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How to Write a Nursing Case Study [Examples, Format, & Tips]

A nursing case study is an in-depth analysis of the health situation of an individual patient. The analysis is based on: In most cases, you will be asked to diagnose to suggest the first aid measures. Alternatively, nurses can be asked to describe a patient in their practice and analyze...

How to Organize a Literature Review [in 30 Minutes or Less]: Outline & Tips

⏱️ How to Write a Literature Review in 30 Minutes? Writing a literature review in 30 minutes is possible if you have already found, read, summarized, and cited all the sources. Here are five steps you should follow to complete your paper in no time: Paste all your source summaries...

25 Common Errors in Writing Essays: Mistakes to Avoid

When you are in college, writing is one of your most frequent pastimes. Sociology research essays, for example, can take you a whole evening or even more. However, success is not guaranteed all the same. A single silly mistake can ruin your paper, and your effort will go in vain.

How to Write an Opinion Essay: 5 Most Essential Skills

Opinion essay has its advantages and disadvantages. On one hand, there are no wrong answers in this assignment, as just any position can pass as your personal extravagant opinion if you get proper arguments. On the other hand, arguing about a certain question can be not that easy as it seems.

Business Case Analysis: Structure, Format, & Examples

💼 Case Study Analysis Definition Let’s start with a clear explanation of a business case analysis. What Is a Case Analysis? A case analysis is a decision-making tool for achieving a higher efficiency level. This instrument helps estimate all the costs, risks, and benefits. A case analysis in business investigates...

How to Start an Essay: Hooks & Strategies

🔤 How to Start an Essay: The Basics Every basic introduction has 3 main components in it: Essay hook. The sentence you attract people with. Background information. Everything people need to know before diving into your work. Thesis statement. The main idea of your paper. Let’s look deeper into each...

Expository Essay: Outline, Topics, & Writing Steps

Have you ever thought that most of your exam answers are expository essays? You engage in expository writing whenever you write to illuminate, explain or “expose.” Essays are by far not the only variant of the genre. Think of newspaper articles, encyclopedia entries, instruction manuals, and textbooks. All of them...

Report Writing Format: Lab & Business Report [Outline Example + Tips]

All students go through this, sooner or later. Report writing is like an initiation into college. You are not a real student until you squeeze out at least one report. That’s why we recommend you learn the main report-building rules to save time in the future.

Top 277 Sociology Essay Topics & Questions for Discussion in 2024

Sociology, as one of the most debatable disciplines, can easily confuse anyone. This article will help you to survive in these sociological jungles. Further, you will find a quick guide about main sociological research questions. If you already know about macro- and micro-sociological perspectives, you can skip this section and...

Literary Analysis: Essay Prompts, Outline, & American Literature Topics

It’s high time to discuss everything about literary analysis in detail! 📚 What Is Literary Analysis? Literary analysis (literary criticism) is the process of interpreting a piece of literature. It implies a critical look at a text to understand the author’s message. In this assignment, you trace tiny symbols and...

High School Book Report: Template, Format, & Tips

How can a teacher check if students have read the book? They ask to write a book report. The assignment is an extended summary of the book. However, high school book reports are usually more complicated. They require you to evaluate the piece of writing, reflect on it, or answer...

439 History Argumentative Essay Topics to Get an A [Writing Tips Included]

Who hasn’t been puzzled when it comes to choosing historical argument topics? It is hard to memorize all the information given in a class. Undoubtedly, all historical issues can be developed into excellent history essay topics. The question to resolve is how to discover your case. You can find 300+...

How to Write an Animal Testing Essay: Tips for Argumentative & Persuasive Papers

🦮 Animal Rights Essay Writing Guide Here’s an introduction to animal testing essay writing. This topic is full of controversies and nuances that you need to know. 1. Animal Testing Essay Challenges It might seem complicated to stay professional while writing about a sensitive topic. What should you consider before...

Descriptive Essay Topics: Examples, Outline, & More

If your task is to write a descriptive paper, it is a fantastic chance to apply your (any kind of) writing skills. Being able to write well is a scarce skill. Not everyone can be a good writer and boast about their academic papers. We understand that – academic writing...

371 Fun Argumentative Essay Topics for 2024

Writing an argumentative essay is not the funniest thing to do. Even so, there are ways to ease this process and make it less strained – choose a catchy topic! Dive into the article and find some funny argumentative essay topics for your assignment. Our team worked very hard to...

388 Hot Psychology Essay Topics for 2024 & Writing Tips

Make yourself comfortable. We are now entering a free unique ideas zone. Jokes aside, in 2024, nearly every other person took a psychology course. Today, in the New Ethics era, it is necessary to know the fundamentals of psychology, right?

Punctuation in Poetry & How to Punctuate Poems

Unlike other students, poets are free to break the rules for expressing their creativity. So, don’t be surprised if a poem misses a comma or any other punctuation mark. Every author and every poem can have their own poetry punctuation rules. Poem punctuation deserves careful attention. Besides each work can...

Student Autobiography: How to Start & End – Examples Included

Below our experts explain how to write a perfect student autobiography. You will find some tricks, structure guidance, and autobiography topics. Don’t forget to check our biography samples at the end. ✍️ Writing an Autobiography [Student Edition] Let’s start with the basics. We will discuss the structure you can use...

A Personal Statement for Graduate School. Creativity Rules!

Life is full of questions with no answers: “To be or not to be?” “What is my purpose in life?” “How to write an essay for graduate school?” Well, at least the last question can be answered quite clearly right now, so let’s answer it. Check these tips on how...

487 Business Research Topics for College Students

With all the financial instability and technological advancements, there is more and more work to do. So there are lots of gaps in business research topics for college students. You might write about finances, economics, or accounting. The agriculture business is also an important issue, just like marketing. Another sphere...

Writing a Summary: Check These Fabulous Tips for Excellent Performance

This is it. Just when you thought that you could do any research possible, the summary came along and got you all puzzled. That’s not surprising – writing summaries is a completely different task, and it requires special skills. And guess what? You can easily acquire these skills! Writing a...

Critical Response Essay: Topics, Examples & How to Write

If you’ve ever read an exhaustive review of a movie or a book, you already know what a critical response essay looks like. This assignment requires you to reflect on a writing piece, film, play, or other art product. The point is to analyze the work and express your attitude...