How to Write a Case Study: Tips, Tricks and Examples

Hardly have you mastered all the intricacies of persuasive, narrative and analytical writing, when another challenge comes your way. It’s a case study. And it’s absolutely special and totally different from everything you’ve done before.

So, what is this task all about and how to write a case study that rocks?

What Is a Case Study?

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A case study is solving a certain problem through detailed examination of a certain case and putting theory into practice.

Common characteristics of case studies:

  • A clear problem. The first step to writing case studies is to understand the problem you are going to solve. For instance, it might be a kid’s disease or a drop in company’s sales.
  • Background info. Make sure that you will be able to research the case under analysis inside out to have a complete picture.
  • Recommended literature.

📖 Sample Plan

The main parts that are usually used in most case studies include:

  1. Introduction + a clear statement of the problem;
  2. background information;
  3. body of the analysis;
  4. alternative solutions;
  5. conclusion;
  6. implementation plan (optional);
  7. references;
  8. appendices (if any).

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Though case study is similar to some other assignment types, it is totally different from some other tasks:

Case study different fromDifference
ReportCase study has more background info.
Research paperCase study has no control of variables and describes the case as it is.

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Sure, it’s always better to see something once than to read about it. Here are a few amazing case study examples:

So, now you’re ready to start writing a case study that rocks.

Any questions? Wow! We love answering anything that crosses your mind. We hope you’ll join the conversation in the comments section below right now, won’t you?

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