast-food chain developed a string brand using red and yellow colors, “M” golden arches and copywriting. You probably know McDonald’s world-famous slogan, “I’m loving it.”
  4. Marketing for children segment
    Happy meals and marketing campaigns targeted at children made McDonald’s No1 fast-food restaurant for families.
  5. McDonald’s franchising model
    The company was one of the pioneers in franchising. It also implemented a unique quality control system and adapted menus to regional tastes.
The picture provides information about the approximate daily income of McDonald's.

๐Ÿฅค McDonald’s Case Study Strategic Management โ€“ Idea #2

McDonald’s constantly sets new goals and reviews current strategies to maintain its position in the market. Here is what you can research:

  1. McDonald’s strategic objectives
    Apart from generating revenue, McDonald’s focuses on its mission and vision. The company aims to become its customer’s favorite restaurant with excellent service.
  2. McDonald’s strategic management in HR
    The company devotes much attention to employment and workforce management planning. McDonald’s also implements innovative technologies to automatize HR processes.
  3. McDonald’s strategic investments
    McDonald’s continues to invest in core menu positions’ marketing as they make roughly 70% of the sales. They plan to integrate more bestsellers into regional menus.
  4. McDonald’s strategic innovations
    The company prioritizes 3Ds (Digital, Delivery, and Drive-Thru) in its current growth strategy. The company works on social and digital client interactions to create a better customer experience.
  5. McDonald’s financial strategies
    McDonald’s financial goal is to maximize its revenue by offering more straightforward financial solutions to its partners. The company supports suppliers and franchisees to help local economies recover after the COVID-19 pandemic.

๐Ÿ‘” McDonald’s Staffing โ€“ Case Study Idea #3

McDonald’s offers various jobs, from the front counter and drive-thru to top management careers. How are employees treated in McDonald’s? Let’s find out:

  1. 2021 measures to fight labor shortage
    At the beginning of 2022, McDonald’s announced that in 2021, it had significantly grown its number of employees. The reasons were wage increases, more benefits, and additional bonuses.
  2. McDonald’s recruiting
    The company uses various selection, screening, and testing techniques depending on the career a person applies to. Hiring managers have many responsibilities, as McDonald’s employs around 200,000 people yearly.
  3. McDonald’s human resource management
    There are more than 1,7 billion McDonald’s crew members around the world. McDonald’s provides training and performance appraisal.
  4. Career ladder in McDonald’s
    Based on the results of its employees, there are multiple career growth opportunities at McDonald’s.
  5. Diversity and inclusion in McDonald’s
    McDonald’s works on key factors that are equal pay, supplier and franchisee diversity, and other sustainability goals. The company implements its DEI (Diversity, Equity & Inclusion) strategy in its departments and supply chains.
The picture states that McDonald's annually purchases around 2 billion eggs for their US restaurants.

๐ŸŸ McDonald’s Vs. Burger King Case Study โ€“ Idea #4

Burger King is one of McDonald’s main competitors on the market. You can compare these fast-food chains using the following aspects:

  1. McDonald’s and Burger King’s customer service
    Burger King greets each customer when they enter its restaurants. In addition, Burger King replies to unsatisfied McDonald’s customers on social media and offers their coupons.
  2. McDonald’s and Burger King’s pricing strategy
    In general, McDonald’s prices are a bit lower. But there is no significant difference in their pricing strategies.
  3. McDonald’s and Burger King’s menu positions
    Burger King offers more balanced options than McDonald’s. On the contrary, McDonald’s is the leader in the breakfast menu and has many healthy options.
  4. McDonald’s and Burger King’s advertising
    McDonald’s implements better branding decisions and consistent advertising. Burger King creates more memorable and witty TV commercials.
  5. McDonald’s and Burger King’s coffee
    McDonald’s offers better coffee with a broader menu, especially in McCafe. Burger King’s coffee is not as popular.
The picture provides a comparison of McDonald's and Burger King in different aspects.

๐Ÿคข McDonald’s and Obesity Case Study โ€“ Idea #5

McDonald’s and other fast food generally contain many calories, leading to weight gain. This problem is especially prominent in the US, where fast food is much more popular than in Europe.

  1. McDonald’s responsibilities
    As the most popular fast-food chain, Mcdonald’s can set trends in the industry that other chains will follow.
  2. McDonald’s nutritional information presentation
    In 2022, Mcdonald’s changed its calorie legislation. You can see calorie and macronutrient information about all the menu items in all customer touchpoints.
  3. McDonald’s and childhood obesity
    The company aims to reduce the amount of sugar, salt, and fat on the Happy Meal menu. McDonald’s also promotes healthy and balanced eating habits in its ads for children.
  4. McDonald’s accusations
    Advertisements, loyalty programs, and discounts motivate people to buy more. That is why much of McDonald’s marketing is criticized because it makes people buy bigger portions and more menu items.
  5. McDonald’s healthy meals
    The restaurants offer different salads, healthy breakfasts, low-fat milk, apple dippers, and other region-specific options.

๐Ÿฅป McDonald’s in India Case Study โ€“ Idea #6

Indian culture and eating habits were a challenge for McDonald’s. Now we can see that the restaurant has successfully conquered the market.

  1. Mcdonald’s expansion to India
    McDonald’s opened its first restaurant in Delhi in 1996. Before McDonald’s entered the market, Indians didn’t even consider a burger as a meal.
  2. McDonald’s menu in India
    You can find many spicy burger options, spicy fries, kebabs, pizza, and rice bowls on the menu.
  3. Competition in the Indian market
    There are other international and local fast-food brands that operate in India. They include:
    • Domino’s Pizza
    • KFC
    • Dunkin Donuts
    • Burger King
  4. Vegetarian market
    Indians don’t eat beef or pork at all. Nearly half of the Indian population is vegetarian. That is why McDonald’s made adjustments to its branding and ingredients.
  5. McDonald’s opportunities in India
    Indians’ eating habits have changed over the last few years. More of them choose to eat out and eat western food.
The picture states how long it will take to burn off a Big Mac, Coke, and fries.

๐Ÿค  McDonald’s Crisis Management Case Study โ€“ Idea #7

McDonald’s regularly faces controversies and scandals that they have to deal with. Here are some examples of such cases:

  1. McDonald’s crisis response in 2020
    During the Covid-19 pandemic, McDonald’s provided financial support to its franchisees and employees. It also continued operating and ensured no delays in the supply chain.
  2. Steve Easterbrook lawsuit
    The former McDonald’s CEO was fired because of an affair with an employee. Later, the company discovered he had three other relationships with his employees.
  3. McDonald’s discrimination scandals
    Multiple sources alleged that David Fairhurst, former Chief People Officer, sexually harassed female employees. He also was forced to leave his job.
  4. McDonald’s transparent investigations
    After the scandals that involved higher management, McDonald’s implemented new policies. They include public and transparent actions and a proactive position in the investigation.
  5. Million-dollar nugget lawsuit
    A man from Florida cracked his tooth because of a bone in a nugget. Currently, he is trying to sue McDonald’s for the damage.

๐ŸŽ‰ McDonald’s Case Study โ€“ 50 Best Examples

And here are some case study samples for you:

  1. Individual, Group and Organizational Concepts in McDonald’s.
    Discover how work culture, motivation, and group dynamics influence McDonald’s performance.
  2. Comparative Financial Statements of McDonald’s.
    In this case study, you will find an analysis of financial metrics, an explanation of McDonald’s trends, and a description of possible decisions.
  3. McDonald’s Business Principles: Employment Violations.
    The paper discusses the problems of McDonald’s business ethics, rights, and duties. There are also possible solutions to the issues.
  4. McDonald’s Human Resources Management Practice.
    This case study defines the external and internal factors that affect McDonald’s HRM, the company’s strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities.
  5. McDonald’s, Tesla and Apple: Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning.
    The paper compares strategies these giant companies use to define and interact with their target customers.
  6. McDonald’s Company Marketing Practices and Strategies.
    Here, you will find an overview of the factors influencing McDonald’s marketing performance. There is also a detailed analysis of the company’s marketing activities and supply chains.
  7. McDonald’s Strategic Management of Human Resources & Innovation.
    Discover the approaches McDonald’s uses to work with its employees and the problems it faces.
  8. McDonald’s and Wendy’s International Inc.: Financial Performance.
    This case study compares the financial statements of the two prosperous fast-food chains.
  9. McDonald’s and Chipotle: Corporate Social Responsibility.
    Discover how the companies implement their ethical values in the internal and external environment.
  10. McDonald’s Company International Expansion.
    The paper explains, analyzes, and evaluates McDonald’s actions to conquer various markets.
  11. Employees Management: Restaurant Team Recruitment.
    In this sample, you will find information on the recruitment stages and training provided for different positions in the restaurant business.
  12. McDonald’s Company’s Marketing Strategies.
    Read about McDonald’s marketing mix, the effectiveness of the marketing strategies, and future opportunities.
  13. Microsoft Corporation and McDonald’s Corporation: Financial Performance.
    The case study’s analysis is based on calculations and explanations of the provided ratios.
  14. McDonald’s Accounting Information System.
    The topic of the case study covers the transactional cycles in Mcdonald’s, their examination and management, and problems.
  15. McDonald’s, Starbucks, and American International Group.
    The study discusses the financial performance of the companies and summarizes the figures.
  16. McDelivery Management.
    Discover the methodology, objectives, and benefits of the McDelivery project in McDonald’s performance.
  17. Best Buy, Starbucks, and Yum Brands: The Effect of Operations Management.
    The sample analyses the lean management systems and quality management systems in the food industry.
  18. Quality Management in McDonald’s Restaurant.
    Learn about the customer benefit package of McDonald’s service and the opinion of one of the managers.
  19. Business Ethics and Social Corporate Responsibility for McDonald’s.
    Here, you will explore the role of CSR, customer satisfaction, responses, policies, and loyalty in the fast-food industry.
  20. McDonald’s Corporation’s Talent Management Program.
    The case study digs into the history of the techniques Mcdonald’s implements to maintain and motivate their employees.
  21. Food Industry: McDonald’s Company.
    The paper provides information about the elasticity of the fast-food market goods and services and McDonald’s competitiveness.
  22. McDonald’s Company Case Analysis.
    Read about the significance of operations strategy and the perspectives Mcdonald’s uses.
  23. McDonald’s Company HR Management Practices.
    Exploring this case study, you will find out how Mcdonald’s manages diverse employees and the HR planning methods it implements.
  24. Strategic Planning Process in McDonald’s Company.
    The paper evaluates the current McDonald’s strategies using SWOT analysis and marketing research.
  25. McDonald’s Strategic Management and Analysis.
    The case study offers different approaches to assess McDonald’s strategic management, including SWOT, PESTEL, and Porter’s five forces.
  26. McDonald’s Organization: Operation Management.
    Discover the roles of human resource and job design, supply chain management, just-in-time practices, and more.
  27. McDonald’s: Marketing Mix Segments.
    This paper tells us about the 4Ps of the marketing mix in McDonald’s, its market segmentation, and its pricing strategy.
  28. Industry Analysis on the Global Fast-Food Industry.
    The case study sample provides an overview of the current state of the fast-food market, competition, and competitive forces.
  29. McDonald’s Corporation’s Porter’s Five Forces Analysis.
    Read the extensive analysis of the market entry ease, competition, substitutes, suppliers, and buyers.
  30. Marketing Analysis: McDonald’s Company.
    The study refers to several articles that discuss the impact of customer-centering business processing, relationship, and service.
  31. McDonald’s Coffee Spill Heard Around the World.
    In this paper, you’ll discover more about one of the most famous lawsuits in the restaurant business that led to changes in the industry.
  32. Mcdonald’s vs. Wal-Mart’s Strategic Choices.
    The case study describes the companies’ strategic decisions and evaluates their causes and effects.
  33. McDonald’s Company Operation Management.
    Learn the operation management concept and its role in McDonald’s service and business processes.
  34. McDonald’s Company’s Strategic Management.
    The paper analyzes the implemented strategies and suggests different growth strategies.
  35. McDonald’s Company Human Resource Strategy.
    Find out how the company’s mission, vision, and goals connect with human resource approaches.
  36. Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC): Strategic Management.
    This sample describes and analyses one of McDonald’s key competitors, its internal environment, and strategy changes.
  37. Business Strategy Analysis McDonalds.
    The paper covers various aspects of business strategies’ directions, from marketing and store formats to community involvement.
  38. Mcdonald’s Marketing Strategies in the UAE.
    Discover how McDonald’s managed to expand to UAE and the opportunities and challenges it faced.
  39. U.S. Fast Food Industry: Economic Growth.
    The study includes an analysis of economic factors that led to fast food market expansion and the challenges of this process.
  40. McDonald’s Corporation’s Business Ethics.
    In this paper, you’ll find a description of the organizational communication standards in the internal and external environment of the company.
  41. Mcdonald’s Company: Human Resource Functions.
    This paper discusses McDonald’s HRM practices, including recruitment, selection, training, and performance evaluation.
  42. McDonald’s Company Information System Performance Managing.
    Discover various approaches to analyzing information technologies that operate in McDonald’s.
  43. Wendy’s Fast-Food Restaurant: Marketing Research.
    The sample explores the fast-food industry, customer profiles, and market segmentation.
  44. McDonald’s Company’s SWOT Analysis.
    The case study uses McDonald’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to identify problems and offer solutions to them.
  45. Mcdonald’s: Financial Analysis.
    In this case study, you will find several approaches to analyzing financial activities, financial appraisal methods, and financial statement evaluation. Download this PDF file to be updated on the current situation.
  46. Multinational Corporations in Different Countries.
    This sample is a comparative strategic analysis of McDonald’s and KFC on the international market.
  47. Mcdonald’s Entering Estonia Case Analysis.
    Discover the peculiarities of the Estonian market and the course of action McDonald’s took to expand there.
  48. Lord of the Fries: Business Analysis.
    Lond of the Fries is an Australian fast-food chain that offers vegetarian and vegan food to its customers.
  49. Marketing Research at McDonald’s.
    This paper analyses the role of marketing research in McDonald’s in different areas, such as competition in the market, customer satisfaction, and investment decisions.
  50. McDonald’s Company Performance Measurement.
    Read about the performance measurement systems and models used in McDonald’s.

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