388 Hot Psychology Essay Topics for 2024 & Writing Tips

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Jokes aside, in 2024, nearly every other person took a psychology course. Today, in the New Ethics era, it is necessary to know the fundamentals of psychology, right?

Branches of Psychology. Behavioral, clinical, cognitive, social, child, cultural, developmental, sports.


We are not going to teach you psychology. Instead, in this article, you will find a compilation of the greatest topics that can be used in various ways.

First, the list is for those who seek psychology essay topics to write about. We offer a vast range of topics on psychology subdisciplines; you can use them right away or as inspiration.

Second, it might seem unobvious, but those who have no clue about psychology can use our text to familiarize themselves with the discipline’s subfields. Read our topics attentively, and maybe you will find the sphere of life.

In the end, you can find tips on writing a good psychology essay and excellent psychology speech topics.

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📍 Essay on Psychology. Definition

A psychology essay is a primary type of research that does not require you to develop new practical solutions to existing issues. Therefore, it is all purely theoretical. If you are curious to explore the characteristics of a psychology essay, read the list below attentively.

  1. An essay is mainly about expanding knowledge, not finding solutions.
  2. There is no need to take active steps since this type of research is theoretical and analytical.
  3. Experts usually use scientific methods to collect and analyze data when it is required.
Comparison of essay writing and reasearch paper writing.
  1. During this research, some scientific methods preserve objectivity, which is essential for adding to the scientific knowledge base.
  2. There may be challenges because making predictions and assumptions in psychology is difficult due to individual differences.

2️⃣0️⃣ Top 20 Psychology Argumentative Topics

Here are examples of psychology essay questions that might help you get an idea of what area you would like to work on:

  1. Can a sleeping schedule influence your ability to associate memories with emotions?
  2. A case study of brain processes: how does the brain deal with sign language?
  3. How to explain the compulsive use of social media and the Internet by teenagers?
  4. What is the most popular legal psychoactive substance?
  5. How can one bad experience with a dish make people refuse to try it ever again?
  6. What are the positive effects of a low-meats diet on thinking skills in later life?
  7. Should mothers with depression choose touch patterns with their babies, such as breastfeeding?
  8. How does the synchronization of brain hemispheres affect the way we hear?
  9. The main reasons why economic growth in developing countries does not boost citizens’ happiness.
  10. Why doesn’t secure and happy childhood guarantee good mental health?
  11. How do social interactions help individuals with food or tobacco addictions handle their cravings?
  12. How is brain activity different when we use simple and complex grammar?
  13. Is trauma-focused psychotherapy the best approach to treating patients with PTSD?
  14. Why do we value friendship the most only when we know it may be highly needed or useful?
  15. What causes procrastination, and can meditation techniques help get rid of that harmful habit?
  16. What is the male bias regarding autism spectrum disorder?
  17. Can behavior be passed through generations?
  18. What is the role of fear and tension in childbirth?
  19. Why do we experience twitches in various body parts while sleeping ?
  20. The adverse effects of arguments and disagreement on the individual’s mental well-being.

🧠 Behavioral Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

Behavioral psychology studies focus on the connection between our minds and behavior. The specialists in this area are trying to figure out what causes us to act in specific ways. Moreover, they keep discovering behavior patterns that may help predict how humans will behave. This way, there are more chances for us to build better social communities.

  1. Which typical human traits can also be found in socially active animals?
  2. The Cognitive Behavioral Family Therapy Concept.
  3. How do family relationships affect behavior patterns in kids in various human development stages?
  4. The Role of Mental and Physical Health in Eating Disorders.
  5. The art of love: are there any typical mating activities that humans exhibit when they try to win their love interests?
  6. Behavior Influence on Attitudes in Social Psychology.
  7. How do marketing companies use human behavior patterns for their benefit, and do we know about it?
  8. The secrets of cults: how do they involve people, and how do their minds work inside the organization?
  9. Hormones and Behavior Interaction.
  10. How does being in large groups of people affect our behavior?
  11. The process of our reaction to danger: can we choose to ignore the escape or fight instinct?
  12. Cognitive Dissonance Effects on Attitudes and Behavior.
  13. The elements of nonverbal communication can be understood in various countries around the world. How do these mechanisms work?
The only unniversal body signs are facial expressions - anger, happiness, sadness, disgust, surprise and fear.
  1. What causes culture clash, and how do people of mixed cultures behave in the new social environment?
  2. Functional Behavior Assessment and Intervention Plan.
  3. What is the correlation between the individual’s behavior patterns and self-esteem?
  4. Religion and psychology: how do our religious beliefs dictate our behavior?
  5. The Use of Behavioral Therapy.
  6. What are the most common signs of depression that can help you recognize it immediately?

Clinical Psychology Essay Topics

Clinical Psychology is related to all mental illnesses and abnormalities. It is a beneficial study for people who suffer from mental health issues, especially if they are chronic or severe. This field of psychology is quite challenging but extremely rewarding.

  1. Clinical Psychology: History and Nature.
  2. Childhood trauma: the most effective therapies for helping children with behavioral disorders.
  3. Intelligence Testing in Clinical Psychology.
  4. Drug abuse: how does it affect other family members, and how can they participate in the treatment?
  5. What are the long-lasting effects of childhood trauma, and how late in life can they show up?
  6. The Mozart Effect Debate and Clinical Psychology.
  7. The health risks of clinical depression and the preventative measures that can be used.
  8. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder vs. Attention Deficit Disorder.
  9. Depression Screening Tool in Acute Setting.
  10. What are the impacts of the individual’s anxiety disorders on their daily and social life?
  11. Media violence appearing in TV and video games and its influence on kids.
  12. Moderate Depression Symptoms and Treatment.
  13. Pros and cons of using online therapy from the client’s point of view.
  14. Bipolar Disorder’s Causes and Treatment.
  15. Major Depressive Disorder in a Child.
  16. What issues can social pressure from peers cause in adolescent mental health?
  17. The particular concerns for aging patients with the mental disorder of your choice.
  18. Postpartum Depression Educational Program Results.
  19. Websites promoting eating disorders and the ways people can overcome their influence.
  20. How do approaches in diagnosis and treatment differ for the two chosen disorders?
  21. Narcolepsy: Description and Treatment Options.
  22. How are different types of therapy developed and their effectiveness checked?
  23. The impact of social media addiction on people’s behavior.
  24. Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in War Veterans.

Cognitive Psychology Essay Topics

Cognitive psychology is about studying human cognition and how it is correlated with learning and behavior. Therefore, anything that has to deal with information processing, memory, attention, or perception falls under cognitive psychology research. In case it all sounds interesting, you are welcome to check out the following topics in this area.

  1. Are positive emotions a result of happiness, or do they contribute to this state?
  2. Cognitive Theory: History, Strength, and Weaknesses.
  3. How can we be sure that some long-term memories are real and not created by our imagination?
  4. Business and psychology: what learning strategies and processes prevail in successful entrepreneurs?
  5. What Is the Role of Language in Cognitive Psychology?
  6. Cognitive psychology: is the process of maintaining a habit stronger than the one that creates it?
  7. What is the role of visual stimulation and smells in the process of positive memory creation?
  8. Cognitive Behavioral Counseling.
  9. Cognitive psychology and the digital age: the changes of children’s attention spans.
Excessive visual stimuli weakens a child's developing imagination. It is essential to play imaginative games.
  1. Human Cognitive Development.
  2. The differences between the genders in the perception of death and anxieties related to it.
  3. Psychology of conspiracy theories: what are the main differences between the cases occurring nationwide and in individuals?
  4. Current Experiment of False Memory.
  5. Advantages and Disadvantages of Electronic Education.
  6. What are the mechanisms behind selective attention behavior in kids and adults?
  7. Is there something that stops us from achieving goals physically after emotional motivation is gained?
  8. Improving Your Short-Term Memory.
  9. Being mature adults from the perspective of cognitive psychology: why do some of us stay kids forever?
  10. The Relationship between Age and Second Language Acquisition.
  11. The differences between children and adults using arguments in a discussion.
  12. What is the process of cognitive shifting, and what is the psychology behind it?
  13. The Application of Trans-Cranial Magnetic Stimulation to Improve Memory.

Educational Psychology Essay Topics

The educational psychology branch specializes in the factors that affect learning. Therefore, professionals in this field are particularly interested in how people gain new information and why academic achievement differs for everyone. Writing an essay on one of the following psychology essay questions may be especially useful for high school and college students who want to know more about effective and efficient learning skills!

  1. What makes a meaningful message from a mentor helpful and easy to remember?
  2. Stress as the Main Cause of Students’ Academic Failure.
  3. The most effective methods of support for students with autism spectrum disorder implemented in schools.
  4. The critical aspects of academic success in exchange students coming from different countries.
  5. How do harsh parenting and the absence of discipline at home affect school students’ performance?
  6. Self-Efficacy and Self-Concept of Students in the Process of Acquiring Skills and Knowledge.
  7. Different learning methods and capabilities of college students with the same academic achievements.
  8. Practical learning approaches: should students learn by heart or build concepts while perceiving new information?
  9. Effects of Sleep on Academic Performance.
  10. How do various forms of bullying influence the academic achievements of high school students?
  11. Educational psychology and sports: what is the role of educational psychology in training school athletes?
  12. Importance of Motor Learning for Human Development.
  13. Personal attributes in the class: how does attention-seeking behavior impact a child’s performance in the group?
  14. Educational psychology: the correlation between the parents and child’s perceptions of homework.
  15. The feeling of boredom and burnout at the workplace of choice: the main reasons.
  16. Adult Learning and Cognitive Field Theories in Nursing.
  17. Should all school teachers be assessed by their students, and what would be the effects?
  18. Do special workshops for anxiety and stress management help medical staff and lawyers?
77% of respondents have experienced burnout at the current workplace.
*According to Deloitte’s survey on employee burnout.

Personality Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

Personality is a fascinating topic in psychology. Specialists are interested in studying the individual’s way of thinking, typical acting, and feelings. Since personality is a pretty stable thing and usually does not change much with time, all the research in this area allows professionals to predict social behavior.

  1. Self-Concept Development and Personality Evolution.
  2. Is it true that people tend to pick their pets based on their personalities?
  3. What is the correlation between personality type and the kind of preferred art?
  4. The theory of Type A and Type B personalities: who is more successful?
  5. The influence of personality type on the use of social media: extroverts vs. Facebook.
  6. Personality Theory: Humanistic and Dispositional Methods.
  7. Personality types in school: does lack of conscientiousness affect cheating rates?
  8. Stress as a Psychological Factor of Physical Health.
  9. Low and high self-esteem individuals: who is likely to be more competitive?
  10. Certain personality traits that people who go into sports tend to develop.
  11. Do people with the same personality types share their tastes in music, and why?
  12. Birth order and personality of children: are firstborns more responsible than their younger siblings?
  13. Dissociative Identity Disorder, Etiology, and Theories.
  14. Marriage and personality psychology: do couples with similar personality traits tend to stay together longer?
  15. What are the different personality assessment approaches, and what are the differences?
  16. Prosocial behaviors and personality psychology: traits that are considered related to being selfless and heroic.
  17. Managing Patients with Personality Disorders.
  18. Different types of temperaments and their correlation with exhibiting creativeness.

Social Psychology Essay Topics

Social Psychology is the field of study that looks into people’s behavior within the social context. Therefore, it allows seeing how others influence our thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. There are many critical social issues in this area, and they cover stereotypes, discrimination, attribution theory, and others.

  1. What is a halo effect, and what traits do we tend to assign to physically attractive people?
  2. Social Psychology Theories: The Most Important and Useful Theories.
  3. Social psychology and workplace: how does a halo effect influence our judgment during the hiring process?
  4. Stereotypes about Physical Appearance – Gender Studies.
  5. How does the way we dress affect the way people respond to us?
  6. The changes in the attitude to the office workers wearing more casual outfits.
  7. Sexual Minorities, Social Acceptance, and Mental Health.
  8. Connecting with others online: does social networking help us spend more time with others in real life?
  9. What is the correlation between the time spent online and time spent interacting in real life?
  10. The typical reaction of people who witness social norms being violated in your country.
  11. Prejudice and Discrimination: Types and Causes.
  12. Social psychology and marketing: what types of advertisements are the most effective nowadays?
  13. Dependent Personality Disorder; Symptoms and Treatment.
  14. What types of cognitive and persuasive techniques are typically applied in commercials?
  15. Gender Inequality and Stereotypes in the Society.
What are the factors that affect people's ability to judge the facts and detect lies?
  1. The factors that affect people’s ability to judge the facts and detect lies.
  2. Forming Attitudes and Implicit Personal Biases Issues.
  3. When nonverbal signals do not match verbal behavior, how do people react?
  4. Intercultural Assumptions, Prejudices, and Viewpoints.
  5. What are implicit attitudes, and why do they matter for our social behavior?
  6. The surprising things about social behavior show that it is not as simple as we expected.
  7. Cultural and Traditional Values’ Importance in Society.
  8. How do social psychologists use neuroscience techniques to study stereotypes?
  9. Application of social psychology in the study of conformity within behavioral finance research.

Cultural Psychology Essay Topics

Cultural psychology is all about how cultural practices and meanings affect us as humans. This study involves many specialists from other fields, such as linguists, anthropologists, and even philosophers. The main difference between cultural psychology and other branches is that the theories developed within it are considered very variable depending on the culture.

  1. Family, Cultural Legacies and Identity Formation.
  2. What are the relationships of cultural psychology with other subfields, and how are they different?
  3. How are certain emotions interpreted differently in the chosen cultures from around the world?
  4. Do start-ups and new businesses in big cities use cultural differences for their benefit?
  5. Hispanic Population: Culturally Competent Care Delivery
  6. How do specific local verbal and nonverbal insults spread and become internationally recognized?
  7. Can you use the same persuasion methods in different cultures, and why do they work or fail?
  8. Gender Inequality: Cultural or Psychological Issue?
  9. Why do some social media vary in popularity in different cultures, and what does it say about people’s personalities?
  10. Socio-Cultural Contributions to Gender Roles.
  11. What are collectivistic cultures, and how interdependent are people living in them?
  12. Emotional disorders associated with cultural disintegration and the most common symptoms to notice.
  13. Refugees and Socio-Cultural Barriers in Health Care.
  14. How do cultural elements such as typical family traditions affect children from the early stages of development?
Family traditions help form stronger bonds.
  1. Ethnocentrism and cultural biases as common yet harmful to mental health occurrences in countries with multiple ethnic minorities.
  2. How do specific institutional structures in multicultural counties help people adapt faster and avoid cultural shock?
  3. Intercultural Relationship and Communication.
  4. Distinct cultural factors included in treating culture-bound disorders in a particular ethnocultural group.
  5. Food Anthropology as the Study of Food in Diverse Cultures.

💡 More Amazing Psychology Essay Topics

Cross-Cultural Psychology Essay Questions

Cross-cultural psychology is quite similar to the cultural sub-field. However, there are some differences. Instead of focusing on one culture at a time, the cross-cultural study juxtaposes and analyses the behaviors of people who grew up in distinct cultures. At the same time, it may be hard to distinguish them since this definition fits both areas.

  1. How can the study of cross-cultural psychology help people around the world to solve universal education challenges?
  2. Cross-cultural Differences and Interactions; Overview Essay.
  3. Why are cultural patterns such as individualism and collectivism the focus of psychology now?
  4. The applications of Hofstede’s cultural dimensions in optimizing the work of multicultural corporations.
  5. Cross-Cultural Communication and Barriers.
  6. Counseling and cross-cultural psychology: why is it vital for counselors to have multicultural competence?
  7. What are the main issues of the five-factor model of personality, and is it a universal structure?
  8. Cross-Cultural Psychology: Definition and Elements.
Five-factor model of personality.
  1. The crucial differences between treating negative emotions in American and Asian cultures.
  2. Multicultural Competence and Cultural Identity.
  3. Subjective well-being and cross-cultural psychology: how do people evaluate their life satisfaction in different countries?
  4. Conflict management from a cross-cultural psychology perspective: why can the Japanese be considered the most skilled in resolving group conflicts?
  5. The importance of gender roles across cultures and how do cultures shape the behavior of males and females?
  6. What Are the Effects of Cross-Culture Communication in the Context of Chinese Culture?
  7. Cultural environment as one of the main factors affecting child development in countries with active war zones.
  8. Emerging Issues in Multicultural Psychology.
  9. Cultural priming approach as the way to look into self-concept in bi-culture.

Media Psychology Topics

As more and more new technologies appear, the need to understand how we interact with them is also rising. It seems to be the main focus of media psychology. Even though this branch is relatively new, its relevance is on the top since most of the world’s population has contact with media and technology.

  1. How is the study of media psychology used in creating engaging and compelling content?
  2. Issues of Portraying Women in Advertisements and Media as Weak and Fragile.
  3. The influence of various media on the development of interpersonal conflicts within social groups.
  4. Media Psychology and marketing: how are some psychology approaches used to create a compelling brand story?
  5. Why is it so essential to create the correct content on the right platform for a target audience?
  6. Positive and Negative Effects of the Internet and Social Media Technology Use on the Family.
  7. The phenomenon of emotional contagion showing in regular Instagram users and its effects on subjective well-being.
  8. How serious is the issue of self-objectification among the youth and its relation to posting selfies?
  9. The Representation of African Americans in Modern Media.
  10. Media psychology and addictions: the influence of social media usage on alcohol consumption in adolescents.
  11. The feelings of being rejected and ignored aggravated by a decrease in popularity on social media.
  12. Media psychology: what tricks do food advertising campaigns use to trigger people to buy more and overeat?
  13. What Is the Impact of Media Violence on the Social Behavior?
  14. Promoting self-expression: what are the effects of the excessive spread of personalization on mental health?
  15. Do media promote multi-tasking, and how does it influence our lives from psychology perspective?
  16. Social Media Effect on Identity Construction.

Social Media Psychology Essay Topics

There is another subfield of psychology that deals with media, but this one is narrowed down to the influence of social networks on people. The development of new technology and social media has brought us broad opportunities to learn and connect with each other. However, there is also the other side of the coin, which disturbs psychologists quite a lot.

  1. What makes a person write a post on social media but delete it before even publishing it?
  2. How Does the Level of Students’ Concentration Correlate with Active Social Media Use?
  3. Contagious behavior and social media psychology: do emotions published online spread the same way as offline?
  4. How long does it take for a stranger to draw conclusions about you from your profile picture?
  5. Social Media Usage and Impact on Society
  6. The correlation between personality type and particular posting in social media.
  7. How does sharing something on social media make us feel more worthy and connected?
  8. How Does Social Media Use in the Corporate Space Affect the Relationship between Job Seekers, Employees, and Organizations Alike?
  9. Why does content that triggers strong emotions tend to be shared more often?
  10. Addiction to talking about ourselves leads to posting most of the content related to our direct experiences.
  11. What is the correlation between the age of users and the average time spent on social media per day?
  12. Abuse or opportunities: how are social media related to people’s reward systems from the point of view of psychology?
  13. Violence in Social Media and Its Impact on Society.
  14. What are the adverse effects of online social exclusion on the development of children and teens?
  15. What Are the Positive Aspects of Teenage Use of Social Media?
  16. Do people consider their physical and mental security when sharing content on social media?
  17. Do children from the younger generations feel like their identities are being shattered by social media usage?
  18. Social Media Addiction and Self-Esteem.
  19. Is the fear of missing out one of the symptoms of social media addiction?

Sports Psychology Essay Topics

If other branches study how our environment influences our feelings and emotions, sports psychology mainly focuses on the opposite. Specialists learn how psychological aspects might affect athletes’ performance. Even though some of them are interested in showing how sports can improve our well-being, professional psychological help for athletes is getting more and more in demand.

  1. Achievement Motivation Theory in Sports Psychology.
  2. Does the approach of persuading oneself to succeed work for team sports players?
  3. Sports Psychologist: Working With Athletes.
  4. Giving an additional option that allows the athletes to quit is a way to help them work harder.
  5. Sports Team Participation and Academic Performance of Students.
  6. Sport psychology in the field: what are the different coaches’ methods of motivating athletes?
  7. The psychology of successful athletes: why is being mentally tough so important?
  8. How does aging influence the mental state of professional athletes, and what might help them?
  9. Does Participation in Youth Sports Play a Role in Character Formation?
  10. Why do some athletes forget about the importance of balance in sports, and what does it cost them?
  11. Using the help of Steve Jobs’ most famous quotes in motivating athletes.
If today were the last day of your life, would you want to do what you are about to do today? (Steve Jobs)
  1. Why do accomplished athletes not plan ahead, and how do they still achieve their goals?
  2. Teaching and Coaching Techniques Used by Coaches for Effective Athlete Behavior Management.
  3. Addiction in sports psychology: how to tell that you are addicted to exercise and recover?
  4. The difference between elite athletes and the rest from the perspective of sports psychology.
  5. Sport Psychology: Biases and Influence of External Rewards.

Funny Psychology Argumentative Essay Topics

In case you do not intend to write a thesis in psychology, you might as well have some fun. Some topics for your psychology argumentative essay don’t make any sense but are still worth researching!

  1. Why does it seem like food tastes better when someone else cooks it?
  2. Are there any legit psychological reasons why people want to squeeze anything cute?
  3. Optimism in Building a Romantic Relationship.
  4. Familiar smells and depression: the scent of your grandmother’s house and cooking as the way to treat a bad mood.
  5. What do the differences between book-carrying styles in men and women reveal?
  6. Laughter and Humor in Therapeutic Application.
  7. The list of reasons why our brains make us lazy which are supported by psychology.
  8. Our brains are not programmed to believe that long-term goals are important as the reason why we fail.
  9. Why Hollywood Still Has a Great Cultural Influence?
  10. The theory of contagiousness of yawns and the ways it helps people connect and bond.
  11. Why do we care more about the problems of an individual than about mass tragedies?
  12. Do Chimpanzees Really Have a Culture?
  13. How do we hold hands: what is the psychology behind men having the uppermost hand while holding hands with their partner?
  14. Memory and psychology: why do we remember the intro and the end of the speech but not the central part?
  15. Human and Animal Language.
  16. The effect of believing you are excellent at multi-tasking while your brain says the opposite.
  17. What is the optimism bias, and why do we keep believing that the future is bright?
  18. Service Dogs and Emotional Support.

🧨 Tips for Writing a Good Psychology Essay

Let’s now take a little pause and look at some essential advice we want to give you about psychology essay topics.

It is not that hard to write an impressive essay on a psychology topic if you know our tips and tricks. Even though the rules for academic writing are generally the same, this type requires additional attention to some aspects.

Here is what you need to know to get the most effective results:

Narrow down the topic. Never pick a too general topic; most likely, it won’t be as relevant and exciting as the narrowed one.

  • Zimbardo’s Stanford prison experiment


  • How has the Stanford experiment changed the understanding of human behavior when it is under situational pressure?

Follow the structure. If you want to be coherent and sensible, follow the standard sequence of the essay structure. There should always be an introduction, main body, and conclusion.

Know your topic. Including a list of well-known and reliable sources can help you look more knowledgeable and respectable writer. Besides, it is a great chance to find and study even more information on the chosen psychology topic.

Double-check the facts. Even if it seems like a simple and well-known truth, every argument you make needs to be supported by relevant evidence from the literature of other reliable sources.

Authoritative sources:

  • Publicly accessible databases and documents
  • Recognized professional publications and experts of the field
  • Peer-reviewed publications and journals

Be specific. Try not to write generalized sentences and paragraphs. Going off the topic might cause the readers to lose interest and even your track of thought.

Pay attention to the quality of your writing. Proofreading and checking your grammar should be a significant step in your writing process.

Be mindful of the context. Some psychological aspects might be universal, but not all. It is always better to consider all the cultural, economic, and even superficial biological differences between people.

🗣️ Psychology Speech Topics

Psychology Persuasive Speech Topics

In general, while working on your persuasive speech, you need to remember a few things. First of all, it should sound trustworthy, so don’t forget to include reliable references. Then, it is good to use hook sentences to keep your audience in contact with your speech. And last but not least, just turn on your natural charisma. Your main goal is to make people agree with your opinion on some psychology topic!

  1. The way our thoughts have a direct influence on our body by creating specific reactions in the cells.
  2. Marketing used by IKEA and psychology: objects created or put together by ourselves as more valuable.
  3. Physician-Assisted Suicide: Patient’s Right or Hippocratic Oath Violation?
  4. The tendency to choose beach vacations when we need rest is the result of a psychological trigger.
  5. What are the main reasons behind the spread of the hikikomori phenomenon in Japan?
  6. Euthanasia Should Be Illegal Because of Its Harm.
  7. A new reflex or mental disorder: why do we keep hearing our phones buzzing when they are not?
  8. Depression treatment: therapy or medications, pros and cons of each method.
  9. Juveniles Should Not Be Tried As Adults.
  10. Media giants and psychology: how do social media use tricks to play our minds into keep using their network?
  11. Why do we need to pay more attention to our mental health as the average levels of anxiety increase?
  12. What Obligation Do We Have to Improve Ourselves?
  13. Psychology of well-being: can people be trained to become more optimistic?
  14. Long-term social isolation and its direct effects on our health.
  15. Why should marijuana be legalized?
  16. Teaching the basics of self-care in schools is the way to improve mental health in later life.
  17. Hypnosis: Fake or Real?
  18. Why is our brain the least helpful tool in judging fake facts on social media?
  19. Implementing mandatory counseling as the way to deal with drug abuse in colleges.
  20. Should People Have a Right to Own a Gun?
  21. How can the excessive use of social media lead to eating disorders in adolescents?
  22. What is the psychology behind becoming a successful entrepreneur?
  23. Parental Divorce Has Negative Effects on Children.

Psychology Informative Speech Topics

While preparing for an informative speech topic, you don’t have a goal to persuade anyone. Your main aim should be just to deliver information and leave all the opinions behind. At the same time, it is still essential to use reliable sources while preparing for an informative psychology speech if you want to stay a respectable professional in your field.

  1. Is there a need to reevaluate the standard of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs?
Maslow's hierarchy of needs describes how human needs are divided into levels.
  1. What are the reasons for people to believe that adolescence is the most challenging stage of development?
  2. Bipolar Disorder Overview and Analysis.
  3. The way short-term and long-term memory works and how can our brains hijack it sometimes.?
  4. Anxiety Disorders, Their Definition, and Treatment.
  5. The most potent external stimuli can cause temporary shifts in our usual behavior patterns.
  6. What is the importance of emotional intelligence, and why is it more valuable than other skills?
  7. Human and Ethics Relations Analysis.
  8. The most effective persuasion techniques successful speakers tend to use.
  9. How does meditation work, and what are the most powerful tools it uses for relaxation?
  10. Substance Abuse Problem Overview.
  11. Mental Health Services in the United States.
  12. Why do eliminating biological and environmental factors fail to treat severe depression?
  13. What Are the Major Issues in Interracial Adoption?
  14. Teaching intercultural non-verbal communication in schools is a way to prevent the appearance of cultural biases.
  15. Modern Theories of Motivation in Psychology.
  16. Why is the fear of public humiliation stronger than the fear of death for most of the population?
  17. Is it true that violence appearing in video games has a negative influence on child development?
  18. Storming Stage of Psychotherapeutic Group Development.
  19. Psychology of subjective well-being: does making more money help people feel happier?
  20. Why are the wealthiest and most successful people so interested in charity and donations?
  21. Case Study Analysis: Individual Psychology.
  22. The most effective methods to treat childhood trauma used by counselors in schools.
  23. What type of change should people make in their lives to keep progressing as personalities?

Weird Persuasive Speech Topics about Psychology

You might think that you have seen all of it. However, you are mistaken! Some really weird psychology essay questions are hard to justify. Most of them are just theories, of course, and you might try your luck and find reasonable arguments to support them.

  1. Is there any correlation between negative thoughts and the growth of facial hair?
  2. Detecting which eye drops the tear first is how you check if the person is happy or upset.
  3. Are Art, Music, and Dance More Effective in Therapeutic Treatment?
  4. The length of your tongue and the ability to lick your elbow as the way to determine your sexual preferences.
  5. Putting a question mark at the end of your daily affirmations will make them more motivational.
  6. Divorce and Remarriage: Why Is It Important?
  7. Why do governments make us commit more crimes when they implement stricter laws and policies?
  8. Why would people rather look forward to something terrible happening than not know what to expect?
  9. Wasting Time With Strangers Online: For What Purpose and for Whose Benefit?
  10. Baby fever is a phenomenon related to the scarcity sensitivity of our brains.
  11. Why do people try to look for human faces on the wallpapers while sitting in the toilet?
  12. Why Reality Shows Are So Popular?
  13. Intuition or brain stimulation: the feeling of being right despite the lack of solid proof and evidence.
  14. The psychology behind the fear of happiness due to the anticipation of unfortunate events following.
  15. Why Facts Don’t Change Our Minds?
  16. How do we know that the typical Internet troll can be either a psychopath or a narcissist?
  17. Horsemeat Scandal in Professor Elliott’s Review.
  18. The reasons you should see your psychologists if you think that a celebrity has a crush on you.

Child Psychology Speech Topics

As much as we would like to think that children are like tiny versions of adult humans, there are too many differences. It appears to be the exact aspect that specialists tend to study in child psychology. They look into all the psychological processes emerging and developing from infancy till adolescence.

  1. What are the main reasons that may contribute to the child’s lack of sleep?
  2. Gender Bias in Child Care and Child Health: Global Patterns.
  3. Why is it more important to focus on teaching gratitude to children than encouraging grudges with punishment?
  4. Time-out is the parenting technique that is not almighty: when should we use it?
  5. Cognitive Abilities Development of Children and the Role of Communication.
  6. Acknowledging the child’s feelings is the way to go over their emotional dependency.
  7. The way that children process the reality of fears and the importance of parents’ support.
  8. What Are the Traumatic and Positive Effects of Divorce on Children?
  9. How to support and guide children the right way when they face footage of physical violence?
  10. Siblings’ relationship and psychology: the influence of having fun with siblings on your sense of humor in adulthood.
  11. Children’s Development and Domestic Violence.
  12. What are the most correct and gentle ways to inform your child about a divorce?
  13. Favorite toys and child psychology: when should parents start worrying about the strong attachment to comfort items?
  14. Teaching children how to go through a challenge as a way to prepare them for school life.
  15. How Does Playing Influence Children’s Development and Learning Skills?
  16. The Role of the Father in the Child’s Life.
  17. How to prevent your child from forming negative stereotypes resulting from your generalizations?
  18. Why is it better to continue lying even though your children know the truth about Santa?
  19. The Analysis of the School-Aged Children’ Needs.
  20. The importance of normalizing children’s feelings and helping them to cope with death.

Speech Topics about Developmental Psychology

Developmental psychology studies how humans develop from the first seconds of their lives up until their final years. Therefore, it is quite a vast subject. You are welcome to get some inspiration from the speech topics on developmental psychology below.

  1. Positive reinforcement strategy and developmental psychology: do tangible rewards work as a better motivation for students than social ones?
  2. What are the effects of bullying from peers on students’ academic achievement?
  3. Role Development in Professional Nursing Practice.
  4. The correlation between the parenting styles and the level of child activity.
  5. Developmental psychology and language: how does sign language influence the language acquisition process in infants?
  6. Biopsychology: Attention and Perception Interactions.
  7. Who are the laziest and the most productive children in the family – firstborns or their younger siblings?
  8. Is it true that not skipping breakfast positively affects a child’s performance?
  9. Child Observation with Piaget’s and Freud’s Development Theories.
  10. The benefits and potential disadvantages of listening to music while doing homework for the student.
  11. Infancy and Early Childhood Development.
  12. Are children more motivated to eat healthy lunches if they are packed in a visually appealing way?
  13. How do the explanations of the behavior alter with age: blaming internal aspects or external ones?
  14. Erik Erikson’s Theories of Human Development.
  15. The correlation between the level of self-efficacy and the state of memory in older adults.
  16. Developmental psychology and adults: playing simple mental games and solving puzzles to keep cognitive skills working.
  17. Emerging Adulthood: Cognitive Development.
  18. What is the correlation between the limits of short-term memory and people’s age?
  19. Child’s Language Development and Joint Attention.
  20. Resilience and developmental psychology: when does it develop, and when is it better to start working on this ability?
  21. The main internal and external factors that affect the changes of personality with time.
  22. Classifications of Life-Span Development.
  23. Do the mother’s mental health and stress levels influence the child’s cognitive development?

Interesting Psychology Topics

Are you struggling to find an engaging and thought-provoking essay topic for your psychology assignment? Look no further! Here are some topics that will spark your interest and provide many opportunities for in-depth exploration.

  1. The role of empathy in building meaningful relationships.
  2. The psychology of addiction and recovery.
  3. “Digital detox” practices for managing screen time and mental well-being.
  4. The psychology of procrastination and ways to overcome it.
  5. The link between personality traits and career success.
  6. The psychological effects of color and its influence on mood.
  7. The effects of technology on cognitive abilities and attention span.
  8. The psychology of love and different attachment styles.
  9. The influence of online gaming on social skills and psychological resilience.
  10. The psychology of conspiracy theories and their effects on individual and collective behavior.
  11. The role of nostalgia in mental health and coping mechanisms.
  12. The impact of urban noise pollution on stress levels and mental health.
  13. How positive psychology fosters resilience and happiness.
  14. The psychology of friendship and factors that influence close relationships.
  15. Gender differences in cognitive abilities and decision making.

Psychology Presentation Topics

For your inspiration, we’ve collected intriguing presentation topics that delve into various aspects of psychology. Get ready to captivate your audience!

  1. The relationship between childhood trauma and adult mental health.
  2. The role of attachment theory in adult relationships.
  3. The neurobiology behind substance abuse.
  4. The influence of virtual reality on mental health.
  5. The psychological effects of chronic stress on the body and mind.
  6. The link between nutrition and mental health.
  7. Effective study techniques and memory retention.
  8. The impact of childhood poverty on cognitive development.
  9. The psychological effects of chronic pain and illness.
  10. Psychodynamic therapy in treating personality disorders.
  11. The intersection of psychology and economics.
  12. The psychological benefits of pet therapy and animal-assisted interventions.
  13. The impact of meditation and mindfulness on brain function.
  14. The relationship between emotional intelligence and success in the workplace.
  15. The psychological impact of parental divorce on children and adolescents.

Wow! Did you read all of them?

Now. If you haven’t picked THE topic, you should have found a psychology subdiscipline that caught your attention.

Social psychology? Developmental psychology? Or clinical psychology?

Have some rest, read other articles on how to write a good psychology essay topic, and come back to our topics compilation.

And we are done here! Post any questions below in the comments section.

Good luck 🍀


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